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Eggplant 301 Redirects

Easily manage and create 301 redirects for your WordPress website. A robust interface allows you create and validate redirects.

=What is a 301 Redirect?= A redirect is a simple way to re-route traffic coming to a Requested URL to different Destination URL.

A 301 redirect indicates that the page requested has been permanently moved to the Destination URL, and helps pass on the Requested URLs traffic in a search engine friendly manner. Creating a 301 redirect tells search engines that the Requested URL has moved permanently, and that the content can now be found on the Destination URL. An important feature is that search engines will pass along any clout the Requested URL used to have to the Destination URL.

=I'm getting an error about the default permalink structure?=

EPS 301 Redirects requires that you use anything but the default permalink structure.

=My redirects aren't working=

This could be caused by many things, but please ensure that you are supplying valid URLs. Most common are extra spaces, extra slashes, spelling mistakes and invalid characters. If you're sure they're right, chances are your browser has cached the 301 redirect (in an attempt to make the redirection faster for you), but sometimes it doesn't refresh as fast as we would like. Clear your browser cache, or wait a few minutes to fix this problem. My redirects aren't working - the old .html page still shows For this plugin to work, the page must be within the WordPress environment. If you are redirecting older .html or .php files, you must first delete them. The plugin can’t redirect if the file still exists, sorry! You should look into .htaccess redirects if you want to keep these files on your server.

=My redirects aren't getting the 301 status code=

Your Request or Redirect URLS may be incorrect; please ensure that you are supplying valid URLs. Check slashes. Try Viewing the page by clicking the Request URL - does it load correctly?

=How do I delete a redirect?=

Click the small X beside the redirect you wish to remove.

=How do I add wildcards. or folder redirects?=

Unfortunately this is not supported. You should look into .htaccess redirects for these advanced features.

=What about query strings?=

By default, any URL with a query string is considered unique, and will redirect to a unique page (if you so wish). The query string will be added to the Destination URL, which allows you to keep your tracking codes, affiliate codes, and other important data!

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.11
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


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