This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Ebay Sales Lister


The Ebay Sales Lister is a WordPress plugin that lets you display a list of ebay auctions/sales on your WordPress blog.
Your ebay auctions will be presented with their title, the remaining time and the current bid in the sidebar of your blog.
Therefore you will need to use a WordPress theme that provides you with a sidebar. (Note: You can of course display the ebay auctions for any ebay username, so it does not necessarily have to be yours.)


get_time_difference function, J de Silva,

cURL library, Marcin Juszkiewicz,

Modifications for Version 0.4, Raul Carrillo, metsuke


  • Output of the ebay auctions in the sidebar without thumbnails.
  • Output of the ebay auctions in the sidebar with thumbnails.
  • This is the configuration section for the plugin. Please find explanations for all configuration options in the installation section.


It seems like your plugin slows down my blog.

Yes, it does. Every time the plugin is displayed, it has to download a site from ebay to extract the sales. Thats why your site loads a little bit slower.

No articles are displayed although I currently have articles running at ebay.

Please report your Ebay Username and plugin configuration settings. It is probably a problem with a different layout of you local ebay website.

I see obscure characters in my article titles.

This is probably an encoding problem. Feel free to send me an email with your plugin configuration settings and I will try to see how I can help you.


0.9 (not yet released)

* updated readme.txt format
* plugin successfully tested with WP 2.8.6

0.8 (2009-10-11)

* added language support for Hungarian (thx to Aniko)
* switched to ebay API version 631
* a user (thx to kypexin) pointed out that the plugin has one undocumented option which however may be very useful: 
    the ebay API allows to list more that 1 seller within a single query, so you may specify more than 1 seller name in the 
    plugin settings, comma-separated like: "seller1,seller2,seller3". In this case the plugin will show items from all three sellers at once!
* added language support for Spanish (thx to [scwireless](

0.7 (2009-06-27)

* added ability to configure affiliate ID (aka Tracking ID) and affiliate network (aka Tracking Partner) 

0.6 (2009-04-28)

* all auction information now is retrieved by using the ebay API now (should be faster)
* auction thumbnails now can be displayed together with the auction information
* added option to turn thumbnail display on/off 
* added thumbnail placeholder for auctions that don't have an image
* added CSS class ebay_no_sales that can be used for styling the text that is displayed when the user has no actions
* reimplemented the whole CSS styling of the output and externalized the style to css/style.css
* externalized language strings to cfg/languages.ini
* externalized settings to cfg/settings.ini
* added all ebay websites to the configuration screen (Canada, Australia, ...)
* added language support for Bulgarian (thx to Goga)
* added language support for Polish (thx to Wojtek)
* added language support for Russian (thx to Leo)
* added a function that let's you display all ebay auctions on a page. To do so just include <?php listEbaySales("all") ?> in any page.
  (You will need the EXEC_PHP plugin for WordPress)

0.5 (2009-03-15)

* Added Italian language support (thx to lorenzocoffee) 
* Fixed problem with wrong ebay shop URL

0.4 (2008-12-09)

* This release is mainly based on modifications proposed and made by [metsuke]( including the following features
* Added Spanish ebay site (
* Added option to choose which part of the displayed text should be used as a link to the ebay auction. You can now choose to use only the title as a link or the whole text.
* Added CSS classes:
    * All list elements now have their own CSS class (`<li class='ebay_sale'>`)
    * The information other than the title now is surrounded by a span to make it customizable (`<span class='ebay_sale_info'>`)

0.3 (2008-09-02)

* Added Swedish language support (Thanks to [](
* New option for choosing you local ebay website. (eg
* Note: This value is not used for extraction of the auctions from the ebay website but only for generating the correct links.
* Note: This release was more or less ready since 2007-07-12 but I did not release it in between due to a lack of time. 

0.2 (2007-05-12)

* Time calculation error fixed, start time earlier than end time (ll. 598)
* Added Turkish language support    

0.1 (2007-05-01)

* Basic functionality

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