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EM Beer Manager

Manage your beers with WordPress. Integrates simply with Untappd beer check-ins. Great for everyone from home brewers to professional breweries!


  • [FIXED] PHP compatibility issue with Untappd authentication


  • [FIXED] Minor bugs related to logging in to Untappd


  • [FIXED] Compatibility issue with PHP versions < 5.4


  • [FIXED] Untappd ratings star color and opacity not being set after upgrade
  • [FIXED] User settings not being saved after upgrade
  • [FIXED] Untappd ratings stars displaying output error


  • [NEW] Display Untappd ratings & check-ins for individual beers
  • [NEW] Associate an existing beer with an Untappd beer
  • [LABS] Import access to all of a brewery's Untappd beers, instead of just 15
  • [LABS] Fixed ID importing, which was throwing an incorrect error
  • Moved Untappd authentication out of Labs, available to all users, not just breweries
  • Updated Untappd Check-ins widget to work with Untappd API


  • Fixing WP REST API compatibility issue after 4.6.1 upgrade


  • Added "offset" option to the [beer-list] shortcode


  • Adding Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) language files


  • Updated translation POT
  • Updated Untappd graphics to reflect the company's branding, as per their documentation
  • Beers imported from Untappd will now have their published date set by their Untappd creation date
  • The Untappd check-in widget's brewery ID will now auto-populate with your brewery's ID if you've authenticated with Labs
  • Pre-populated styles will now be populated from Untappd instead of BeerAdvocate
  • Fixed 'undefined function' error


  • Under-the-hood localization improvements
  • Added updated translation POT
  • Added new Norwegian (nb_NO) language translation - thanks to Lars Kvisle!


  • Added PUT/POST support for beer metadata via the WordPress API
  • Further improvements to the 'Import from Untappd' Labs feature


  • Added new 'Labs' section with an experimental import from Untappd feature
  • Added ability to select which set of Untappd icons to use
  • Added integration with WordPress API - thanks to tlongren for his help with this!
  • Updated translation POT to latest version


  • Fixed an issue with the [beer] shortcode where debugging output was being output
  • Fixed issue where the option to enable/disable comments was not being saved in the admin settings


  • Massive admin settings page layout overhaul
  • Added new "Restore Styles" button to admin settings page
  • Renamed template tag functions and restructured input format
  • Improved overall CSS to be more compatible with custom themes
  • Lots of under-the-hood code improvements and cleanup
  • Updated localization POT


  • Fixed 'Warning: Missing argument' error


  • Added new "Beer Number" field to beers post
  • Updated admin CSS to blend with WP 4.3+ styles
  • Updated beer styles list to populate from BeerAdvocate


  • Fixed localization and translation issues
  • Updated .POT language file to latest version


  • Fixed bug with beer-list shortcode pagination not working on index pages


  • Fixed major issue with comments setting overriding site-wide comments


  • Fixed issue with content filter being overridden by other plugins


  • Fixed issue with language textdomain files not loading properly
  • Fixed issue with p and br tags not displaying properly in beer posts
  • Added new filter options to "beer-list" plugin: paginate, orderby, and order
  • Added ability to enable/disable commenting on beers


  • Fixed a bug with the Beer List shortcode not displaying groups properly
  • Added "beer count" control to Beer List widget


  • Updated compatibility with WP v3.6
  • Removed template files & added filters to make single beer, group taxonomy, and style taxonomy displays integrate more universally with themes
  • Added new settings to control how single, group, and style pages are displayed
  • Styles will now populate with styles list courtesy of BeerPal


  • Fixed a bug with the beer list shortcode/template code throwing a "Group" error


  • Renamed all EMBM custom post types and taxonomies to include embm_ prefix
  • Added new "Group" taxonomy with the ability to customize slug
  • "Styles" taxonomy is no longer hierarchical
  • Updated "Beer List" widget, shortcode, and template tag to include "Group" filters
  • Added "Group" page template
  • Fixed a number of escaped input errors being thrown on the settings page


  • Fixed a bug that was throwing an invalid function warning on the settings page


  • Added localization POT
  • Added new "Recent Untappd Check-Ins" widget
  • Added new settings option for Untappd brewery ID
  • Updated settings page with help documentation


  • Added translatable strings for localization
  • Added new "Beer List" widget to display a list of beers with a number of display options
  • Added themed template files for styles and single beer page display
  • Fixed bug that caused plugin activation to throw a header error


  • Initial plugin release

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


8 of 9 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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