This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Content XLerator WP Public Plugin


A wordpress plugin to support integration with the API for content submission, distribution, and playback

Supported Languages

  • US English/en_US (default)


  1. Unzip archive to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


None, yet!

Contributors & Developers

“Content XLerator WP Public Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



4.1.5   2015/10/19  UPDATE  Improved Deactivation notices
4.1.4   2015/10/19  UPDATE  CXL WP Private Plugin notifications
4.1.3   2015/10/15  UPDATE  Public/Private Plugin separation
4.1.2   2015/10/14  BUG-FIX Disable RLimitMem Hack
                            Disable the following shortcodes:
                                [cxl Simple Submit Form]
                                [cxl Attachment Submit Form]
                                [cxl Twitter Form]
                                [cxl MediaUploader]
                            Remove references to outdated license checks
                            Remove hardcoded JWPlayer license key
4.1.1   2015/10/13  BUG-FIX Remove Uploadify and temporarily disable uploader
4.1.0   2015/09/25  UPDATE  Abort Custom Auto Updater
3.7.7   2015/09/21  BUG-FIX Fix to custom auto updater
3.7.6   2015/09/21  BUG-FIX Fix to custom auto updater
3.7.5   2015/09/21  UPDATE  Custom Auto Updater
3.7.4   2015/09/18  BUG-FIX CSS change to stop distortion of images
3.7.3   2015/08/06  UPDATE  Bypass HTML post filtering for xmlrpc posts from CXL
3.7.2   2015/07/14  UPDATE  Update CXL Branding
3.7.1   2015/07/10  UPDATE  Update CXL Branding
3.6.10  2015/05/29  UPDATE  Create plugin compatibility test and report
3.6.9   2015/05/26  BUG-FIX Filter/rewrite all urls being called by shortcodes (to avoid SSL redirect errors)
3.6.8   2015/05/20  BUG-FIX Load content over https
3.6.7   2015/05/12  BUG-FIX Render 'Welcome Text' correctly
3.6.6   2015/03/30  UPDATE  Update CXL branding within floodgate
3.6.5   2015/02/04  BUG-FIX Alter how xmlrpc submissions are processed.
3.6.4   2014/12/04  BUG-FIX Add unique ids to shortcode video players to prevent double posting errors
3.6.3   2014/10/31  BUG-FIX Cleanup unneeded debugging text
3.6.2   2014/10/30  UPDATE  Updated management for the RLimitMem Hack
3.6.1   2014/10/22  BUG-FIX Updated playlist to fix layout and alignment issues
3.6.0   2014/10/17  UPDATE  Update [cxl MediaUploader] shortcode to use mobile friendly html5 uploader and the new cxl API
                            NOTE: Requires WP 4.0 or greater!!
3.5.9   2014/10/16  UPDATE  Create option to show playlist titles and descriptions on rollover
3.5.8   2014/10/09  BUG-FIX Updated [cxl shortcode] handling
3.5.7   2014/10/09  BUG-FIX Updated playlist rendering options
3.5.5   2014/10/08  BUG-FIX Updated [cxl shortcode] handling
3.5.4   2014/10/06  BUG-FIX Squash php warning when rendering floodgate
3.5.3   2014/10/02  UPDATE  Use wp_remote_xxx methods for all remote page loads
3.5.2   2014/09/22  UPDATE  Rebranded eInnov8->Content XLerator
3.5.1   2014/09/04  UPDATE  Tested in wp v4
3.5.0   2014/08/27  UPDATE  Update to access instead of
                            Update shortcodes to use [cxl...], [ei8t shortcodes] still function
3.1.8   2014/08/20  UPDATE  Updated Floodgate remote caching to use db for caching
                            Plugin writes to .htaccess file to raise RLimitMem value
3.1.7   2014/05/30  UPDATE  Improved system performance in db queries
3.1.6   2014/05/19  UPDATE  Created API Request Caching
                            WP3.9 compatible
3.1.5   2014/04/02  BUG-FIX Removed test code
3.1.4   2014/04/02  BUG-FIX Updated handling of text fields in admin screens
3.1.3   2014/03/27  UPDATE  Rearranged admin screens
                            Refactored file structure and lots of code!
                            Fixed issue with admin elements not updating correctly
3.1.2   2014/03/17  UPDATE  Updated mobile nav elements for floodgate
3.1.1   2014/03/17  UPDATE  Updated mobile nav for floodgate
3.1.0   2014/03/14  UPDATE  Mobile responsive design for floodgate
3.0.2   2014/02/26  UPDATE  Use swfobject to load web recorders
3.0.1   2014/02/24  UPDATE  Convert media uploader flash->HTML5
3.0.0   2014/02/15  UPDATE  Add new floodgate interface
2.6.4   2013/08/15  BUG-FIX Bugfix for proper playlist display in Firefox
2.6.3   2013/08/05  UPDATE  Add in playlist autoplay functionality
2.6.2   2013/07/29  UPDATE  Update Playlist display and admin options
2.6.1   2013/07/08  UPDATE  Added Playlist functionality
2.6.0   2013/06/03  UPDATE  Upgrade shortcode rendering to use html5 with jwplayer6
2.5.7   2013/04/12  UPDATE  Updated tweet submission method
2.5.6   2013/04/12  UPDATE  Replaced the twitter API connection library
2.5.5   2013/03/28  UPDATE  Added multiple ei8t destinations for submissions
                            Added new shortcode definition for the above.
                    BUG-FIX Resolved issues with xmlrpc user from errors introduced with wp v3.5.1
2.5.4   2013/01/23  UPDATE  Update methods for calling and using jQuery
2.5.3   2013/01/23  UPDATE  Skip youtube URLs when autolinking
                            add in wpdb->prepare statements to prevent mysql errors
2.5.2   2013/01/16  BUG-FIX Eliminate false errors for local forms without files uploaded
2.5.1   2012/12/30  UPDATE  Require captcha for all local forms
                            Update file upload requirements
2.5.0   2012/12/13  UPDATE  Rename plugin
                            Refactor plugin code and files
                            Separated email notification preferences from standard options
2.4.5   2012/12/05  BUG-FIX Updated autolink post update method that was causing an infinite loop
                            Removed autolink stamp as it is no longer necessary
2.4.4   2012/12/04  BUG-FIX Removed use of wp 'alignleft' styling for media alignment
2.4.3   2012/12/03  UPDATE  Added toggle accessibility of eInnov8 Options tab
2.4.2   2012/11/29  BUG-FIX Fixed error inhibiting proper publishing and post type assignments of new posts
2.4.1   2012/11/28  UPDATE  Update submit forms submit button color
2.4.0   2012/11/28  UPDATE  Fold back in changes from v2.3.9
                            updated submission confirmation success/error text color
                            use wp 'alignleft' style for media alignment
                            uploaded files now keep original name (updated as necessary for uniqueness)
2.3.11  2012/11/01  UPDATE  Rollback to version 2.3.8
2.3.10  2012/10/31  BUG-FIX Updated error check code for false positive
                            Added space to preserve opening tag on image write in posts
2.3.9   2012/10/26  UPDATE  Autolink urls within content received via xmlrpc
2.3.8   2012/10/23  UPDATE  Updated twitter API library
2.3.7   2012/10/22  UPDATE  Add default video width to website settings **TAGGED OUT**
                            update email default settings
                            set width for admin textareas
2.3.6   2012/10/01  UPDATE  Hack to allow ei8 shortcodes to be passed and parsed when syndicated
2.3.5   2012/09/10  UPDATE  Misc minor refactoring tweaks
2.3.4   2012/09/06  UPDATE  Added ability to set default alignment for all ei8t media
2.3.3   2012/08/30  UPDATE  Bugfix: fix video flag to show affiliate info to toggle correctly
2.3.2   2012/05/02  UPDATE  Updated css to allow for default styling of embedded player
                            Added additional shortcode parsing options for embedded player
2.3.1   2012/04/08  UPDATE  Removed all references to uploadify for security reasons
2.3.0   2012/04/01  UPDATE  Added more documentation for recorder/uploader destination folder overrides
2.2.9   2012/03/31  UPDATE  Added support for [ei8 shortcode] recorder/uploader destination folder overrides
2.2.8   2012/03/30  UPDATE  Local text submission (i.e. simplesubmit) now get redirected to referrer
2.2.7   2012/03/22  UPDATE  Changed restrictions to allow Editor access to ei8 preferences page
2.2.6   2012/03/21  UPDATE  Added styling to all shortcode elements
                            Created ei8-xmlrpc-notifier.css that auto loads
                            Created ei8-xmlrpc-tweet.js that auto loads
                            Added admin visibility into css
                            Updated urls to not use _FILE_, instead hardcoded
                            Updated twitter redirect in case the bootstrap could not be loaded
                            Added expander shortcode options to show/hide content by clicking on the title
                            Added JQuery loader
                            Added Media Uploader css
                            Changed all textarea titles to "Content"
                            Changed Attachment Submit Form to use textarea instead of text box
2.2.5   2012/01/19  UPDATE  Added support for [ei8 shortcode] conditional alignment
2.2.4   2012/01/19  UPDATE  Removed width from div wrapper for [ei8 shortcode] to allow centering by user
2.2.3   2012/01/19  UPDATE  Removed width from div wrapper for [ei8 shortcode] to allow centering by user
2.2.2   2011/10/30  UPDATE  Fixed conflict with FeedWordPress plugin
2.2.1   2011/10/30  UPDATE  Remove deprecated php code
                            Remove multiple admin links
                            Add [ei8 shortcode] explanation
2.2.0   2011/10/29  UPDATE  Add support for [ei8 shortcode] additional features
2.1.9   2011/10/20  UPDATE  Add support for [ei8 audio shortcodes]
                            Add support for [ei8 shortcodes] additional parameters
                            Add support for [ei8 shortcodes] conditional affiliate link (default off)
2.1.8   2011/10/04  UPDATE  Add support for [ei8 shortcodes]
                            Update all [[Load ***]] shortcodes to use [ei8 shortcodes]
                            Add support for default value for ei8_xmlrpc_get_option method
2.1.7   2011/10/04  UPDATE  Add support for custom post_types
2.1.6   2011/08/22  UPDATE  Bugfix: twitter callback URL updated
2.1.5   2011/07/26  UPDATE  Bugfix: duplicate function findexts() in contentsave.php
2.1.4   2011/07/21  UPDATE  Bugfix: fixed admin form submission
2.1.3   2011/07/19  UPDATE  Bugfix: bug from 2.1.2 that could cause site to crash
2.1.2   2011/06/14  UPDATE  Require contentsave.php to only process form submissions from the current domain
                            Create 'eInnov8 Options' main menu option in wp admin
                            Put 'xmlrpc preferences' under the einnov8 tab 
                            Allow multiple email addresses for posting notifications
2.1.1   2011/03/15  UPDATE  Bugfix: resolve authentication conflict with infusionwp plugin
2.1.0   2011/02/02  UPDATE  Bugfix: form submissions from multisites using folders not working
                            Bugfix: Unneeded admin notifications and updates
2.0.11  2011/01/25  UPDATE  Allow domains with 4 letter extensions (.info)
2.0.10  2011/01/18  UPDATE  Add Twitter form option
2.0.9   2011/01/12  UPDATE  Extended preferences fields
                            Added Twitter post option
                            Added confirmation on form submit
                            Bugfix for dynamic plugin directory names
2.0.8   2011/01/12  UPDATE  BugFix for wp3 single sites, updated dimensions for TallRecorder
2.0.7   2010/12/29  UPDATE  Updated short tags to include WideRecorder, TallRecorder, and MediaUploader
2.0.6   2010/12/29  UPDATE  Compliance changes for wordpress plugins directory submission
2.0.5   2010/11/09  UPDATE  Compatibility for WP3 multi site networks
2.0.4   2010/02/05  UPDATE  Added intelligent text box title for 'Simple Submit Form'.
                            Removed width for uploaded (embedded) images to remove distortion
                            Added hspace and vspace for uploaded (embedded) images
2.0.3   2010/02/05  BUG-FIX Added functionality so 'Attachment Submit Form' creates link to doc instead of embedding
2.0.2   2010/02/01  BUG-FIX Changed logic to determine upload path.  Some php confs did not show $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] consistently.
2.0     2010/01/06  UPDATE  Works for WordPress 2.9.1
                            Changed naming of files, functions, tables, and all references from testiboonials to eInnov8 
                            Added in new site options (audio-video-blogs and souped-up-blogs)
1.2     2009/12/09  UPDATE  consolidated functionality of boonsave.php and floodsave.php into contentsave.php
                            relocated contentsave.php and php_captcha.php to the plugin dir (no more external files referenced)
                            created separate wp user for xmlrpc submissions
                            added optional captcha form to the admin preferences
                            use wpurl now for all urls to avoid errors related to installation location
                            uploaded files are now uploaded to the main wp uploads dir
                            auto setting of enable_xmlrpc variable
1.1     2009/12/01  UDPATE  Added in keyword replacement for forms in boonsave.php and floodsave.php
1.0     2009/11/01  NEW     Works for WordPress 2.8