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Email Cart for WooCommerce lets your customers email their shopping cart straight to their friends & colleagues for payment with the click of a button on the cart page.

When the receiver clicks the link in their email it seamlessly re-fills the cart with the previous contents and directs them straight to the Cart page so they can start the payment process.

Features at a glance:

  • Integrates nicely with any theme with a simple button on the cart page
  • Generates a list of shopping carts on the backend so you can see what your customers have been adding to cart
  • Automatically clears old shopping carts to avoid database bloat

Want more features? Check out the Premium Add-on:

  • Setup new pre-filled carts via the backend interface
  • Send shopping carts to anyone direct from the backend
  • Alter the default email script
  • Add special promotional messages for users to see after restoring a cart
  • Adjust the expiry length of pre-filled carts
  • … and much more.

Email Cart for WooCommerce Premium Add-on:


  1. Upload the email-cart-for-woocommerce/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Your users can now share their shopping cart with their friends & colleagues.


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Doesn’t work on a multi-language website – NO support

Installed this plugin and bought the Premium version. Sending mails to customers doesn’t work at all if your site is multilanguage. And what is worse: The developer refuses to give support on this. Not even paid support.

After rating the plugin with 1 star, I got contacted again and now the designers are trying to solve the issue. Although it’s not solved yet, I appreciate their efforts and am reconsidering my rating today. The plugin itself is fine. And I’m sure that we’ll find a solution together to make it work on a multilanguage website.

Great idea! Definitely will have to look in the premium!

This is a great idea and you’re capturing well thought ideas on how to use this to make it well worth it and profitable. I say that because a lot of the features available never crossed my mind!

Will dive into testing this more, but so far in small testing it works fine, just like your other plugin 🙂


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Contributors & Developers

“Email Cart for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bug Fix: WC3.2: Cart empties itself after adding a product


  • Bug Fix: Improve security around ajax endpoint
  • Bug Fix: Opening the email cart form after sending a cart hides the submit button


  • Bug Fix: Yoast SEO columns are hidden for normal pages and posts
  • Bug Fix: Cart Links containing composite products have errors with variable components using custom attributes


  • Improvement: Improve WC 3 compatibility


  • Improvement: Remove !important on frontend CSS and make sure popup will still look good without it.
  • Bug Fix: Submitting an order restored from a cart link produce PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error message
  • Bug Fix: Opening cart link of composite products with a variable product component shows error
  • Bug Fix: WC 3.0.1: submitting order logs “PHP Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be integer” error message
  • Bug Fix: The loading and success modal seems a little bit small and not centered


  • Improvement: Add compatibility with upcoming WooCommerce version 2.7.0
  • Improvement: Styling improvements


  • Feature: Option to disable email cart for specific user roles
  • Feature: Log users that restores an email cart link
  • Improvement: Improvements on error handling to the email cart form
  • Improvement: If cart is emailed we should grab the info
  • Improvement: Create filter to add CC/BCC on email header
  • Bug Fix: Cart link url should not show on list view for links in draft mode
  • Bug Fix: Hide the Preview button on link edit screen
  • Bug Fix: Copy to clipboard not working on firefox


  • Improvement: Add plugin settings
  • Improvement: Show expiry date inside per email cart link entry
  • Improvement: Rename the “Cart Links” in the menu to “Email Cart Links” for clarity
  • Improvement: Clean up plugin options on un-installation when ‘Clean up plugin options on un-installation’ is enabled
  • Improvement: Add upsell banner into the General tab settings
  • Improvement: Add settings link in the plugin listings
  • Improvement: Add help link in the plugin listings
  • Improvement: Add multi site support
  • Improvement: Tidy up codebase
  • Bug Fix: Include additional cart data on link creation and restoration
  • Bug Fix: PHP notices shown on debug log
  • Bug Fix: Make sure activation code is executed and executed only once


  • Improvement: Product Bundles integration update (min required 5.0.1).
  • Improvement: Composite Products integration update (min required 3.7.1).
  • Bug Fix: Copy to clipboard action control doesn’t work ( On Cart Links cpt entry listing ).
  • Bug Fix: If the cart link contains bundle and composite products while the plugins were disabled, a notice is being displayed.


  • Improvement: Remove old plugin version special cases for cart handling
  • Improvement: Email Cart style adjustments
  • Bug Fix: “Notice: Undefined index: variation_id…” under Ordered Items meta box


  • Bug Fix: Dialog button text not working correctly in some instances


  • Bug Fix: Email Cart modal not showing on IE11 when clicking Email Cart button


  • Feature: Product Bundles Integration
  • Feature: Composite Products Integration
  • Feature: Add Finnish translation
  • Improvement: Only create cart link at last possible second
  • Improvement: Use DOING_AJAX instead of $ajaxCall on ajax functions
  • Improvement: Store cron args on cart link post meta instead of global options
  • Improvement: Add premium upsell banner to sidebar meta on cart link edit screen
  • Improvement: Internationalization
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect usage of continue on non-loop
  • Bug Fix: Attempting to assign property of non-object warning
  • Bug Fix: Pop-up email form not showing after updating the front end cart’s item quantity then clicking “Email Cart” button
  • Bug Fix: Some strings aren’t translatable
  • Bug Fix: Remove unused filter and function
  • Bug Fix: Expiry date column appears to be wrong
  • Bug Fix: After restoring a cart if the restorer resends their cart it should always create a new cart link
  • Bug Fix: Composite items optional components not displaying even though the optional components were selected on cart link create


  • Feature: Add expiry column to cart links list view on backend
  • Improvement: Make popup strings filterable
  • Improvement: Switch cron method to single cron rather than a recurring cron
  • Improvement: Regenerate .pot file
  • Improvement: Remove instance of wp_schedule_event on plugin activation
  • Bug Fix: Doesn’t account for non-standard cart URLs
  • Bug Fix: Change all .click() handlers to .on()
  • Bug Fix: PHP Warning on cart restore


  • Improvement: Generate default mo/po files ready for translation
  • Bug Fix: Replace time() usage with current_time() WP function on CRON jobs
  • Bug Fix: Notice when creating new cart in admin on Ordered Items meta


  • Improvement: Cannot send unique cart links to different addresses
  • Bug Fix: Fields are hidden when trying to send empty fields and then clicked the Email Cart button again
  • Bug Fix: Notice on front-end during completely fresh session
  • Bug Fix: Deprecated notices


  • Improvement: Add recipient’s name and receiver’s name on email headers


  • Initial version