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EP Hashimage

Display image by hashtag from twitter or instagram in your template, post/page or widget area using template tag, shortcode or the widget.


  • Fixed Fatal error in core.php when using template code with URL query instead of array support thread
  • Fixed Fatal error in core.php in settings panel showing up for some users support thread


  • Plugin completely re-written
  • Updated to support the changes made in the Twitter API, July 2013
  • Updated Slimbox (lightbox) to version 2.05
  • Updated Timthumb to version 2.8.13
  • Added Twitter consumer key settings option
  • Added Twitter consumer secret settings option
  • Added cache time settings option
  • Fixed issues with caching of the images
  • Removed plixi as networks to search for on Twitter
  • Removed pic.twitter.com as networks to search for on Twitter
  • Removed Flickr as networks to search for on Twitter
  • Removed async option from settings page. Plugin will always load asynchronously.
  • Removed auto refresh option. It is now always auto refreshing and using the cache time a refresh time.
  • Tested on WP 3.8


  • Tested on WordPress 3.5
  • Better message after clearing cache on the settings page
  • Fixed broken style on save button in wordpress 3.5


  • You can now navigate between images in the lightbox
  • Autoload function not work more smoothly and displayes a loader when running
  • Remove cache tool added to settings page
  • Delete timthumb cache when plugin is deactivated
  • Delete cache in database when plugin is deactivated
    • all fixed and updates done in the beta versions


  • Fixed problem with refresh/autoload.
  • Renamed settings.php to settings-page.php for WP network support (having a settings.php breaks WP Network admin for some reason)
  • Better path handling to cache folder. Now works on wp sites that is hosting the installation in its own folder.


  • Most of the plugin has been rewritten to make it more flexible and easier to use.
  • Added support to search for images directly on instagram (instagram client_id key needed).
  • In beta, expect that thers might be some bug and errors if you try it.
  • This beta will break old settings! Make sure you go over your settings again.


  • Fixed missing expire time for the caching


  • Re-written the caching, now using the WordPress Transients API which is speeding up the plugin a lot.
  • Fixed a bug with the lightbox not working properly.
  • Added right time value to the autoload.


  • Added the option to choose what networks to search in. See the option page.


  • Added the option to view the image in lightbox or at the original source


  • Added animated loading image to the loadning text when using async option.
  • The plugin no longer requires PHP 5.3, now has the same requirements as WordPress


  • Fixed broken instagram images due to url change at instagram. Thanks to ndenitto for the info.


  • move cache dir location from php tmp uplaod folder to wordpress uploads folder as default.


  • Changed to checkboxes for async option in settings page.
  • Fixed bug with async option not saving true value.
  • Now renders proper html code (ul list).
  • Added global css file with minimal css code to fix default ul li style.
  • Updated screenshot of admin settings page


  • Fixed bug with the new true/false async option. Now forcing true/false even if 1/0 is set as value.


  • Added pic.twitter.com as supported service.
  • Added async option to do all the heavy lifting after page load.
  • Changed the timthumb cropping in the lightbox. No more cropped and cut images, it now displays the entire image scaled down.


  • Updated to latest timthumb v2.8.10


  • Added a widget.
  • Added widget thumbnails size in settings page.


  • Moved all code to one file to fix problems with network activate in WordPress networks
  • CLeaned up the code here and there
  • Now requires PHP 5.3 as minimum


  • Added missing default values for thumbnails and lightbox image sizes.
  • Fixed bug when update variable where empty.


  • Added timthumb resize
  • Added slimbox lightbox
  • Added settings page for thumbnails and lightbox image sizes.
  • Released on WordPress Plugins Directory


  • added support for wp shorttags.


  • finally got around to fix the problem imposed by twitter's built-in url shortener + made caching work.


  • initial release

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.6
Last Updated: 2014-5-26
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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