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Plugin that allow you to insert Etsy Shop sections in pages or posts using the bracket/shortcode method.

How may I find the shop section id?

Here is an example:

URL: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sushipot?section_id=11502395

So, in this example: sushipot is etsy-shop-name 11502395 is etsy-shop-section-id

I got Etsy Shop: empty arguments

See below 'Etsy Shop: missing arguments'.

I got Etsy Shop: missing arguments

2 arguments are mandatory:

  • etsy-shop-name
  • etsy-shop-section-id

So, you should have someting like this: [etsy-shop shop_name="Laplume" section_id="10088437"]

More argument: * show_available_tag [0 or 1]

I got Etsy Shop: Your section ID is invalid

Please use a valid section ID, to find your section ID, see How to find section ID

I got Etsy Shop: API reponse should be HTTP 200

Please open a new topic in Forum, with all details.

I got Etsy Shop: Error on API Request

Please make sure that your API Key is valid.

How to integrate directly in template?

Use ''

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-6-24
Active Installs: 3,000+


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