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Event Rocket

Unsupported set of experimental extensions, hacks and gadgetry for The Events Calendar


  • Localization: further improve support and update textdomain to match plugin slug
  • Embedding: add basic offset and pagination capabilities to the event_embed framework
  • Embedding: logic for parsing IDs and slugs was fixed (thanks Christina for highlighting this!)
  • Duplication: improve meta data copying (ie support multiple organizers)
  • Duplication: add ability to specify a different time (not just a different date)
  • RSVP: fixes minor issue in loading of attendance data before displaying frontend form


  • Further fix in [event_embed]'s query building
  • Limited attendance option added (props: mikevalstar)
  • Email attendees option added (props: mikevalstar)
  • Option to show attendees on the frontend added (props: mikejanzen)
  • Added .pot catalogue for translations
  • Resolved caching bug in [event_embed] system


  • Protective measures added to prevent/limit abuse of data shortcodes
  • Resolve bug in [event_embed]'s handling of post IDs
  • Cleaned up some event duplicator issues ahead of further improvements


  • Min requirements bump: PHP 5.3, TEC 3.10, WP 4.0 all now expected
  • Enhance event duplicator tool - make it easy to define the duplicate's title, date etc and ensure taxonomy terms are also carried over
  • Improve compatibility of event duplicator with other plugins using custom list tables etc
  • Add a variety of new inline template placeholders, including author and venue related tags
  • Fix bug in cleanup tool preventing proper operation (props to Richard Miller)
  • Venue embedding now supports filtering by country, city, state and zip/postal code (props to JamesWemyss for the suggestion)
  • Embedded event engine now supports more natural use of recurring event slugs (thanks to anderscarlen on the WP forums for the idea)
  • New shortcodes to provide iCal and CSV download links (props to @louking for the idea)
  • Improvements to the RSVP system - it is now easier (and more efficient) to retrieve user-by-user attendance information
  • Shortcodes used to embed Events Calendar PRO widgets are now deprecated as this facility is now provided by ECP itself


  • Adds simple RSVP facilities


  • Adds new [organizer_embed] shortcode
  • Resolves issue with the "with_events" parameter for venue and organizer embedding
  • Add reverse chronological ordering for [event_embed]
  • Special parameter added to make it easy to list current/ongoing events only, ie [event_embed where="current"]
  • Duplicate events - with the exception of recurring events - with a single click
  • Internal restructuring to make future enhancements easier


  • Officially adds blog switching support: within multisite networks you can now display events from one blog on any other blog
  • Adds a venue embed shortcode that parallels the event embed shortcode
  • Removes the troublesome admin menu extension - should ease compatibility concerns in a variety of situations


  • Restore venue positiong for single events (where only The Events Calendar and not Events Calendar PRO is activated)
  • Add caching abilities to the event_embed shortcode
  • Add support for "AND" taxonomy queries


  • Clean-up reference to old jettison module (thanks to MJTDI3 for highlighting this)


  • Codebase reorganized
  • Superfluous components as of The Events Calendar 3.8 release removed (inc coordinate-based maps)
  • Improvements to the "Event Embed" shortcode including nothing-found parameters and smarter querying
  • Module loading overhauled for simplicity and, hopefully, better localhost Windows compatibility
  • Admin menu logic revised to help avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Single event maps now respect default zoom setting (thanks to lord_dev for the idea)
  • It is now easier to override the embedded map zoom setting (thanks to troull88 for highlighting this need)
  • Project Jettison: cleanup tools now remove any additional event-specific user capabilites that were registered


  • Project GPS enhancements: replace single event/venue embedded maps to use coordinate-based positioning (thanks to mcreighton for the suggestion)
  • Project GPS enhancements: flip order of lat/long fields in venue editor meta box (thanks to Casey Driscoll for the suggestion)
  • Widget shortcodes: new attributes to make specifying tags and categories easier - impacts on the calendar widget and advanced (PRO) list widget


  • Link to single events via the default [event_embed] template (thanks to ddggccaa for highlighting this!)


  • Fixes to help smoother use of list view on the homepage (thanks to chwebdev for pointing out this issue)
  • Addition of venue and organizer parameters to [event_embed] shortcode
  • New placeholders for inline [event_embed] templates - url, link and description


  • Fixes to [event_embed] to respect template and limit parameters (thanks to williamlevins for highlighting this!)


  • Shortcode enhancements: [event-embed] added
  • Fix for potential issue with venue coordinate inputs in Chrome (thanks to Leah for noticing this!)


  • Project Jettison: adds clean up tools - after deactivating core (The Events Calendar) clean up tools are added (to the Tools admin menu) to enable removal of event data
  • Fixes bug in Project Nosecone: list view wasn't rendering as expected when added to the front page (thanks to Leah for highlighting this!)


  • Fixes bug in Project HUD: conflict with Community Events (thanks to mimi.cummins for highlighting this one!)


  • Fixes bug in Project HUD: attempting to build list of settings tabs fails during ajax requests


  • Project HUD: extends the admin toolbar, initially with direct links to various settings tabs


  • Bug fixes (thanks to GonzaloTGEB for highlighting some issues)


  • Project 404 Laser: attempt to force a 200 OK status on empty day views


  • Nosecone improvements (front page support): change all references to the main event page so they "point" to the front page instead
  • Project GPS: allow adjustments to stored longitude/latitude data for venues


  • Project Nosecone: put the main events page on the blog front page


  • Initial release

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.9
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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