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Easy Recipe

EasyRecipe makes it easy to enter, format and print recipes, as well as automagically doing the geeky stuff needed for Google's Recipe View.


  • Update: Work with the Content Aware Sidebar plugin

3.3 Build 3074

  • Update: Tested with WordPress 4.2.2
  • Update: Explicitly set the character encoding on print
  • Update: Handle non-standard jQuery versions better in live Formatting
  • Update: Change snippet test tool URL to the current location on Google
  • Bug fix: Clear link URL when inserting links (plus version)

3.3 Build 3070

  • Update: Tested with WordPress 4.2.1
  • Bug fix: Fixed link insert on WP 4.2+ (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Fix Ziplist error (Free version)

3.3 Build 2998

  • Update: tested with WordPress 4.2
  • Update: Change print code to fix blank recipes on print
  • Update: Added optional debug logging
  • Update: Added setting for object cache update
  • Update: Updated to allow import from MacGourmet4 (Plus version)
  • Update: Allow up to 40Mb import files (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: tags inserted in the editor Text mode were corrupted when switching back to Visual mode
  • Bug fix: Inhibit Live Formatting while theme customizer is active
  • Bug fix: Allow Save option to be set off in free version
  • Bug fix: Fix Recipe Card automatic conversion (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Fix carbohydrates on Mastercook import (Plus version)

3.2 Build 2929

  • Enhancement: Added BigOven save button
  • Bug fix: Fix Recipe Card automatic conversion (Plus version)

3.2 Build 2925

  • Enhancement: Added BigOven save button (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Don't try to insert duplicate taxonomy terms if multiple recipes on a post use the same cuisine/course
  • Update: Attempt to recover corrupted recipes in the recipe editor

3.2 Build 2885

  • Enhancement: Enable Recipage recipe conversion
  • Enhancement: Display Recipage recipes as EasyRecipe recipes (Plus version)
  • Update: Better handling of shortcodes within a recipe
  • Update: Handle links in instruction section headings
  • Update: Don't open formatting popup if a link in a recipe is clicked when logged in as admin
  • Update: Cater for sites that have huge numbers of registered users (Plus version)
  • Update: Remove Ziplist Save button functionality (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Fix microformatting on Ziplist style when times missing and on nutrition data (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Supress times display when times missing on Ziplist recipes (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Live Formatting handling of quoted font names
  • Bug fix: Improve popup window stacking handling on recipe entry

3.2 Build 2802

  • Enhancement: Generate taxonomies that can be used by the EasyIndex plugin
  • Update: Bring version numbers into line with EasyRecipe Plus
  • Update: Changes for WordPress 4.0
  • Update: Use the more correct "ratingCount" rather than "reviewCount"
  • Update: re-label "Serves" as the more correct "Yield"
  • Bug fix: Self ratings weren't being displayed in some circumstances

3.2 Build 1311

  • Enhancement: Display Get Me Cooking recipes without the need to convert (Plus version)
  • Enhancement: Display Recipe Card recipes without the need to convert (Plus version)
  • Enhancement: Display WP Ultimate Recipe recipes without the need to convert (Plus version)
  • Enhancement: Strip Jetpack and TinyMCE spellcheck plugin data before editing recipes (Plus version)
  • Update: Changes to Google live snippet preview: timeout and format (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Some Live Formatting CSS saved with earlier versions crashed Live Formatting
  • Bug fix: Captions on images inside recipes were not processed in some circumstances

3.2 Build 1310

  • Bug fix: Oops again! Fix Live Formatting sections not being displayed

3.2 Build 1309

  • Bug fix: Oops! The link fix for IE11 in the previous version broke link inserts outside recipes.

3.2 Build 1308

  • Update: Strip blank lines from Ziplist ingredients and instructions (Plus version)
  • Update: Allow for non-breaking spaces in [img], [url] shortcodes
  • Update: Remove some old unused code
  • Update: Standardise Live Formatting popup layout across more themes
  • Update: Changes to handle themes that globally set <div> spacing (recipe entry)
  • Update: Handle Genesis grid items better (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Fix recipe displaying as a shortcode when some other plugins present
  • Bug fix: Process [br] shortcodes in Ziplist recipes correctly (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Remove extra "!important" from Live Formatting CSS
  • Bug fix: Strip slashes from quoted extra CSS
  • Bug fix: Remove spurious <a> tag when addding links in IE11

3.2 Build 1303

  • Bug fix: Handle embedded links properly in Ziplist recipes (Plus version)
  • Bug fix: Suppress rating display properly if ratings disabled or no ratings present
  • Bug fix: Handle nested formatting shortcodes better
  • Bug fix: Do external shortcode processing for shortcodes in recipes

3.2 Build 1300

  • Enhancement: Display Ziplist recipes without the need to convert (Plus version)
  • Enhancement: Added "Self Rating" option
  • Bug fix: Fix popup mask overlaying Settings page on WP versions prior to 3.9

3.2 Build 1294

  • Enhancement: Added option to suppress warning when editor switched to Text mode
  • Bug fix: Fixed missing photo microdata under WP 3.9
  • Bug fix: Removed photo processing that caused the recipe print to crash on some servers

3.2 Build 1290

  • Enhancement: Convert italic and bold formatting and image links in Ziplist recipes
  • Enhancement: Use latest WP media manager
  • Enhancement: Get caption, alt text and title data for images inserted into recipes (Plus version)
  • Update: Changes for WordPress 3.9

3.2 Build 1284

  • Update: Changed support/diganostics to use the EasySupport plugin

3.2 Build 1283

  • Update: Changes for WordPress 3.9
  • Enhancement: Use total time when converting from Ziplist if there is no prep or cooking time
  • Bug fix: Javascript error on custom post pages that don't have an editor (e.g. Soliloquy slider, EasyIndex)
  • Bug fix: Minor display error on Ziplist conversion popup
  • Bug fix: Fix [br] shortcodes on print
  • Bug fix: Fix grey overlay on popup in settings
  • Bug fix: Print showing blank page in some circumstances

3.2 Build 1275

  • Bug fix: Filter excerpt option messed up formatting on some themes in some circumstances

3.2 Build 1272

  • Enhancement: Cleaner display of settings page
  • Enhancement: Add EasyRecipe button on text editor toolbar
  • Enhancement: Add option to filter non-display items from excerpts
  • Enhancement: Suppress empty Ingredient and Instruction sections
  • Bug fix: Error popups not being displayed on top
  • Bug fix: Diagnostics sent to support did not include settings
  • Bug fix: Style setting was lost when saved from Live Formatting and permalinks aren't used
  • Bug fix: Fractions not converted to HTML entities on print
  • Bug fix: Display diagnostics data when no permalinks on Windows servers

3.2 Build 1271

  • Bug fix: Recipe entry: Image insertion and save messed up by featured images

3.2 Build 1269

  • Tested with WP 3.8
  • Workaround for WP bug that generates invalid HTML for multiple line breaks
  • Recipe editor now recognises post thumbnails (featured image)
  • Added Author, Recipe type, Cuisine and Yield to Live Formatting on Tastefully Simple styles
  • Fixed PHP warning on diagnostics
  • Confirm when closing a recipe entry popup withoput saving
  • Fix for popups opening behind some themes' elements
  • Fixed incompatiblity with Pinterest Pin It for Images plugin that disabled Print and Save buttons
  • Convert 3/8 to HTML enitity fraction
  • Clean up 16 pixel chef icon

3.2 Build 1263

  • Tested with WP 3.7.1
  • Added option for extra content on print
  • Fix for "grey overlay" on recipe entry caused by some other plugins (e.g. Easy Rotator)
  • Fix for secure admin URLs
  • Fix for jQuery UI 1.10 differences in Live Formatting

3.2 Build 1255

  • Workaround for bad "title" shortcode replacement done in some themes
  • Tested with WP 3.6

3.2 Build 1251

  • Tested with WP 3.5.2
  • Retain line breaks in Notes
  • Workaround for tinyMCE/Chrome bug that caused notes and some nutrition fields to get dropped after an autosave
  • Better protection from inadvertent delete of recipe data in post edit

3.2 Build 1249

  • Fix for bad ratings

3.2 Build 1246

  • Fix error on save

3.2 Build 1244

  • Added ReciPress conversion
  • Add Get Me Cooking conversion
  • Added custom labels for times
  • Workaround for javascript library incompatibility for Bootstrap based themes
  • Improved the efficiency of ratings retrieval
  • Added live Google snippet test (Plus version)
  • Added custom labels for guest post pages (Plus version)
  • Added import from MacGourmet and Yummy Soup (Plus version)

3.2 Build 1230

  • Added import from Paprika recipes (Plus version)
  • Added import from Meal-Master recipes (Plus version)
  • Added conversion from Recipe Card recipes
  • Added Recipe Card to the plugins Fooderific recognizes
  • Added underlining to basic formatting
  • Styles with images changed to better handle responsive themes
  • Javascript workarounds for themes that hijack jQuery.widget (e.g. Nevada)
  • Workaround for glitch in the WordPress SEO plugin
  • Reduced minimum capability for style changes from edit_plugins to edit_theme_options
  • Fix missing image markup on Provencale style

3.2 Build 1226

  • Tested with WP 3.5.1
  • Supress photo section on the Celebration style if no image
  • Display error message if diagnostic send fails
  • Only show "Format" link on the admin toolbar if user has "edit_plugins" capability
  • Fix for 7/8ths display
  • Fix for Live Formatting on print
  • Fix for Live Formatting with theme "Camber"

3.2 Build 1215

  • Improvements to the Fooderific scan
  • Added custom labels for Print and Ziplist Save
  • Workaround for TinyMCE non-editable plugin bug
  • Fix for the Modish style that had incorrect nutrition markup
  • Fix for some styles not marking up images correctly
  • Fix for print/diagnostics where there's a 404 handler
  • Fix for custom notes header in old Legacy style
  • Fix for special characters in Notes
  • Prevent WordPress stripping times and images on scheduled posts

3.2 Build 1199

  • Added the Fooderific.com interface
  • Fix print for sites that are not installed in the root directory
  • Fix print for browsers that hijack the 404 page
  • Fix fisplay of non-ASCII characters in custom labels
  • Fixes for WP 3.5 compatibility


  • Converting from plain text now recognises custom labels as recipe markers (Ingredients, Instructions and Notes)
  • Styles now override a theme's custom background on bullets
  • Changes to better handle badly behaved themes and plugins
  • Clean up "Tastefully Simple" style when there are no times present
  • Fix for glitches when previewing
  • Fix for Live Formatting resetting formats if a section was missing in the receipe used to format
  • Changes to better handle broken Mastercook import files (Plus)


  • Added Ziplist save button option (Plus version)
  • Added configurable title on guest post details page (Plus version)
  • Added "Force jQuery library load" option to handle badly behaved themes and plugins
  • Allow blank custom labels
  • Workaround for Internet Explorer bugs when displaying errors on the Settings page
  • Various CSS tweaks to better handle more themes
  • Fix for print and preview pages when W3 Total Cache Object cache is enabled
  • Fix headings displaying when they shouldn't when multiple recipes in a single post (Plus version)
  • Fix for custom labels for Ingredients and Instructions on the Legacy display style
  • Fix for apostrophes and quotes in settings


  • Only display warning once when switching to HTML editor
  • Fix previews


  • Fix recipe updates in Chrome and Safari


  • Styles can now be trialled on previews and blogs not using permalinks
  • Added EasyRecipe entry for editors, authors and contibutors
  • Workaround to pick up all instructions on recipes that have been manually modified and have a non standard EasyRecipe structure
  • Minor tweak or the Tastefully Simple print style
  • Fixed print for blogs that don't use permalinks
  • Fix for Notes Heading not opening in live formatting for the Celebration style
  • Fix excerpt and other fields inadvertently being written on a save from the HTML editor


  • Fix print not working on some blogs
  • Fix weird stuff happening when W3 Total Cache installed
  • Workaround for recipes that have been manually modified and have a non EasyRecipe standard structure
  • Made live formatting CSS more specific so themes are less likely to override custom formatting


  • Fix for themes that ignore modification of posts by plugins and displayed unformatted recipes (Thanks Nicole!)
  • Fix for print on blogs with non-root WordPress installs
  • Fixed the ratings markup on some styles
  • Fix is_file() warning when open_basedir is restricted


  • Fix print redirect being broken by automatic updates
  • Fix minor glitches in style templates


  • This is a major update!
  • Uses microdata (schema.org) instead of microformatting (hrecipe)
  • Added template based output
  • Choose from a range of display and print styles
  • Added "Cut and paste" plain text recipe entry
  • Added Swoop integration
  • Added Default Author
  • Added Cuisine type
  • Added Recipe type defaults
  • Added Trans Fat and Sodium to nutrition data
  • Added "Disable ratings"
  • Option to convert fractions (e.g. 1/2 becomes &frac12;)

Available in EasyRecipe PLUS:

  • Multiple recipes per page/post
  • Select the image to use as the "main" image
  • Easy insertion of images and links in recipes
  • Guest posts
  • Import from cookbooks
  • Custom recipe templates


  • Fix broken formatting link in admin menu bar
  • Fix bad formatting on font change dropdowns
  • Changes for new EasyRecipe site


  • Fix for broken ratings on some themes
  • Fix incompatibility with some other plugin "Tools"


  • Fix for the Live Formatting window opening too high on the page on small screens


  • Fix corrupt css images


  • Fixed some incompatibilities with some other themes/plugins


  • Added ZipList conversion
  • Updated RecipeSEO conversion
  • Added meta tag for MyBigRecipeBox.com crawler permissions
  • Fixed some options not being correctly saved
  • Fix "Recipe Details" formatting not saved
  • Fix "Carbs" label not displaying


  • Fix My Big Recipe Box ping (hung on publish)


  • Fix fatal error in extra CSS processing


  • Fix changelog


  • Updated for WP 3.3.1
  • Fixed invalid time formats
  • Fixed defaults not handled correctly in WP 3.3.1
  • Added "noindex" to print page
  • Added <div> wrappers around Ingredients and Instructions for easier own formatting
  • No longer strips leading non alphanumerics from pasted ingredient lists


  • Added the ability to select "transparent" as a color
  • Fix occasional PHP error when linkback removed
  • Fix for Notes and Nutrition format customizations not saved


  • Fix problem when an image in the EasyRecipe itself is used as the microformat photo


  • Allow any photo to be used as the microformat photo
  • Added mailing list subscription option
  • Fixed some problems with excerpts
  • Fixed Print loading the wrong url


  • Fix for excerpts not displaying correctly


  • Fix for options not being saved correctly


  • Fix character encoding - fixes weird characters being displayed
  • Correctly identify EasyRecipe posts - fixes ratings on non-EasyRecipe posts
  • Check for DOMDocument existence at plugin registration
  • Disable PHP errors for DOM parse and manipulation


  • Fix for fatal error on corrupted posts
  • Fix for jQuery noconflict conflict


  • Added comprehensive formatting options
  • Added embedded image and link capability
  • Extended the template customization for non-english languages or other specific text
  • Fixed occasional loss of print capability in WP 3.2
  • Fixed occasional loss of time microformatting in WP 3.2


  • Beta release of version 2


  • Added the ability to replace labels with language or other specific text
  • Fixed an issue of the Print button sometimes not being displayed
  • Fix Cholesterol typo


  • Fix EasyRecipe not being inserted into the post on some browsers when there is no initial editor content and/or the cursor is not in the editor body
  • Only ping MyBigRecipeBox.com if the published post contains an EasyRecipe
  • Fix typo on RecipeSEO posts conversion


  • Fix for images that somehow got corrupted in 1.2.2


  • Added diagnostics
  • Fixed the removal of the linkback when requested


  • Fix for settings not being stored correctly


  • Added blog title and URL to the bottom of the printed recipe
  • Added a button to the html editor toolbar to prevent confusion
  • Added checks for valid color values in settings to prevent the recipe border and background not displaying correctly when colors were invalid
  • Added a workaround for a bug in the WP editor which inconsistently removes empty HTML tags. This sometimes resulted in the total cooking time not being recognised by Google
  • Only display stars on comments if the comment actually has a non-zero rating
  • Removes the ratings microformat information if there are no ratings to keep the Google test page happy


  • Fix for image not printing on servers with allow_url_fopen off


  • Only accept and display comment ratings if the post is an EasyRecipe


  • Fixed a problem when WordPress autosave adds spurious paragraphs

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-5-27
Active Installs: 10,000+


3 out of 5 stars


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