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Manage and display events, recurring events, locations and maps, widgets, RSVP, ICAL and RSS feeds, payment gateways support. SEO compatible.


  • Bugfix: make 2checkout work again
  • Bugfix: fix event scopes today--this_week and today--this_week_plus_one


  • Bugfix: make #_EDITLOCATIONLINK and #_EDITLOCATIONURL actually work ...


  • Feature: added location placeholders #_EDITLOCATIONLINK and #_EDITLOCATIONURL
  • Feature: added generic "eme html header" and "eme html footer" settings, so you can add javascript in there if wanted without needing to change your theme
  • Bugfix: the 'no events message' was not always being shown
  • Bugfix: fix the double headers-options in EME settings (tab 'Other')
  • Bugfix: datapicker was not being added in the front end (for the monthly filter)
  • Bugfix: load google js via https when needed
  • Improvement: the smtp port setting should not be shown if smtp is not used for sending mails


  • Feature: added the possibility to add a Bcc address to all outgoing mails
  • Bugfix: Mollie form was not being displayed


  • Feature: implement a second extra charge option for payment providers (so you can use a percentage and a fixed amount together)
  • Feature: add Mollie payment gateway
  • Feature: add event placeholder #_MYLOCATIONATT{xx} (see doc)
  • Feature: per payment gateway, you can now customize the button label and the text above/below the button. You can use #_EXTRACHARGE and #_CURRENCY as placeholders, multilanguage ready too. Also, the button can be an image if wanted.
  • Improvement: prevent double click on form submit
  • Improvement: German language updates, thanks to Joerg Knoerchen
  • Bugfix: the setting "Default location list format footer" was overwriting the format header, not footer
  • Bugfix: small template fix when listing the bookings per person
  • Bugfix: eme_mybookings was only replacing 'event' level placeholders once for all bookings
  • Removed old Google Checkout


  • Bugfix: make client clock checking work again for the calendar
  • Improvement: optimize the inclusion of javascript files the way wordpress likes it most


  • Bugfix: another function rename that came back to haunt me is fixed


  • Bugfix: make #_BOOKINGS work again (typo fix)


  • Feature: added shortcode eme_mybookings with as optional arguments a template_id for header, content and footer, and an option to show future or all bookings [eme_mybookings template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9 future=0] [eme_mybookings template_id=3 future=1] Will show all bookings for the logged in user, based on the layout given by the templates or by the generic booking list format Also added booking placeholders #_CANCEL_LINK and #_CANCEL_URL, so you can create a link to cancel 1 specific booking too (for future events only) Also: the list of future bookings made is now in the user's profile, with an cancel link
  • Feature: you can now also change the text above/below the payment buttons for a multi-booking form
  • Feature: added filters eme_eval_booking_form_post_filter and eme_eval_multibooking_form_post_filter, which happen just after the POST of the booking form (1 arg: $event for eme_eval_booking_form_post_filter, or $events of eme_eval_multibooking_form_post_filter; containing the event(s) details that are being booked for). The filter eme_eval_booking_form_post_filter differs from eme_eval_booking_form_filter in this sense that this filter happens immediately after the POST, while eme_eval_booking_form_filter happens after the booker has been created already (which is a bit stupid).
  • Feature: added option no_events_message to the shortcode eme_events, so you can adjust the text when there're no events per shortcode usage if wanted
  • Feature: the CSV separator can now be changed in the 'Other' section of the EME settings
  • Bugfix: sometimes when multiple maps were shown (and dependant on the OS used), even multiple calls to microtime() return the same value so as a result some javascript variables had the same name and thus the maps might show the same address This is now fixed by adding a rand() call to the variable names
  • Bugfix: required formfields that were defined as dropdown were not allowed to post "0" as a return value for required fields
  • Bugfix: fix some firstdata issues, thanks to ecoyork
  • Bugfix: when creating recurrent events, the last day was not taken into account
  • Bugfix: show correct number of days in months in the calendar
  • Change: renamed function eme_event_category_url to eme_category_url
  • Change: removed #_IS_MULTIBOOKING placeholder, was not working correctly
  • Improvement: when using custom fields in a form, FIELD{03} and FIELD{3} (thus leading zero's) are now supported. This was already working ok for storing the values, but not for checking the required field values
  • Improvement: when clicking on a calendar day in the small calendar and there's only one event where the external url is set, we now redirect to that url
  • Improvement: #_PHONE and #_COMMENT can now also be used in header/footer parts in a multibooking form
  • Improvement: German language updates, thanks to Joerg Knoerchen
  • Improvement: Dutch language updates, thanks to Herman Boswijk


  • Feature: rsvp end date/time restriction can now be negative, so you can say "Allow RSVP until -2 days -1 hours before the event starts, indicating the rsvp can go on for 2 days and 1 hour AFTER the event has started. The rsvp end can never go beyond the event end date itself of course.
  • Feature: new scope for events: 'ongoing': only shows ongoing events, for this we try to use the date and time, but it might be incorrect since there's no user timezone info
  • Feature: basic support for qtranslate-X (not fully functional yet, awaiting reply from the qtranslate-x authors)
  • Feature: added placeholders #_APPROVEDSPACES and #_APPROVEDSPACES{xx} (see the doc)
  • Feature: added option eme_register_empty_seats to the shortcode eme_add_multibooking_form: by default it is 0, but if you want to register 0-seats too, set this to 1
  • Feature: an event can now also be designated to take attendances only for bookings, a corresponding conditional tag #_IS_ATTENDANCE has been created as well so you can change messages shown or emails sent
  • Bugfix: the required fields were not being checked in the backend, so browsers not supporting the html5-required tag could input empty custom field info
  • Bugfix: take booking price=0 into account for events that still have a payment gateway configured
  • Bugfix: make simple event paging work again
  • Improvement: German language updates, thanks to Joerg Knoerchen


  • Feature: added action eme_delete_recurrence_action
  • Feature: allow custom fields also in the header/footer for multi-booking format templates, but use with care: will only work correctly for 'identical' events (events with the same custom fields)
  • Feature: support polylang, but only if the setting 'The language is set from content' is choosen
  • Feature: added filter eme_events_format_prefilter, a initial filter for the events format, in case people want to change anything before the placeholders get replaced. Has 2 arguments: $format and $event
  • Feature: added placeholder #_LOCALE, returning the currently chosen locale. Can be used in multilanguage setups, so you can change content of anything inside an event, location or form based on the locale active at that time (if no language tags are provided by the language plugin you're using)
  • Improvement: support custom translations files in wp-content/languages/ (WP_LANG_DIR setting), so changed translation files are not overwritten when updating EME
  • Bugfix: #_RSVPEND was incorrect
  • Bugfix: if the period was "daily" in the list widget and 2 events were on the same day but a different month, the new month info wasn't shown, making it look as the second event happened in the same month as the first
  • Bugfix: translation url fixes
  • Bugfix: recurrence defined as "start day" was not working ok
  • Code change: small code change to make multi-bookings more wordpress 404-proof


  • Bugfix: #_RSVPEND was incorrect


  • Improvement: each category now also has a SEO slug (albeit not editable yet)
  • Incompatibility: the function eme_event_category_url now takes the whole category array as argument (as for events and locations)
  • Incompatibility: the function eme_get_event_categories now returns an assoc array of categories, the old behaviour is renamed to a new function eme_get_event_category_names
  • Bugfix: make sure the booking cancel form work again


  • Improvement: allow username/email to be changed when doing a new registration via the backend and WP membership is required for an event
  • Bugfix: the new filters eme_rsvp_email_body_text_filter and eme_rsvp_email_body_html_filter were not taken into account (missing underscore)
  • Bugfix: the end date/time placeholder #@[a-z] were being replaced correctly, but the '@' remained too


  • Bugfix: make sure initial date for new events and recurrences is the current date, not 1970 ...


  • Bugfix: for events with no defined contact person, I tried to get the admin email but used a multisite function for it (which doesn't seem to be defined if you don't activate multisite)
  • Bugfix: fix sending of mail for normal registrations (typo fixes)


  • Bugfix: use php 5.3 notation for arrays, not everybody uses php 5.4 ...


  • Bugfix: not all mails were being sent out correctly


  • Feature: support qtranslate plus, next to qtranslate and mqtranslate
  • Feature: added new filters eme_rsvp_email_body_text_filter and eme_rsvp_email_body_html_filter to be able to change the mail body just before it is sent
  • Incompatibility: removed the per-user date format settings, was getting too confusing for coding up different formats for backend and frontend date formatting, while the generic WP settings should be used anyway
  • Incompatibility: renamed eme_email_filter to eme_email_obfuscate_filter
  • Improvement: try to use admin info when no other contact info is present for an event (can happen after using the frontent submit form)
  • Bugfix: better use of function strtotime to take Daylight Saving Time into account (not all days have 24 hours)
  • Bugfix: there's a bug for the cancel-mails and placeholders due to the fact that I first delete the booking before sending the mail (otherwise the number of free seats in the mail can be wrong), but because of that the placeholders can't be replaced anymore since the booking no longer exists. This has been fixed by getting the booking info before doing anything and handing that info to the function that does the mail sending (and not letting that function get the booking info anymore, since it might already been deleted)


  • Bugfix: the unique nbr for bookings only got generated when online payment was being selected too, now it gets generated if the total booking price >0


  • Feature: added 2 new scopes: relative-Xd--YYYY-MM-DD (end YYYY-MM-DD, start X days before that) and YYYY-MM-DD--relative+Xd (start YYYY-MM-DD, end X days past that)
  • Feature: added monthly range select in filter form: use #_FILTER_MONTHRANGE in the filter format and fields=monthrange in the eme_filterform shortcode
  • Feature: the shortcode eme_add_multibooking_form now also supports category_id as a parameter, to select all events for a single category
  • Doc: documented the template_id option for the shortcode eme_filterform, as the template is preferred before the fields option
  • Bugfix: first day of week in the datepicker is a integer, not a string. Putting a string created mangled day headers in the datepicker.


  • Feature: first day of week is now also respected in the datepicker


  • Feature: added 2 new filters to influence CSV output: eme_csv_header_filter and eme_csv_footer_filter Both take 1 parameter ($event) and should return an array (representing columns in the csv output in the header or footer) Can be used to add extra info at the top or bottom of the CSV output
  • Feature: new event placeholder #_RECURRENCE_NBR, returns the sequence number of an event in a recurrence series (first event is 1, second is 2, etc ...) Also added conditional tags #_IS_FIRST_RECURRENCE and #_IS_LAST_RECURRENCE
  • Feature: the RSVP cut-off date/time can now also be done based on the end-date of the event, not just the start-date
  • Feature: add a generic option to disable server-side required field checks when submitting a RSVP form
  • Improvement: renamed #_RECURRENCEDESC to #_RECURRENCE_DESC for conformity (the old one is still possible)
  • Bugfix: the unique number for payments should be calculated based on the payment ID, not the booking ID anymore.
  • Bugfix: small html correction in EME admin interface, tab Payments
  • Bugfix: fix some 'notcategory' behaviour for the eme_events shortcode
  • Bugfix: the optional choosen template got lost when switching months in the full calendar
  • Bugfix: the mail for cancellation was sent before the cancellation was done, resulting in wrong number of spaces free/reserved in the cancellation mail
  • Bugfix: better 24h-timeformat notation detection
  • Bugfix: better value escaping with ESC when using conditional tags
  • Bugfix: use correct headers when sending html-mail via wp_mail function


  • Bugfix: featured image for locations wasn't working anymore
  • Bugfix: show the map when editing an existing event with a known location
  • Bugfix: fix a JS error when looking at the list of events


  • Bugfix: account for the fact that a WP setting might be never changed, and thus just be empty in case of booleans


  • Feature: new hook eme_ipn_action (1 parameter: $booking), executed after successfull IPN Hint: get the event from the booking id by using this: $event = eme_get_event_by_booking_id($booking['booking_id']);
  • Feature: added placeholders #_PENDINGSPACES and #_PENDINGSPACES{xx} (see the doc)
  • Improvement: added conditional shortcodes eme_if7 till eme_if15 (some people really want these ...)
  • Bugfix: #_PAYMENT_URL was no longer replaced correctly
  • Bugfix: First Data payment button was not being generated correctly


  • Bugfix: multiple categories in widgets still contained an error, tested ok now


  • Bugfix: multiple categories in widgets wasn't working
  • Bugfix: removing a location wasn't working


  • Incompatible change: due to some changes in the code, 2 CSS id's changed too: no longer using a container id but using a real css class name: #eme_global_map img becomes .eme_global_map #eme_locations_list becomes .eme_locations_list
  • Feature: added template functionality to the calendar as well (new option template_id to the shortcode eme_calendar, for templating entries in the full calendar)
  • Feature: support tls when sending mail via smtp by prepending 'tls://' to the hostname (typically for port 587)
  • Feature: new placeholders #_HOURS_TILL_START and #_HOURS_TILL_END
  • Feature: new shortcode eme_add_multibooking_form that lets you use either a comma-seperated list of event id’s or a recurrence id for which you want to do multiple bookings in one go. It also has a template id for the header, entry and footer of the form list. More info in the doc.
  • Feature: new rsvp placeholder #_MULTIBOOKING_DETAILS_TEMPLATE{xx} (with xx a template id): parses the template for each booking in a multibooking scenario, all regular booking and event placeholders can be used in the template
  • Feature: new rsvp placeholder #_MULTIBOOKING_TOTALPRICE (the total price of all bookings in a multibooking scenario)
  • Feature: new rsvp placeholder #_MULTIBOOKING_SEATS (the total seats of all bookings in a multibooking scenario)
  • Feature: new rsvp placeholder #_IS_MULTIBOOKING (conditional tag you can use in rsvp mails)
  • Feature: new event placeholder #_EVENTATT, taking 2 arguments: eventid and attribute key. This allows to get the non-default value for an attribute from another event. E.g, for eventid 3 and attribute "my_att": #_EVENTATT{3}{my_att}
  • Feature: added the possibility to define an extra charge when paying via a payment provider. Also added an extra rsvp placeholder so you can show the extra cost being added per payment provider: #_CHARGE{google}, #_CHARGE{fdgg}, #_CHARGE{2co}, #_CHARGE{paypal}, #_CHARGE{webmoney}
  • Feature: now more than one global map can be shown on the same page
  • Feature: added event placeholders #_STARTDATE, #_STARTTIME, #_ENDDATE and #_ENDTIME, resulting in a easy way to get the start/end date and time for the event in the current WP settings format, without needed to use the other possible date/time placeholders
  • Feature: 2 new event scopes: ++YYYY-MM-DD (all events starting later than YYYY-MM-DD) and --YYYY-MM-DD (all events ending before YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Feature: mail subjects for the contact person can now also be changed in the settings
  • Feature: you can now select multiple categories in the widget. Multiple selected categories will be OR'd together (see the events placeholder)
  • Feature: added new filter eme_event_preupdate_filter, taking place just before the event is updated in the DB (the update companion of eme_event_preinsert_filter)
  • Feature: added a global option to ignore pending users when using the #_ATTENDEES or #_BOOKINGS placeholders.
  • Feature: you can now also send mails about a new event to all WP users, or to all WP users that did not yet register
  • Improvement: better image selection code for the featured image (since WP doesn't play nice with the 'insert from url', I needed to remove this)
  • Improvement: show the compact bookings table only when not editing a recurrence
  • Bugfix: eme_locations shortcode wasn't showing anything for option eventful=1
  • Bugfix: First Data setting was not being saved when selecting it as payment method for an event
  • Bugfix: added FDGG lib (First Data lib, was missing)
  • Bugfix: take into account lonely CR's when creating the javascript balloon text
  • Bugfix: when updating an event, the end time was not allowed to be equal to the start time
  • Bugfix: corrected contact_person as option for eme_rss_link (and documented it)
  • Bugfix: the shortcode eme_location used the wrong default format (should be the one specified in the settings called "Default single location page format")


  • Feature: added an option to hide past events (on a day-basis, not hour) in the calendar
  • Feature: added an option to hide events (from lists and calendar) which RSVP registration period has already ended
  • Feature: added #_FIELDVALUE{xx} to get the formfield value (can be used in the registration form, in #_BOOKINGS and RSVP mails)
  • Bugfix: using custom fields and/or html when re-sending mails didn't work as expected
  • Improvement: Italian language updates, thanks to Gianluca Granero
  • Improvement: Ukranian language updates, thanks to Michael Yunat (michael.yunat@gmail.com, see also http://www.iphostmonitor.com )
  • Improvement: updated Italian translation, tx to Antonio Venneri


  • Feature: added placeholders #_EVENTPRINTBOOKINGSLINK and #_EVENTPRINTBOOKINGSURL, showing either a link or just the URL to the printable bookings list, if you have the correct permissions
  • Improvement: if people enter field tags for multi-value custom fields, check that the number of tags is the same as the number of values
  • Bugfix: empty custom field tags were not correctly handled
  • Bugfix: make sure the day-hover title in the calendar no longer contains html
  • Bugfix: 24H format placeholders shouldn't return seconds, was never the case but got added in 1.3.0
  • Bugfix: for the detection of required fields for the RSVP form, I didn't take into account the fact that you can now use templates for the form so the required field detection failed


  • Feature: added placeholders #_12HSTARTTIME_NOLEADINGZERO and #_12HENDTIME_NOLEADINGZERO
  • Feature: added filter eme_eval_booking_filter, doing evaluations before the person is entered in the db. One parameter: $event. And $_POST can be used too of course.
  • Feature: added #_BOOKINGPRICEPERSEAT and #_BOOKINGPRICEPERSEAT{xx} rsvp placeholders, to return the end-price per booked seat (either normally or for multiprice for the indicated price category). The filter eme_insert_rsvp_action is taken into account, so the end-price includes anything you do with it (including discounts)
  • Feature: subjects of mails being send to bookers is now also customizable and multi-lang ready
  • Feature: you can now delete "unused" people (people without bookings, can happen if you delete old events)
  • Feature: you can now select a template for mail message and body when sending after-mails, and for many format settings when creating/editing an event
  • Feature: added an option to no longer show the RSVP form after a successful booking
  • Improvement: a little more polite bad-boy message
  • Improvement: renamed an eme option, no big deal
  • Improvement: all RSVP prices are now showing as floating point, with 2 digits behind the "."
  • Bugfix: removing a person and his booking info left orphaned answers, cleaning those now
  • Bugfix: when using the #_PAYMENT_URL in an email, all works ok but a php warning was shown (third variable for a function not initialized). Fixed
  • Bugfix: when deleting 1 template, all were deleted.


  • Bugfix: the filter eme_eval_booking_form_filter was called too early, causing the second argument to be empty
  • Bugfix: the captcha isn't taken into account when adding a booking via admin backend, but it prevented adding a booking then


  • Bugfix: some undef values fixed
  • Bugfix: make the default use the new notation too for captchas (for new installations)
  • Bugfix: the frontend submission plugin has been updated to account for new jquery timeentry plugin too


  • Bugfix: fixed a bug with a undefined var, preventing activation of the plugin for new installations
  • Bugfix: for plugin deletion, the tables were not deleted for multisite blogs


  • Feature: more consistent notation for placeholders, see http://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/?p=51559
  • Feature: people page can now do merging of bookings, show all bookings per person and allows person editing
  • Feature: RSS feed now shows html (no maps or forms), as does all other parts of wordpress do
  • Feature: use language selected at booking time for sending mail concerning the booking or the attendee
  • Feature: the cancel registration form can now also be formatted (also per event if wanted)
  • Feature: locations can now also be duplicated
  • Feature: added field tags to form fields, these are shown to the booker and are (m)qtranslate-compatible
  • Bugfix: don't show the captcha when showing the booking form in the admin backend, it was ignored but still it's best not to confuse people
  • Bugfix: if the current day had an event, the calendar didn't show the eventfull class
  • Bugfix: don't match "[...]" for location placeholders, solved more generically by the new placeholders notation feature.
  • Bugfix: show weekday initials only again for small calendar format
  • Bugfix: the wordpress nonce was being outputted too much times. Although the fields are hidden, it's not good to do so.
  • Bugfix: when inserting or updating a booking, the action hook was executed before the answers for extra fields were stored in the db
  • Improvement: the events database now gets updated upon first site visit (admin or not), so no more deactivate/reactivate action needed
  • Improvement: when the events page setting changes, the SEO rules are flushed, so no more deactivate/reactivate action needed
  • Improvement: code dedup for locations page
  • Improvement: show a warning if a custom field requires a value but it was left empty


  • Feature: when doing the "quick" deny for registrations while editing an event, no mails were being sent. There's now a general option in the Mail section that allows you to change that.
  • Bugfix: added a CSS to the datatables when showing events, so the footer div following it is moved when the table grows or shrinks
  • Bugfix: adding shortcodes to event details resulted in bad headers when using the setting "extra html headers" with placeholders like #_EXCERPT, and also gave problems for conditional tags


  • Feature: you can now send html-mails for RSVP messages if wanted
  • Bugfix: make the booking removal work again when in the event edit-window
  • Bugfix: make start of month correct again in new calendar code


  • Bugfix: remove some abiguous placeholder matching and correct the newly introduced image dimensions


  • Improvement: add width and height to thumb images, just in case the resized versions don't exist
  • Bugfix: make #_LOCATIONNAME work again
  • Bugfix: calendar days with a single digit didn't show the events
  • Bugfix: the booking recorded format may contain html, but was being sanitized


  • Feature: add/edit booking is now all possible from the backend, and when editing all custom fields show as well
  • Feature: added template functionality to the filter form as well (new option template_id to the shortcode eme_filterform)
  • Feature: added option 'show_recurrent_events_once' to the shortcode eme_events to show recurrent events only once. Remember that people will only see a normal event unless you add recurrent info to it using the placeholder #_RECURRENCEDESC
  • Feature: added placeholder #_EVENTCATEGORYIDS, returning the different category id's for an event. Not really usefull, unless you use the shortcode [eme_events category=#_EVENTCATEGORYIDS] inside a single event format, resulting in a list of events in the same categories as the one being viewed.
  • Feature: use jquery datatables in the backend for event and bookings, makes it easier to search, sort, ...
  • Improvement: doing a javascript post after a booking add/delete to prevent double actions when refreshing the page, also avoids using global variables
  • Improvement: German language updates, thanks to Wolfgang Löster
  • Improvement: extra antispam measurements
  • Behaviour change: make it possible for start and end date+time to be exactly the same
  • Bugfix: cleanup function shouldn't change recurrences with specific days, since those "end date" is 0
  • Major code rewrite in progress


  • Feature: added the possibility to define a return page for payment succes or failure, with event and/or booking placeholders
  • Feature: added placeholder #_RSVPEND that will show the date+time end of the registration period
  • Feature: added conditional placeholder #_IS_RSVP_ENDED, returns 1 if the registration period has passed
  • Feature: retain all filled in values if RSVP form validation proved wrong
  • Improvement: show an admin warning if the special events page is not ok
  • Improvement: German and Italian language updates, thanks to Stephan Oberarzbacher
  • Bugfix: make location attributes actually work
  • Bugfix: also deal with RESPNAME, RESPEMAIL, ... in the registration form format
  • Bugfix: the payment page was not shown for the placeholder #_ADDBOOKINGFORM_IF_NOT_REGISTERED after booking was done
  • Bugfix: fix double inclusion of eme_settings.php in uninstall.php, so uninstall works now


  • Feature: added new filter eme_categories_filter, executed when searching for the categories (e.g. when creating an event). With this, you can e.g. limit the categories shown when creating an event or location or ... . Has one parameter: array of categories.
  • Bugfix: make rsvp form work again (copy/paste error fix)


  • Bugfix: let shortcodes in booking and attendees lists be replaced at the end, so conditionals can be used there as well.


  • Feature: added width/height as optional parameters to shortcode eme_location_map
  • Feature: added radiobox, 'radiobox vertical', 'checkbox' and 'checkbox vertical' as new formfield types
  • Feature: added attributes for locations as well, and all templates are also searched for attribute definitions
  • Feature: event notes can now contain all event placeholders as well, when activating the new option called 'Enable placeholders in event notes'. This changes old behavior, so by default it is disabled
  • Improvement: make IS_REGISTERED work for all logged in users, not just when requiring WP membership for rsvp
  • Bugfix: fix layout for location list (the default format setting was being ignored)
  • Bugfix: some template header/footer fixes for attendee and booking lists
  • Bugfix: make [eme_location] work again


  • Feature: the payment form showing the buttons can now be customized in the EME settings, Payment section. The same placeholders as for bookings can be used. You can format the section above and below the payment buttons and everything is surrounded by CSS tags as well.
  • Feature: max and min amount of seats to book for one booking can now also be used for multiprice events (multi-compatible)
  • Feature: added option template_id to shortcode eme_single_event
  • Feature: added shortcode eme_location, with location id as argument, and optional a template_id for content: [eme_location id=1 template_id=3]
  • Feature: added shortcodes eme_bookings and eme_attendees, with event id as argument, and optional a template_id for header, content and footer [eme_attendees id=1 template_id=3 template_id_header=7 template_id_footer=9]
  • Feature: added placeholder #_IS_MULTIDAY. Returns 1 if the event start date is different from the end date, 0 otherwise.
  • Feature: added placeholder #_BOOKINGID for rsvp mails and booking info, in case you want to share the booking id
  • Feature: added new filter eme_add_currencies, so you can add extra currencies to the list. Be aware that not all payment portals support all currencies. Example: to add Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) to the list of currencies, add the following to your theme's functions.php:

    function my_eme_add_currencies($currencies){ $currencies['GHS'] = 'Ghanaian Cedi'; return $currencies; } add_filter('eme_add_currencies','my_eme_add_currencies');

  • Improvement: unified shortcode names:

    events_calendar ==> eme_calendar events_list ==> eme_events display_single_event ==> eme_event events_page ==> eme_events_page events_rss_link ==> eme_rss_link events_ical_link ==> eme_ical_link events_countdown ==> eme_countdown events_filterform ==> eme_filterform events_if ==> eme_if events_if2 ==> eme_if2 events_if3 ==> eme_if3 events_if4 ==> eme_if4 events_if5 ==> eme_if5 events_if6 ==> eme_if6 locations_map ==> eme_locations_map display_single_location ==> eme_location_map events_locations ==> eme_locations events_add_booking_form ==> eme_add_booking_form events_delete_booking_form ==> eme_delete_booking_form

    The old names are still valid, but will disappear from the doc

  • Bugfix: make sure that relative protocol urls (no http: or https:) are used for google api's in the admin backend

  • Bugfix: in the event edit window, the ajax method for removing rsvp's wasn't working anymore
  • Bugfix: some plugins add the lang info to the home_url, remove it so we don't get into trouble or add it twice
  • Bugfix: booking placeholders are also possible for the 'booking ok' message
  • Bugfix: only show location info in the ical feed if there's actually a location
  • Bugfix: ical fix for multiday allday events (they ended a day too soon)
  • Bugfix: use str_replace for replacing placeholders, to avoid issues with replacement strings containing $13 (preg_replace interprets those as backreferences)
  • Bugfix: the booking price is now shown correctly as floating point, not just integer
  • Bugfix: correct the placeholder replacement sequence for attendees and bookings
  • Bugfix: #ESC_NOTES was not working


  • Bugfix: prevent double header/footer appearance in event lists


  • Bugfix: prevent double header/footer appearance in event lists


  • Fixed a small bug I introduced in 1.2.1 + better detection for sending mail for auto-approval


  • Feature: added conditional tags #_IS_MULTISEAT and #_IS_ALLDAY
  • Feature: add template_id_header and template_id_footer for events_list and events_locations shortcodes, so you can also use templates for the headers and footers
  • Improvement: make #_IS_REGISTERED also work even when the option "Require WP membership for registration" is not checked, of course you still need to be logged in as a WP user for it to work.
  • Bugfix: the template format field was too small in the database, limiting the number of characters
  • Bugfix: booking list should show a single number for booked seats for multiseat events when asked for
  • Bugfix: send approval mail also for auto-approve events upon payment
  • Bugfix: events_locations shortcode no longer listed all locations (typo in 1.2.0 caused this)


  • Feature: multi-seat events are now possible: the same as multiprice events, but now you can limit the number of seats per price category if wanted
  • Feature: format templates can now be created and used in the events_list and events_locations shortcodes as follows: [events_list template_id=3] This renders the use of the 'format' parameter obsolete and is more powerfull as it allows conditional tags inside the format template.
  • Feature: recurrence is now also possible on specific days, not just a pattern
  • Feature: maptype for google maps can be defined in the settings for global and individual maps (Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain)
  • Feature: added event placeholders #_TOTALSEATSxx, #_AVAILABLESEATSxx and #_BOOKEDSEATSxx to show seat info per seat category
  • Improvement: remove some unneeded caching in the EME admin section.
  • Improvement: Dutch language update, thanks to Guido
  • Improvement: show which required fields are missing when filling out a rsvp form
  • Bugfix: better all-day indication in ical
  • Bugfix: make #_TOTALPRICE and #_TOTALPRICExx also work for "Booking mails" reminders
  • Bugfix: jump to RSVP confirmation message upon successfull registration
  • Bugfix: better matching rules for #_CATEGORIES with include/exclude categories
  • Bugfix: all day event fix


  • Improvement: #_MAP and #_DIRECTIONS for an event are only replaced/shown if the event is linked to a location
  • Bugfix: forgot to escape the forward slash, so some placeholders might have resulted in errors


  • Bugfix: better regex replacement for replacing placeholders


  • Feature: added 'First Data Global Gateway Connect 2.0' payment gateway implementation
  • Feature: new option: consider pending registrations as available seats for new bookings (meaning: ignore pending registrations for new rsvp's)
  • Feature: implemented feature request "Automatic Approval after Payment is received", optional per event
  • Feature: all day events can now be indicated as such
  • Feature: placeholder #_TOTALPRICEx added for mail formats (with x being a number: gives the total price to pay per price for multiprice events: the amount of spaces booked times the specific price of the multiprice event)
  • Feature: added a facebook import function when creating a new event. Thanks to Tom Chubb and Jashwant Singh Chaudhary.
  • Feature: some themes result in weird behaviour because they use the_content filters, resulting in loops or unwanted content replacement. Added a setting against possible loop protection.
  • Feature: RSS pubdate can now also be the event start time
  • Feature: separate format for ICAL entries
  • Feature: zoom factor can be changed for the global or individual maps
  • Feature: added new filter eme_event_preinsert_filter, taking place just before the event is inserted in the DB
  • Feature: added 2 placeholder options to #_CATEGORIES and #_LINKEDCATEGORIES to include/exclude categories. To be used like this: #_CATEGORIES[1,3][] ==> this will get all categories for the event, but only show cat 1 or 3 #_CATEGORIES[][1,3] ==> this will get all categories for the event, but not show cat 1 or 3
  • Feature: added option to define image size for placeholders #_EVENTIMAGETHUMB and #_EVENTIMAGETHUMBURL, to be used as: #_EVENTIMAGETHUMB[MyCustomSize] or #_EVENTIMAGETHUMBURL[MyCustomSize], where "MyCustomSize" is a custom size either known to wordpress or defined in your functions.php via the function add_image_size()
  • Feature: the events_if shortcode now also supports "le" (lower than or equal to) and "ge" (greater than or equal to) comparisons
  • Feature: new filter eme_eval_booking_form_filter, so you can create your own eval rules for a booking
  • Feature: make #_SPACESxx also work in RSVP info, next to #_RESPSPACES
  • Feature: new hook eme_update_rsvp_action, executed when updating booking info
  • Bugfix: correct escaping of characters for ical format
  • Bugfix: better regex replacement for replacing placeholders
  • Bugfix: make sure URL's created by placeholders aren't touched by wordpress anymore
  • Bugfix: when specifying a location by latitude and longitude, town and address are not needed
  • Bugfix: fix a JS error on some admin pages
  • Bugfix: the multiprice array was not correctly initialized, causing troubles if you used #_SEATSx form fields that were out of order
  • Improvement: shortcodes [add_booking_form] and [delete_booking_form] now properly return the generated html instead of echoing it, and also return empty if rsvp not active
  • Improvement: events_list header/footer can now also contain shortcodes, usefull for conditional tags. Idem for locations.
  • Improvement: json is limited in size we only return what's needed in the javascript
  • Improvement: booking date/time info is now visible in the backend registration pages
  • Improvement: add image thumb url to the ical feed if present
  • Improvement: the day difference function now returns a negative value as well, the countdown and DAYS_TILL* placeholders can take advantage of this
  • Improvement: use the WP time setting for new/edit events as well when trying to detect 12 or 24 hour notation
  • Code improvement: added event_properties to stop needing to change the event database table all the time. Ideal for new event properties.


  • Feature: added #_HTML5_PHONE and #_HTML5_EMAIL to indicate you want the html5 input type field for phone and/or email So you can use e.g. #_HTML5_PHONE or #REQ_HTML5_PHONE and the result will be: the html5 tel-type field for phone, and required if #REQ used. Other html5 input types will be added.
  • Feature: events_if4, events_if5 and events_if6 added
  • Feature: support wp_mail as a method of sending mail, allowing other plugins to work on the mail as well via the existing wp_mail hooks and filters
  • Feature: added placeholder #_LINKEDCATEGORIES: creates a link per category for the corresponding event, linking to a list of future events for that category
  • Feature: new option 'title' for the shortcode events_rss_link, so the title can be given a specific name
  • Feature: you can now exclude categories in the widget list and calendar as well, and in the regular shortcode events_calendar also with the new option 'notcategory'
  • Feature: events_ical_link shortcode now also supports the options scope (default: future), author, contact_person and notcategory
  • Feature: added placeholder #_EVENTIMAGETHUMB, to show a thumbnail of a featured image, so you can e.g. show a thumbnail of a featured image instead of the whole image. The size can be choosen in the EME settings (panel 'Other'), by default it is 'thumbnail' size.
  • Feature: added placeholder #_EVENTIMAGETHUMBURL, to get just the url to the thumbnail. Also added #_LOCATIONIMAGETHUMB and #_LOCATIONIMAGETHUMBURL
  • Improvement: mail sending is by default enabled for new installations
  • Improvement: upon auto-update, the DB version of EME is now also checked and a DB update is done if needed
  • Improvement: the 'No events' message now also has a div surrounding it, with div-id 'events-no-events'
  • Improvement: extra plugin events-made-easy-frontend-submit now also uses AM/PM or 24 hours notation based on site preferences
  • Bugfix: html encapsulated in RSS feed was needlessly escaped inside a CDATA section
  • Bugfix: multiprice bookings were reset to "1" if the first booking was 0 upon approval
  • Bugfix: default selected town was always the first town when using [events_filterform]
  • Bugfix: make sure the correct scheme is used for admin_url
  • Bugfix: the generated ical link didn't take the author or contact person into account
  • Bugfix: the calendar links now take into account all options for contact person, categories etc ...
  • Bugfix: fix class warnings in extra plugin events-made-easy-frontend-submit
  • Bugfix: the featured image for locations was not retained after you re-edit and save the location without changing the image
  • Bugfix: url-encoded strings in the format argument of the [events_list] shortcode were not being interpreted
  • Bugfix: remove use of deprecated wordpress functions get_userdatabylogin and wpdb::escape


  • Feature: new placeholder #_RESPSPACESxx for bookings, to indicate the bookings per price for multiprice events
  • Feature: new placeholders #_BOOKINGCREATIONTIME and #_BOOKINGMODIFTIME for bookings list
  • Feature: ability to use attributes and conditional tags in registration form added
  • Feature: added conditional tag #_IS_MULTIPRICE
  • Feature: location_id argument in shortcodes now supports 'none' to indicate no location
  • Feature: query string eme_town (+SEO) has been added, so only events for a specific town are shown. Not really sure how I'll use it, but it's there ...
  • Improvement: updated Italian translation, tx to Antonio Venneri
  • Improvement: updated German translation, tx to Daniel Rohde-Kage
  • Improvement: every column in the print preview for bookings now has a class, so you can CSS style it
  • Change: placeholders #_RESPSPACES and #_RESPCOMMENT now preferred for bookings
  • Bugfix: the 'Booking recorded html Format' setting for a single event was not being saved
  • Bugfix: the div for a required field should have a class, not an id
  • Bugfix: don't show a link to a month without events (occured if on the last day of the month an event was booked)
  • Bugfix: better sanitize RSS feed by using CDATA


  • Feature: new placeholder #_PAYMENT_URL for bookings, in case you want people to be able to pay later on, or for reminders
  • Feature: you can now select payed/unpayed and pending status when sending mails, good for sending reminders for payments etc ...
  • Feature: you can now specify the latitude/longitude of a location if wanted, overriding the detected values
  • Feature: you can now specify the cut-off hours for RSVP as well
  • Bugfix: make qtranslate work again (one-liner fix)
  • Bugfix: make ical work correctly with server timezone included
  • Bugfix: wpdb prepare doesn't use correct backticks for column names, resulting in multisite issues (I tried to use the correct prepare syntax in 1.1.0)
  • Improvement: only include the datepicker locale if it exist (like in 1.0.18), and take into account 2-letter locales again if the full locale doesn't exist


  • Feature: multiprice events are now possible (see wordpress site for explanation: price and booked seats need to be seperated by "||"). Also, for multiprice events, the min number of seats to book is always 0
  • Feature: you can now send mails to all attendees for an event in the admin backend. This functionality has it's own access right settings as well.
  • Feature: revamped the edit/add event interface: you can now use wordpress 'screen options' in the admin page to decide which parts to show and in what sequence
  • Feature: added the possibility to use a print stylesheet called eme_print.css in your theme style dir
  • Feature: shortcode events_ical_link now has 3 extra options: scope, author and contact_person
  • Feature: the creation and modif date can now be shown for the bookings list (when using #_BOOKINGS) via 2 new placeholders: #_BOOKINGCREATIONDATE and #_BOOKINGMODIFDATE
  • Improvement: the price for each event is stored per booking now, so if the price changes afterwards it doesn't affect the booking in question
  • Improvement: ical format includes the timezone now
  • Improvement: #ESC_ATT and #URL_ATT are now also recognized when looking for attributes definitions
  • Improvement: the CSV export didn't show the paid status
  • Improvement: when editing a single event, delete buttons to edit the event and/or recurrence are now there (and asked for confirmation)
  • Improvement: when trying to view a non-existing location, now also a 404 is returned (as for events)
  • Improvement: in the backend, you can now choose wether or not mails are being sent when approving or changing registrations
  • Bugfix: for recurrent events, the wanted date/time format was not being taken into account when being shown in the admin interface or when using #_RECURRENTDESC
  • Bugfix: #_EVENTDETAILS has never been working (#_NOTES and #_DETAILS did work ok)
  • Bugfix: according to http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference/wp_print_styles: wp_print_styles should not be used to enqueue styles or scripts on the front page. Use wp_enqueue_scripts instead.
  • Bugfix: when converting a single event into a recurrence, the featured image was not kept
  • Bugfix: English has 24-hour format, plus a jquery datepicker correction


  • Improvement: the booking list format (used with #BOOKINGS) now also supports #ESC* for placeholders, so you can safely use shortcodes (like conditional tags) inside it
  • Bugfix: make drop down postbox expanding work again


  • Feature: added support for paypal encrypted button
  • Bugfix: url_decode should be urldecode
  • Bugfix: remove remaining occurences of eme_upload_event_picture()


  • Feature: for events and locations, the featured image now uses the WP media gallery
  • Feature: Webmoney support added
  • Feature: rss and ical shortcodes now support a location id, to limit events shown to a specific location
  • Feature: a little extra for more WPML support (added, but not guaranteed)
  • Feature: added #_IS_REGISTERED conditional tag, returns 1 if WP user has already registered for the event, 0 otherwise
  • Improvement: you can now activate SMTP debugging if you have issues when sending mail via SMTP
  • Improvement: the booking format now also can use #_PAYED to show the payed status
  • Improvement: ability to set default currency, price and "Require approval for registration"
  • Improvement: the "Allow RSVP until" can now also be given a default value
  • Improvement: the week/month/year scopes in [events_filterform] now show the text 'select week/month/year' by default.
  • Bugfix: when creating/editing an event, location creation is now also being checked for access rights


  • Improvement: more options for shortcodes that were booleans with 0 or 1 have now true/false support too
  • Bugfix: the page title for single location pages was not being set correctly


  • Feature: new parameters "show_events" (default:0) and "show_locations" (default:1) for shortcode [locations_map], allows to show a list of events corresponding to the locations on the map
  • Improvement: the "Required field" text has a div-id surrounding it now, so you can change the look of it as wanted using CSS
  • Improvement: removed deprecated wp_tiny_mce as editor and solved some php warnings (and moved the minimum required version up to 3.3)
  • Improvement: a number of options for shortcodes were booleans with 0 or 1, now we added true/false support too


  • Feature: integrated 2Checkout. Instant Notification is also possible, but you have to specify the url in your 2Checkout account. The value for this will be shown in the EME settings.
  • Feature: integrated Google Checkout, but no automatic payment handling since that requires client certificates. And for Google Checkout to work, the price must be in dollars or pounds (identical to your google wallet account, otherwise it will fail)
  • Feature/Bugfix: the paypal class didn't really support the business ID, should work now
  • Feature: added event scope "today--this_week_plus_one" so you can show the beginning of next week as well
  • Improvement: revamped the admin settings interface, it was getting too much for one page so I switched to tabs
  • Improvement: don't depend on wp-admin/ajax.php anymore, so as to better support https
  • Improvement: use google maps https if the page is https as well


  • Bugfix: the participant info was not correctly replaced in mails sent
  • Bugfix: make paypal work via https and HTTP/1.1
  • Bugfix: the CSS classes in the calendar indicating the weekday were wrong for days in the previous/next month


  • Bugfix release: the list of participants was not shown anymore


  • Feature: added #_BOOKINGS placeholder (+ customizable bookings format)
  • Feature: added #_FIELNAMExx to get the formfield name (can be used in the registration form, in #_BOOKINGS and RSVP mails)
  • Feature: added shortcodes [events_add_booking_form] and [events_delete_booking_form] (with 'id' as parameter: the id of the event) This way you can have normal pages for events (using the url option), but still show the booking form as well
  • Bugfix: make qtranslate work again
  • Bugfix: the CSV export and print of custom fields was not being alligned properly
  • Bugfix: allow empty contact phone
  • Extra: updated Dutch translation, thanks to Peter Goldstein


  • Feature: added #_DAYS_TILL_START and #_DAYS_TILL_END placeholders
  • Bugfix: the full calendar was showing month 0 of the year 0 if the option "use client clock" was used
  • Extra: when denying registrations, confirmation is now being asked
  • Extra: updated Dutch translation, thanks to Peter Goldstein
  • Extra: some warning for the capability 'List events'


  • Bugfix: apparently some WP update changed the capability checking worked, so the code to get all caps has been updated
  • Bugfix: custom (per event) event_registration_pending_email_body was not working
  • Bugfix: fix a WP php notice for wp_enqueue_script: it should be called from within other wp_* calls, not directly. So I added it to the callback for add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts')
  • Bugfix: fix typo with acl for "Edit events"
  • Extra: the admin backend will now use a new date_format setting in the user's profile (if present) for all dates shown


  • Feature: placeholder #_EDITEVENTURL added, gives you just the link to the admin page for editing the event
  • Feature: added a setting to wether or not show the event creation/modification date as PubDate info in the in the events RSS feed
  • Bugfix: calendar navigation now also respects the qtranslate language if permalinks are enabled
  • Bugfix: filter forms now also respects the qtranslate language
  • Bugfix: if phone or comment was defined as a required field, the booking was not working
  • Bugfix: fix wrong call to event_rul(), must be eme_event_url(), bug added in changeset 649391
  • Bugfix: [events_countdown] shortcode was not working as expected
  • Extra: Added error if image upload fails


  • Feature: extra registration field info can now also be mailed, using #_FIELDS as a placeholder in mail formats
  • Feature: event SEO links now also take into account the qtranslate language if present
  • Feature: added extra capability to just list events, so people with no edit cap can still do e.g. CSV exports. All your event admins would need this cap as well, otherwise the menu will not show.
  • Feature: preview added for draft events
  • Bugfix: the results for custom fields were not shown in the printable overview or the CSV export
  • Bugfix: the table for answers had a wrong index (primary), which resulted in only the first custom field to be stored in it
  • Extra: added Danish translation, thanks to Torben Bendixen
  • Extra: updated Dutch translation, thanks to Peter Goldstein


  • Feature: forms are customizable now, although extra defined fields can be viewed/exported but not changed in the admin backend (and is qtranslate compatible)
  • Feature: contact person mails for cancellations and approvals are now customizable
  • Feature: submit button for registration form is now qtranslate compatible
  • Bugfix: make html title work correctly for locations too
  • Bugfix: the html anchor was not always being shown for RSVP
  • Bugfix: email body and subject can now contain qtranslate calls as well (code got removed when changing the plugin name)
  • Bugfix: corrected and added some sql prepare statements
  • Extra: give all RSVP forms a name and a html id
  • Extra: give full day events a CSS class in the calendar (eme-calendar-day-event)
  • Extra: some RSS readers don't like it when an empty feed without items is returned, so we add a dummy item then


  • Bugfix: again better the_content filter recursion detection, so it should now work ok with Arras theme, Pagelines, TwentyEleven and hopefully all other ones.
  • Bugfix: this_year and paging was not working ok due to a php bug


  • Bugfix: scope=this_year was not working
  • Bugfix: better the_content filter recursion detection, so it should now work ok with Arras theme and using page-include plugins inside event content
  • Bugfix: removing a booking in the event edit window via ajax was no longer working
  • Bugfix: #_EVENTIMAGEURL was not being replaced correctly
  • Bugfix: the available number of seats can be <0 if more than one booking happened at the same time and people fill in things slowly ...
  • Bugfix: events spanning multiple months were not correctly shown in the calendar or list
  • Bugfix: some 'this_week' scopes did not take the start day of the week preference into account
  • Bugfix: RSS needs "" and not "" as valid tag
  • Feature: the html title of a single event or location can now also be formatted
  • Feature: new conditional tag #_IS_ONGOING_EVENT
  • Extra: Romanian language added, thanks to Web Geek Science (http://webhostinggeeks.com/)


  • Feature: placeholders #_TOTALSPACES and #_TOTALSEATS added (gives the total amount of spaces for an event)
  • Feature: placeholder #_TOTALPRICE added for mail formats (gives the total price to pay: the amount of spaces booked times the price of the event)
  • Feature: placeholder #_RECURRENCEDESC added, shows the recurrence info for an event like it does in the admin backend
  • Feature: events can now also have a featured image, like locations, resulting also in 2 new placeholders: #_EVENTIMAGE and #_EVENTIMAGEURL
  • Feature: location list formatting is now possible in the settings, when using the shortcode [events_locations], as it was already for [events_list]
  • Feature: each day in the calendar now also has the short day name as an extra class
  • Feature: list widget now also can choose to show ongoing events or not
  • Feature: made the message 'Your booking has been recorded' formattable
  • Feature: scope=Nd--Md, to get the events from day N in the past/future till day M in the past/future (eg. scope=-3d--2d , scope=0d--3d)
  • Feature: initial state for a new event can now be set in the settings page
  • Feature: new access right setting for publish events
  • Extra: included the plugin events-made-easy-frontend-submit, see the dir extras/plugins/events-made-easy-frontend-submit
  • Extra: if the end date is empty, it will always be the start date now. If you want to check if they are equal, use conditional tags
  • Extra: French translation updated, thanks to Philippe Lambotte
  • Bugfix: typo fix in eme_events.php influencing location showing
  • Bugfix: typo fix in eme_events.php for a jquery statement
  • Bugfix: when adding a registration via the backend and approval was required, the registered person would get a pending message although it was already approved
  • Bugfix: #_USER_RESERVEDSPACES wasn't working correctly for the attendees format setting
  • Bugfix: location title was not qtranslate-ready in the [events_location] shortcode
  • Bugfix: better retreiving of new booker info, should resolve the booker being empty in some cases
  • Bugfix: datepicker images were not in svn
  • Bugfix: list widget was behaving incorrectly for the author option
  • Bugfix: when clicking on calendar day and there's only 1 event, only show the event content directly if the event doesn't point to an external url
  • Bugfix: the booking form was still shown for fully booked events if the max number of seats to book was not defined
  • Bugfix: typo fix in the admin edit location pages
  • Bugfix: #_PLAIN_CONTACTEMAIL was being replaced by empty string in mails


  • Bugfix: fix replacement in menu for page title by events title when viewing a single event
  • Bugfix: fixed a closing-div tag, preventing the rich html-editor to appear sometimes for locations


  • Feature: added options 'category' and 'notcategory' to the shortcode [events_filterform], so you can choose to only show specific categories or exclude certain categories from the select box
  • Feature: all location placeholders can now be used inside events (those that make sense of course). In order to make a distinction among event and location placeholders with the same name, some have been deprecated (see below)
  • Feature: the end time can now be the same as the start time, so you can test on this to not show end date/time info (for eg. events without end)
  • Feature: each booking now has a unique bank transfer number for belgian transfers, the placeholder "#_TRANSFER_NBR_BE97" can be used in booking mails
  • Improvement: when adding a registration in the backend, you can now only choose from events that have RSVP activated
  • Improvement: when the setting "Max number of spaces to book" is empty, it is now ignored so unlimited number of attendees is now possible
  • Improvement/fix: p

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-11
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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