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Supercharged tool to build your own awesome Glossary / Encyclopedia / Lexicon / Wiki / Dictionary / Knowledge base project in a breath.

How do I embed the term archive page in my website?

At Encyclopedia settings page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Encyclopedia) you will find the archive link for your Encyclopedia in the right sidebar box named "Archive URL". Copy the first link and paste it anywhere on your website, for example in a menu or a sidebar widget. Use the second link if you want to embed an RSS feed for Encyclopedia archive.

How do I create relations between my Encyclopedia terms?

To create relations between your terms you need to classify your terms by using tags.

Can Encyclopedia display and sort terms in other than Latin characters?

Yes, Encyclopedia can handle every existing character. All strings are handled as UTF-8. So it works for Arabian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and all other UTF-8 compliant languages.

Is it possible to search for Encyclopedia terms only?

Yes, it is. For this purpose place the "Encyclopedia Search" Widget in a sidebar of your choice. The search result will display Encyclopedia terms only.

What can I do when I have problems with installing or setting up the Encyclopedia?

First of all read the installation guide on this site. Follow the guide step by step. If you do so and still have problems, there could be an incompatibility with another plugin: Deactivate all other plugins, try to install/set up Encyclopedia again. If it works re-activate plugin by plugin again to see which one causes the problem. If you need personal assistance or coaching or if you want us to install and set up Encyclopedia on your website, please contact us via support form on our website (this is a business service and you need to buy the support package to make use of it).

Does Encyclopedia display tool tips when hovering linked terms in my contents?

Maybe: The linked encyclopedia terms have a title tag which displays the excerpt of the term description. If you hover it with your mouse you can see it. If your theme supports tool tips it will show the term description as tool tip. If you need this implemented please use our support form.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-26
Active Installs: 700+


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