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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Ebay Sales Lister

Contact: blog@airness.de Website: http://blog.airness.de/2007/05/01/wordpress-plugin-ebay-sales-lister/ The Ebay Sales Lister is a plugin that lets y

0.9 (not yet released)

* updated readme.txt format
* plugin successfully tested with WP 2.8.6

0.8 (2009-10-11)

* added language support for Hungarian (thx to Aniko)
* switched to ebay API version 631
* a user (thx to kypexin) pointed out that the plugin has one undocumented option which however may be very useful: 
    the ebay API allows to list more that 1 seller within a single query, so you may specify more than 1 seller name in the 
    plugin settings, comma-separated like: "seller1,seller2,seller3". In this case the plugin will show items from all three sellers at once!
* added language support for Spanish (thx to [scwireless](http://scwireless.no-ip.info/charli/))

0.7 (2009-06-27)

* added ability to configure affiliate ID (aka Tracking ID) and affiliate network (aka Tracking Partner) 

0.6 (2009-04-28)

* all auction information now is retrieved by using the ebay API now (should be faster)
* auction thumbnails now can be displayed together with the auction information
* added option to turn thumbnail display on/off 
* added thumbnail placeholder for auctions that don't have an image
* added CSS class ebay_no_sales that can be used for styling the text that is displayed when the user has no actions
* reimplemented the whole CSS styling of the output and externalized the style to css/style.css
* externalized language strings to cfg/languages.ini
* externalized settings to cfg/settings.ini
* added all ebay websites to the configuration screen (Canada, Australia, ...)
* added language support for Bulgarian (thx to Goga)
* added language support for Polish (thx to Wojtek)
* added language support for Russian (thx to Leo)
* added a function that let's you display all ebay auctions on a page. To do so just include <?php listEbaySales("all") ?> in any page.
  (You will need the EXEC_PHP plugin for WordPress)

0.5 (2009-03-15)

* Added Italian language support (thx to lorenzocoffee) 
* Fixed problem with wrong ebay shop URL

0.4 (2008-12-09)

* This release is mainly based on modifications proposed and made by [metsuke](http://blog.metsuke.com/?p=752) including the following features
* Added Spanish ebay site (ebay.es)
* Added option to choose which part of the displayed text should be used as a link to the ebay auction. You can now choose to use only the title as a link or the whole text.
* Added CSS classes:
    * All list elements now have their own CSS class (`<li class='ebay_sale'>`)
    * The information other than the title now is surrounded by a span to make it customizable (`<span class='ebay_sale_info'>`)

0.3 (2008-09-02)

* Added Swedish language support (Thanks to [vintagemaniac.net](http://www.vintagemaniac.net/blogg/main/))
* New option for choosing you local ebay website. (eg ebay.com)
* Note: This value is not used for extraction of the auctions from the ebay website but only for generating the correct links.
* Note: This release was more or less ready since 2007-07-12 but I did not release it in between due to a lack of time. 

0.2 (2007-05-12)

* Time calculation error fixed, start time earlier than end time (ll. 598)
* Added Turkish language support    

0.1 (2007-05-01)

* Basic functionality

Requires: 2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.7.1
Last Updated: 7 years ago
Active Installs: 200+


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