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Easy Text Links

A robust and modern plugin to help you sell and manage text links on your blog.

What are "Link Packages" and "Sold Links"?

Link Packages describe what you offer to your advertisers. They specify your rates and other relevant information to entice advertisers to divert some of the marketing budget in the direction of your blog. For instance, you may have these packages: (1) "AboveFold" with Price=$100, Expiry=720 (which is a month in hours) (2) "AboveFold (3mo)" with Price=$250, Expiry=2160 (three months in hours) (3) "Footer" with Price=$50, Expiry=720 and so on. You can list them wherever you want by giving the shortcode [ezlink packages]. You will also see all your packages listed on the Easy Text Links admin page in a neat table, where you can inspect, modify or delete them.

Sold Links are, naturally, the links you have sold to your advertisers. You can display them on your posts or pages by the shortcode [ezlink links]. If you want to display only a particular link (whose ID is, say, link1), you would give the shortcode [ezlink links=link1]. For multiple links, you give the shortcode as [ezlink links=link1,link2]. Again, the sold links will appear on the plugin admin page where you can manipulate them.

The links and products, when listed using the shortcode [ezlink], will be formatted as an unordered list (<ul>...</ul>).

I don't want the links to be an unordered list. What can I do?

You can specify an option in the shortcode as [ezlink option=nolist]. This option can be given with any combination of [ezlink packages], [ezlink packages] or [ezlink links=link1,link2,link3...].

How do I specify a "Advertise Here" link pointing to a blog page?

You insert the shortcode [ezlink invite] (or [ezlink advertise] or [ezlink here]) to display such an invitation.

Note that you have to create the target page/post with a title like "Advertise Here" or something similar and point to it on the plugin admin page (under the "Advertise Here" Target:" option). Once that is done, your [ezlink invite] shortcode will point to that page/post. In that page, you can use [ezlink packages] shortcode to list your link packages, and give any contact details so that your advertisers can get in touch with you.

Can I have a full list of shortcode keywords and syntax?

  1. List packages (within <ul>...</ul>) : [ezlink packages].
  2. List all links (within <ul>...</ul>) : [ezlink links]
  3. List specific links (within <ul>...</ul>) : [ezlink links=link1,link2,link3...].
  4. Suppress <ul><li>...</li></ul> around any of the lists above : [ezlink option=nolist ...]
  5. Advertise Here display : [ezlink invite] or [ezlink advertise] or [ezlink here]

How can I get the links or packages in a widget?

The Pro version version of Easy Text Links gives you basic support for widgets. You can use the WordPress default Text widget to insert the shortcode and it will be rendered as expected. A dedicated and multi-insertable widget with fully configurable text links will be released later.

The lite version does not offer a widget. The work around is to install the Shortcode Widget. You can then place the [ezlink] shortcodes in the widgets provided by Shortcode Widget.

I deleted/blocked a link by mistake. Now it has disappeared. How do I get it back?

Go to the admin page of the plugin, and edit the Sold Link by clicking on the edit icon (green pencil) on the floating toolbar. You can then set the status to anything other than Deleted or Hidden.

= I added a link. But it doesn't show up. What's wrong? "

Note that in the Pro version, you have to Approve the links before they will be displayed. This is in preparation to letting your advertisers specify link details after purchasing. You probably don't want to allow such user specified content to appear on your blog without checking. If you do, you will find an option (WIP) to allow it.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


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