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Manage your beers with WordPress. Integrates simply with Untappd beer checkins. Great for everyone from home brewers to professional breweries!

Nothing is working or there are errors after upgrading to version 1.7.0

EM Beer Manager updated the beer database structure in v1.7.0 and should automatically make any necessary changes. However in the case that the automatic update does not work, you will need to uninstall EM Beer Manager and install the latest v1.7.x or higher release to maintain functionality. You will not lose any of your Beer or Styles data when uninstalling the older version.

How do I display an image of my beer next to its name and description?

When creating your new beer entry, set the "featured image" option in the sidebar to the beer image you wish to use, it will display alongside the entry when the beer is displayed on your site.

How do I display a single beer on a page?

Use the [beer id=#] shortcode inside the WordPress page editor to add a beer to any page. Replace the "#" with the ID of the beer you wish to display, which is listed on the "Beers" admin page.

How do I display a list of all my beers?

Use the [beer-list] shortcode inside the WordPress page editor to add a list of all your beers to any page.

I don't want to show that big grey box of information, how do I get rid of it?

For both the [beer id=#] and [beer-list] shortcodes there are 2 optional attributes of show_profile and show_extras. Set both of these to false to hide the grey box.

Example: [beer-list show_profile="false" show_extras="false"]

What's the difference between `show_profile` and `show_extras`?

The show_profile setting refers to all the content in the "Beer Profile" information stored for each beer. This includes ABV, IBU, Hops, Malts, Additions, and Yeast. The show_extras setting refers to the "Additional Notes" and "Availability" information stored for each beer.

Why isn't the Untappd checkin button hidden when I set `show_extras` to false?

The Untappd checkin integration is handled separately from the show_extras setting. To hide the button for a single beer, make sure the "Untappd Check-in URL" box is empty - a square Untappd check-in icon will appear on the "Beers" admin page next to the beers where the button is active. You can also completely disable the Untappd options through the "EM Beer Manager" settings page.

My beer, style, or group pages are not displaying or are showing a 404 error

Try refreshing your permalinks by going to "Settings" -> "Permalinks" and clicking the "Save Settings" button. If you are running EM Beer Manager 1.7.1 or earlier, it may be due to your site's theme overriding the EM Beer Manager templates. We recommend updating to version 1.8.0 or higher, but you can also edit the templates in the plugin file to suit your needs. They're located in wp-content -> plugins -> em-beer-manager -> templates.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.10
Last Updated: 2014-1-15
Active Installs: 200+


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