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Eazyest Gallery

Eazyest Gallery extends WordPress media featuring folders, subfolders, comments, slideshows, ftp-upload, and many more features.


  • Bug Fix: issue when non-80 port is used
  • Bug Fix: non-closing div in slideshow
  • Bug Fix: for incorrect https/http protocol selection


  • Bug Fix: fatal error on Settings Page


  • Bug Fix: No captions display because of style="display:none"


  • Bug Fix: Match new or deleted folders when folder has new parent
  • Bug Fix: Output of Thumbnails and Breadcrumb trail when post is password protected
  • Bug Fix: Javascript error in All Folders screen
  • Bug Fix: Link is broken when Folder icon is set to 'Title only'
  • Bug Fix: Allow thumbnails to be ordered by excerpt (caption).
  • Bug Fix: Allow not-logged-in users to use the More Folders - AJAX refresh.
  • Bug Fix: Do not collect folders when doing ajax
  • Changed: Improved information from AJAX collect images script
  • Changed: Do not slideUp after ajax images collect
  • Changed: Show subfolders instead of subdirectories in manually ordered Admin tables.
  • Changed: Use post name instead of gallery path for Edit-Folder Path display
  • Changed: Do not output gallery-caption when content is empty
  • Changed: Show About page only at first activation.
  • Changed: Remove link anchors when on-click is set to 'nothing'
  • Changed: Use simpleFade as single transition effect for slideshow, crop images for complete fill and set timing to 5 seconds.
  • Added: Filters for tables in Edit - Folder
  • Added: Filter for Camera Slideshow skin.
  • Removed: Option to not show captions in thumbnail view, because WordPress offers no filters


  • Bug Fix: Duplicate entries in folder table after bulk edit
  • Bug Fix: PHP notice in home_dir() function


  • Bug Fix: Prevent PHP notices on path functions
  • Bug Fix: Hide Folder Navigation title in non-twenty themes
  • Bug Fix: If number of folders is set to 0 [eazyest_gallery] shortcode should show all folders
  • Bug Fix: Message "Please check your server settings to solve this error: next"
  • Bug fix: HTML error in folder thumbnail on archive pages (props mr_sven)
  • Changed: Default gallery folder is now wp-content/uploads/gallery
  • Changed: By default, new Gallery Folders will not appear in Recent Posts widgets
  • Changed: Use should confirm gallery folder even when default folder exists.
  • For more information about this release, please check the Plugin Blog


  • Bug Fix: Do not allow upload directory as gallery folder


  • Bug Fix: Fatal error due to debug function


  • Bug Fix: Broken thumbnails in Upload screen.
  • Added: Collect images on the Media Library screen.
  • Added: Display full gallery folder path in Settings screen.


  • Bug Fix: Update subfolders on opening Edit - Folder screen
  • Changed: When file system directory does not exist, or cannot be read, Folder post gets trashed instead of premanently deleted.
  • Changed: More checks before deleting folders from file system
  • Changed: Allow users to select featured image from all images in WordPress media
  • Changed: Do not use deprecated jQuery .live()


  • Bug Fix: Users had unusable Lazyest Gallery roles after upgrade
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect number of images and columns after clicking More Thumbnails in shortcode
  • Bug Fix: Attachment caption displayed on top and bottom of attachment image.
  • Bug fix: Random Image widget did not save options.
  • Bug Fix: Directories get inadvertently deleted when a directory scan fails
  • Bug Fix: Featured Image shows full size in Folder Editor
  • Bug Fix: Attachment on-click setting were not used
  • Added: Attachments and Folders show in Recent Posts Widget
  • Added: Attachments and Folders show in Recent Comments Widget
  • Added: Warning message in Upgrade Screen


  • Bug Fix: Auto index made subfolders root folders
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect number of columns when more than one gallry/folder/widget on one page
  • Bug Fix: Wrong canonical permalink for attachment pages
  • Bug Fix: Delete cross did not woirk for extra fields admin
  • Bug Fix: Setting for number of folders did not apply to subfolders
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnails pagination when extra-fields enabled
  • Bug Fix: Double thumbnail display when single-galleryfolder.php is in child theme only
  • Changed: H3 Gallery title does not show for [eazyest_gallery] or [lg_gallery] shortcodes
  • Changed: No 'Add subfolder' link for draft folders
  • Added: Parent folder link for draft subfolders
  • Added: Pagination for subfolders
  • Added: Check if slug is not an existing directory
  • Added: Count option for [eazyest_folder] and [lg_folder] shortcodes


  • Bug Fix: Fatal error due to leftover debug func.


  • Bug Fix: Incorrect filename for auto-indexed images
  • Bug Fix: Could not manually sort subfolders in Edit Folder screen
  • Bug Fix: [lg_folder] shortcode did not resolve folder option
  • Bug Fix: Hide navigation text in non-Twenty... themes


  • Added: Support for Weaver II


  • Bug fix: Auto-index did not remove attachments from database
  • Bug fix: New folder inserted when user changes post slug
  • Bug fix: Recent folders widget show all folders


  • Bug Fix: Sharing button did not work on attachment page for some settings
  • Bug Fix: Folder got emptied and regenerated when attached to another parent folder
  • Bug Fix: Attachment page appeared in lightbox
  • Changed: Gallery styling for themes using non-default galery styling like twentythirteen


  • Bug Fix: Only full size image could be inserted in posts
  • Bug Fix: Auto-index did not start in minified javascript
  • Bug Fix: Strip slashes in image captions
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnail sorting settings in Frontend
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnails view for shortcodes in Pages
  • Bug Fix: Output buffer for slideshow shortcode
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnail navigation for non-pretty-permalinks
  • Changed: Batch size for importing images to prevent out-of-execution-time errors
  • Added: Filter to accomodate Watermark plugins
  • Localizations: String Freeze


  • Bug Fix: Error in auto-index message


  • Bug fix: Double set of thumbs in non-Twenty themes
  • Bug Fix: Out-of-execution-time error in upgrade and auto-index
  • Bug Fix: Gallery folder dropdown did noit show all folders from web root
  • Bug Fix: Could not find resized images
  • Changed: More information during upgrade/import/auto-index processes
  • Changed: Auto-index script is stoppable
  • Changed: Aspect ratio for slideshow
  • Changed: Do not show -Insert from URL- in media view


  • Bug Fix: Zombie folders came back as published after they were permanently deleted
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnails did not show if you selected 'medium' or 'large' for Thumbnail click
  • Bug Fix: Camera slideshow did not work in non-Twenty themes
  • Bug Fix: File tree dropdown did not unfold on some browsers
  • Changed: No link in breadcrumb trail for trashed parent folders
  • Changed: Admin Searching indicator is now on top of the folders list


  • Bug Fix: Sort order did not apply to manually sorted folders
  • Bug Fix: Responsive display folder columns = 0
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect import and sanitize of Lazyest gallery folders
  • Added: Thumbnail navigation or AJAX "More thumbnails" for Folder display
  • Changed: Maximum number of icons/thumbnails is now full rows times columns


  • Bug Fix: Split-up of imported folders with many images
  • Added: About page
  • Added: post_status 'hidden'
  • Added: Include folders in post tag archives
  • Added Slideshow button for folders in frontend
  • Added: Exif on attachment page
  • Added: Support for header images from eazyest gallery images
  • Changed: Lazyest Gallery cache slides/ thumbs/ will not be deleted
  • Changed: Menu icons
  • Changed: You cannot change root gallery folder after you have inserted a folder


  • Changed: Image and subfolder list tables visible when empty
  • Added: Widgets
  • Added: Display Exif data on attachment page
  • Added: Slideshow
  • Added: Support for Header images from Eazyest Gallery images
  • Changed: Use iptc/exif created timestamp for attachment post_date


  • Changed: All resized images now stored in subdirectory _cache
  • Changed: Folder path now saved in postmeta as key '_gallery_path' instead of 'gallery_path'

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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