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Enmask Captcha

Regular text based and hosted Captcha, better Captcha experience.

Can I use this plugin in my website?

Yes, you can use this plugin in your website and this plugin is totally free. If you find any bug(s)/issue(s) in this plugin please email us at support@enmask.com

Is enmask captcha services free?

Yes, Enmask captcha service is free. We try our best to make it free.

How does EnMask captcha work?

EnMask Captcha is based on encrypted text with matching encrypted fonts. User can see the regular text without any problem. The answer text font is the same so user can easily see the matching characters. The Captcha font and style changes real time, so making it difficult for spammers.

Please go to http://www.enmask.com for more detail and content protection features.

Does EnMask captcha work in mobile devices?

EnMask use regular text so it is resolution independent, you can scale it as much as you like and the text will remain sharp. EnMask is great for mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Can we style the EnMask captcha?

Yes EnMask captcha provides the flexibility to change the styling of the CAPTCHA the way you like. You can use CSS style to change the colors and other attributes.

The EnMask.com CAPTCHA can be modified, see these classes are highlighted in bold below. Every aspect of the CAPTCHA can be changed including the font size, background colors, foreground colors, borders etc. by changing the EnMask CAPTCHA CSS Classes.

(Note: the font family of the CAPTCHA challenge, and the CAPTCHA response should not be changed)

Sample markup with Enmask classes

The CSS class names shown below are actual EnMask Captcha CSS class, you can add CSS style to these CSS classes

<div class="enmask-captcha-widget-container">
  <div class="enmask_captcha_widget"> <!-- This is CAPTCHA challenge text that user sees. -->
    <div class="enmask_captcha_text">{CAPTCHA text}</div>
    <!-- The refresh button--> <span class="refresh_icon"></span> <!-- The Slider -->
    <div class="enmask_font_slider_container"> <span class="enmask_resize_A enmask_small_A">A</span>
      <div class="dragdealer">
        <div class="red-bar handle" style="left: 0px;"> </div>
        <span class="clear"></span> </div>
      <span class="enmask_resize_A enmask_big_A">A</span> </div>
    <span class="clear"></span>
    <div class="enmask_response_container">
      <label class="enmask_label">{Enmask label text}</label>
      <span class="clear"></span>
      <input type="hidden" />
      <!-- This is the text box where user enters their response.-->
      <input type="text" class="enmask_response_textbox" autocomplete="off" />
    <!-- The Enmask.com link -->
    <div class="enmask_link_container1">
      <div class="enmask_link_container"> <a target="BLANK" rel="external" href="http://enmask.com/">enmask.com</a> </div>
    <span class="clear"></span> </div>

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.1
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 500+


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