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EasyRotator for WordPress - Slider Plugin

Add beautiful, responsive EasyRotator photo rotators and sliders to your WordPress site in seconds.

I'm having trouble getting started with EasyRotator for WordPress; what can I do?

Please see the detailed installation and usage instructions on our website. If you can't find the answer there, we offer responsive complimentary support.

I want to add a rotator to my theme's header; how can I do this?

You can use the template function included with the plugin to add rotators to the header or any other area of your template. To do this, first create your rotator and insert it into a temporary page; this will allow you to obtain the special rotator ID code. When you insert the rotator in your page, a shortcode will be inserted:


The erc_00_xxxxxxx value is the special rotator ID code. To add this rotator to your template, add the following function call in your template file:


Replace erc_00_xxxxxxx with the real code you obtained by creating the rotator.

More details...

How can I customize the layout?

You can read about making both basic and advanced customizations to layouts in this article. You can customize positioning, fonts, colors, and even button images. You'll also find instructions for modifying the transition speed.

I'm using EasyRotator for WordPress on a RTL (right-to-left) site, and the images don't appear

When working with an RTL site, you need to add the following CSS to your theme's stylesheet:

div.dwuserEasyRotator {
   direction: ltr;

This will ensure that the rotators appear and function properly. (Update: This code is now automatically applied for you in most cases.)

How can I configure the way photos are scaled and/or cropped?

Scaling and cropping are set when you apply a layout template in the Layout/Presentation section of the editor. To learn more about these options, see this article.

How can I change the alignment of my rotator?

For information about modifying rotator alignment, see this article.

I'm having trouble with an "AIR Download Error" all of a sudden

If EasyRotator was working properly and now you're suddenly receiving installation prompts and an "AIR Download Error" message, see this article.

I'm having trouble with photos shifting or appearing with borders

This is usually caused by overly-broad declarations in your stylesheet. Open a support ticket and include the URL of your page; we'll help you identify the code you need to add.

How can I create an images-only rotator?

To learn how to create an images-only layout for your rotator, see this article.

Is it possible to add Pinterest sharing buttons to my rotators?

We recently released an add-on that enables social sharing for rotators. By default, options are included for Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook; these can be customized if desired. To learn more, see this article.

What types of video can I use in a rotator?

To learn more about what video types are supported and how to integrate video, see this article.

How can I make links open in a new window?

To learn about setting link targets, see this article.

How can I transfer rotators from one site to another?

If you need to move rotators from a development to production site, or an old site to a new site, see this article for directions.

How can I link slide titles to corresponding posts?

When using dynamic data in a rotator, you may want to link the image titles to their corresponding posts. To learn about how to enable this setting, see this article.

How can I customize the RSS feed view?

To learn more about the way rotators appears in RSS feed view and how to customize this view, see this article.

Does EasyRotator work properly on SSL sites?

Yes! The most recent versions of the plugin are automatically compatible with SSL sites. If a page is being viewed over SSL, all rotators will be updated appropriately to avoid mixed-content warnings.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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