This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Embed Social-ID NOW™


Social-ID NOW™ is a place were you can create your own Social-ID, an online identity. You can also create groups of Social-IDs. If you want to create a Social-ID, a Group or learn more go to

Embeding a Social-ID

You can embed your Social-ID by knowing your numeric ID. To get this, just login to your account and go to Your Social-ID preferences page

Once you get your numeric ID, use the syntax below to include it within content

[social_id id=17]

Or this syntax to include it within your PHP code


Embeding a group

You can embed your Social-ID group by knowing it’s URL name. You can tell this by looking at the group’s URL. For example, for the group , the URL name is coffeebean.

Once you know the URL name, use the syntax below to include it within content

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean]

Or this sytnax to include it within your PHP code


Changing width and height

You can choose from three different layouts by using the syntax below

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean size=normal]

The possible values are:

small: Shows the title and pictures only.

normal: Shows group image and description with people pictures.

large: Shows group image, description and a badge for each person.

Customizing the look

You can use several parameters to choose how your embed will look like. They are

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean header=no]
This will hide the header with the group image and description

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean join_button=no]
If the group is open this will hide the Join button that would normally show

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean join_button_position=middle]
If the group is open and the Join Button is showing, this parameter will define where the button goes. The possible values are: top, middle, bottom.

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean pictures=no]
Hides all the pictures, leaving only the header and group image

[social_id_group group_url=coffeebean width=600 height=400]
This will change the width and height to specified values

Creating Social-IDs and Groups

Social-IDs and Groups are a feature from a free web application, Social-ID NOW™. If you want to create new Social-IDs and Groups, go to the website and create them.

We are real people!

If you are having any trouble installing the Social-ID NOW™ WordPress Plugin, go to our GetSatisfaction page and ask. You will be amazed by how fast we can reply 🙂


  1. Upload social_id.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. View the description to see how you can display your Social-IDs and Groups


Do I need an account on Social-ID NOW™ to use this plugin?

No. All you need to know is the Group name or Social-ID numeric ID. But for creating new groups and Social-IDs, you do need a Social-ID account.

Can I create groups and Social-IDs from inside this plugin?

Not now. We are looking forward to implement this on our plugin. If you like this, go to our GetSatisfaction page and thumbs up this idea!

Contributors & Developers

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