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Email posts to subscribers

This plugin generate a newsletter with latest available posts in the blog and send to subscriber. We can easily schedule daily, weekly or monthly.


  1. First version


  1. Security fix, removed all wp-config.php file direct include. a) job/optin.php, b) job/subscribe.php, c) job/unsubscribe.php, d) job/viewstatus.php e) cronjob/cronjob.php, f) export/ export-email-address.php
  2. Minor text changes in all PHP files.
  3. Added options to translate into other languages.


  1. Minor change in the register.php class


  1. Tested up to 3.9
  2. New link updated for documentation.


  1. Small javascript issue fixed in the admin end.
  2. Subscriber admin page, Check ALL & Uncheck All bug fixed.
  3. Short code overlapping issue fixed.


  1. Full post keyword (###POSTFULL###) added in the Template Compose page. Now using this keyword we can add full post in the newsletter.
  2. In the Mail Configuration post count 1 has been added (Previously we don't have option to select single post in the newsletter). With this option we can create Mail Configuration for 1 post.
  3. Formatted some mail content.


  1. Tested up to WordPress 4.0
  2. In view subscribers admin page, new option added to filter the email address based on status.
  3. Paging option added on view subscribers admin page. In default it will show only first 200 emails, you have drop down box to navigate another page (i.e. 201 to 400 emails etc..).
  4. Warning message fix on email address import page (i.e Strict standards: Only variables should be passed by reference) - Fixed
  5. Widget translation issue has been fixed
  6. PHP warning message from Subscribers Export page has been removed.
  7. Added check for Already Confirmed emails. This is to prevent user clicking optin email link multiple time.


  1. Tested up to 4.1


  1. Tested up to 4.2.2


  1. Tested up to WordPress 4.3
  2. Security check added for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and a potential SQL injection.


  1. Tested up to WordPress 4.4
  2. Text Domain slug has been added for Language Packs.


  1. Major plugin update.
  2. Mail Configuration module has been improved with additional schedule parameters.
  3. Separate menu has been create in the plugin to maintain CRON information.
  4. More information has been introduced in Sent Mail page.
  5. Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and a potential SQL injection.


  1. Tested up to 4.5
  2. Sanitization added for all input value.
  3. Issue fixed on the subscriber import page.


  1. Tested up to 4.6
  2. GROUP option added in subscriber admin page.
  3. GROUP option added in subscriber widget, short code, Mail Configuration and Send Mail page.
  4. Bug fixed on mail configuration page for DAY selection.
  5. Improved plugin menus.


  1. Added Bulk Subscriber Group update option.
  2. From this version i have introduced new feature called Roles. The user role can be selected using this Roles Menu. For example, If you want to give Send Email feature to Editor. Go to plugin Roles menu using administrator login and select Editor role to Send Email Menu, So that your Editor level user can access plugin Send Email menu to publish emails.


  1. Post notification option is added in this plugin. This will send automatic notification email to your subscribers as soon as a post is published on your blog.


  1. Version 3.4 bug fixed.
  2. Added GROUP filter option in subscribers page.
  3. Option added to update subscriber group in notification edit page.


  1. Option added to compose/send static newsletter to subscribers.
  2. Sync Email option has been added in the subscribers admin page. with this option all newly registered email address will be synced automatically into the plugin subscribers group.


  1. Tested up to 4.7
  2. Post count option in mail Configuration page updated.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 7 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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