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Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter

Simple post syntax-highlighted code using the EnlighterJS MooTools Plugin.

Can i use Enlighter togehter with Crayon ?

No, you can't use Enlighter together with the Crayon Syntax highlighter because it may take over the Enlighter elements.

Should i use Shortcode`s or the Visual-Editor Integration ?

If possible, use the VisualEditpr mode! The use of Shortcode is only recommended when working in Text-Mode. By switching to the Visual-Editor-Mode whitespaces (linebreaks, indents, ..) within the shortcode will get removed by the editor - using Visual-Editor mode will avoid such problems.

I am using shortcodes and random p/br tags are added to my code

This problem is caused by WordPress' wpAutoP filter - to fix this issue, go to "Enlighter Settings -> Advanced -> WpAutoP Filter Priority" and change this value to "Priority 12 (after shortcode). For cross-plugin-compatibility this feature is disabled by default.

I can't see any style options within the Visual-Editor-Toolbar

You have to enable the full toolbar by clicking on the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink button (last icon on the toolbar)

I get an "file permission" php error in my blog

The directory /wp-content/plugins/enlighter/cache/ must be writeable - the generated css files as well as some cached content will be stored there for performance reasons. Try to set chmod to 0644 or 0770

When using the ThemeCustomizer the Code appears in plain-text

The cache-directory wp-content/plugins/enlighter/cache have to be writeable, the generated stylesheet will be stored there. Set the directory permission (chmod) to 0644 or 0777

Inline Styles are missing within the Visual Editor

This feature requires WordPress 3.9 (new TinyMCE Version) - but you can still use shortcodes for inline highlighting!

How can i enable the Theme-Customizer ?

To enable the Theme-Customizer you have to select the theme named Custom as default theme. The Theme-Customizer will appear immediately.

Is it possible to point out special lines of code ?

Yes! since version 1.5 all shortcodes support the attribute highlight. Shortcode Example: highlight the lines 2,3,4,8 of the codeblock [js highlight="2-4,8"]....some code..[/js]

Are the uncompressed EnlighterJS Javasscript and CSS sources available ?

The complete EnlighterJS project can be found on GitHub

Can i add custom Themes ?

Yes you can! - The simplest way is to download the EnlighterJS CSS sources and modify one of the standard themes. Finally create a directory named enlighter into your WordPress theme and put the css file into it.

There are no Enlighter features visible within the Frontend Editor

You have to enable the frontend editing function: Enlighter Settings Page -> Advanced -> TinyMCE Integration (Visual Editor) -> Enable Frontend Integration. This feature also requires a logged-in user with edit_posts and/or edit_pages privileges and is only available for the wp_editor function - no thrid party editors are supported!

I'am already using MooTools and my page throws Javascript-Errors

If you are already using MooTools on your page, you have to disable the automatic inclusion of MooTools by Enlighter. Goto the Enlighter options page -> Advanced and select "Not include" as MooTools source. Note: EnlighterJS requires MooTools > 1.4

Security Vulnerabilities

In case you found a security issue in this plugin - please write a message directly to Andi Dittrich - DO NOT POST THIS ISSUE ON GITHUB OR WORDPRESS.ORG - the issue will be public released if it is fixed!

I miss some features / I found a bug

Write a message to Andi Dittrich (andi DOT dittrich AT a3non DOT O R G) or open a New Issue on GitHub

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-25
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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