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Uploading by logged-in users of sets of image files and associated data. Administrators design the upload form, and download the images and data.

To Do

Enhancements planned eventually (in no particular order):

  • Copy restrictions when copying a layout

  • Optional overall upload fields in addition to those attached to each item

  • Some sort of archiving mechanism, so webforms not in current use can be hidden on the administration page, even if the images are still on the server.

  • Better support for uploads using more than one image per item, and for pages containing more than one webform

  • Internationalization?

How one club uses EntryWizard and Ewz-Rating

Image Upload

Images are uploaded using EntryWizard. If we are planning to print the images, they are required to have one dimension at least 2560 px, otherwise the images are required to fit within 1280x1024, which is an adequate size for both judging on most monitors and for projecting at meetings.

The layout contains a single-line text input for the title, a drop-down for the category, and usually a checkbox to be checked if a comment is requested. We get up to 200 images in a competition, so to save work for the judges a maximum of 2 out of the 4 allowed entries may ask for comments.

A prefix containing the user id and the webform identifier is set to be applied on upload. This ensures that all image files for the current year have unique names.

Download and Preparation

Because the number of images is large, using the webform download sometimes times out. So the images are usually downloaded using ftp, and the webform download is only used for the spreadsheet itself.

If we are planning to print, the large versions of the images on the server are copied to another place. The downloaded copies are resized to 1280x1024 and re-uploaded to the upload folder, overwriting the originals. Otherwise, if we are not planning to print, the images are simply downloaded for eventual display at a club meeting.

The rating scheme is set up to show the judges the title and the category, with both using "append to previous column". This helps keep the form narrow enough to display side-by-side with the image on a 1920x1200 monitor.

If there was a "comment requested" checkbox in the original upload, that field is divided among the judges. ( If there was no "comment requested" checkbox, a new "fixed text" field with the text "Comment Required" is created and divided among the judges. ) The comment input field ( which is a multi-line text input ) is then appended to this field, so "Comment Required" appears immediately above it if a comment is required. The effect of this is that on any image all judges may add a comment if they wish, and one judge is required to do so.


Each judge is given a (temporary) user account on our website. We use a "Page Security & Membership" plugin to assign the judges to a group that has access to the page containing the relevant judging form, plus the public parts of our site, but not to the private sections.

After the main judging has taken place, if tie-breaking is required, a new page is created. For each set of tied images, an ewz-rating shortcode is added like this: [ewz_rating view = "secondary" identifier="sampleform" item_ids="I1,I2,I3"], where I1,I2,I3 are the wordpress id's of the tied images. Any extra inputs required for tiebreaking are added to the rating scheme as "secondary", so they do not display on the main judging page.


All scores and comments are downloaded to a spreadsheet. For presentation at a club meeting, this spreadsheet is used with Flexishow (https://sourceforge.net/projects/flexishow/) to drive a slideshow.

After the presentation, a new .csv file is generated from the spreadsheet and uploaded back to EntryWizard using the Webforms->Data Management->Upload Extra Per-Image Data. The "content" includes the scores and comments for the image.

A new page is created that is limited to logged-in members and contains a "[gallery]" shortcode. Using the Manage Items link on the webform, the images are "attached" to this page, with comments allowed. This creates an image gallery displaying all the images, with their scores and comments, to which logged-in members may add their own comments.

( The winning images are also displayed in a public gallery that is a little nicer-looking, using other software. )

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 70+


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