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Easy Table

Easy Table is WordPress plugin to create table in post, page, or widget in easy way using CSV format. This can also display table from CSV file.


  • Fixed: Bug on 1.5/1.5.1, Easy Table does not work in WordPress prior to version 3.6


  • Fixed: Bug on 1.5, Easy Table does not work if TablePress is active even when custom shortcode is set.


  • Add table-responsive div wrap around table and responsive CSS.
  • Suppress error message: 'Redefining already defined constructor...' on certain PHP version environment.
  • Check against shortcode that may has been registered by another plugin.
  • Increase fgetcsv limit from 2000 to 2000000 if $limit value not set.


  • Updated: TableSorter JavaScript library now updated to 2.10.8 from 2.0.5b ( hope it will solve many sorting problems )


  • Fixed: Bug on version 1.3, fatal error on PHP prior to 5.3.0


  • Fixed: escape is now working, you can use escape to skip delimiters (also terminators if they're not \r or \n) using escape (default escape character is backslash)


  • Added: align parameter is now back. (Previously removed on version 1.1)


  • Added new parameter 'fixlinebreak' to optionally convert newline to <br /> if terminator is not \r or \n


  • Added: now you can use 'auto' for table width
  • Table width now use inline style ( internally, not affected to the plugin usage )


  • Fixed bug limit param doesn't work on version 1.1.1


  • Fixed bug custom terminator doesn't work on version 1.1
  • Removed align field on Option page


  • Removed: .htaccess from plugin directory (Fixed unloaded script on some servers)
  • Use dedicated str_getcsv for Easy Table (Fixed incompatibility issue with AIOSP version 2.0)
  • Removed: align attribute on table (Fixed text wrap issue)
  • Added: new theme "minimal"


  • Encoding fix
  • Added colalign param
  • Added colwidth param
  • Added style param
  • Added limit param
  • Added trim param
  • Added terminator param
  • Added nl2br if terminator is not \n nor \r
  • Added is_search conditional option to load CSS/JS
  • Improved admin UI, field description is now using tTooltip


  • Fixed: Allow empty cell (was stripped on PHP prior to 5.3)
  • Fixed: wp_remote_get() error if file URL was not found.
  • Fixed: wrong application of wp_enqueue_script()
  • Added: Allow script to be loaded in footer
  • Removed: Redundant line on wp_enqueue_style
  • Added: CSS for tfoot on cuscosky theme
  • Added: New table parameter "nl", new line. eg. [table nl="~~"] See example here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/easy-table/
  • Added: New table parameter "ai", auto index. add auto numbering in the begining of each row. See example here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/easy-table/


  • Fixed: Csvfile option
  • Fixed: Broken caption in Responsive theme
  • Removed: Clearfix class from the table
  • Changed: Now use wp_remote_get() instead of file_get_contents();
  • Changed: Method name from get_easy_table_option() to option(), not affected to the usability
  • Changed: .header class for thead changed to .easy-table-header to minimize conflict possibility with other CSS.
  • Changed: path to jquery.tablesorter to /js and combined with jquery metadata
  • Added: jquery.metadata.js to set additional sorting option
  • Added: themes selector
  • Added: css/easy-table.css for general basic styling
  • Added: New sort parameter on table eg. [table sort="desc,asc"]
  • Added: New sort attr on cell for default sorting, attr sort="desc", attr sort="desc", attr sort="false"
  • Added: htaccess file to prevent directory listing on plugin path.
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 3.4.1
  • Improved: CSS for arrow up/down, arrow now only visible on mouseover or if column is sorted.


  • Fixed: Enclosure in the first column does not work.
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 3.4
  • Fixed: Missing enclosure parameter in PHP < 5.3.0


  • Fixed: Accidentally add unused character to the table


  • Fixed: Missing tbody opening tag on some condition
  • Fixed: Duplicate unit of width attribute


  • Added: Ability to set attribute for each cell.
  • Added: Support and About tab in plugin options page.
  • Fixed: Table width attribute not work.
  • Removed: Equalize the number of columns in each row.


  • Fixed: Option value can't override default value if option value is empty (if checkbox is unchecked).
  • Added: Optionally, tfoot now can be taken from last row. Example usage: [table tf="last"]somedata[/table]


  • Improved: Option form now filled out with default value if there are no options saved in database and you don't need to save option to get the plugin to works.
  • Added: Option to select where script and style should be loaded, eg. if only in single page.
  • Added: tf parameter for tfoot, now you can set up tfoot for your table, tfoot picked up from 2nd row of the data, usage example [table tf="1"]data[/table]
  • Added: Credit link to Twitter Bootstrap and tablesorter jQuery plugin.


  • Fixed: Backward compatibility of str_getcsv that just not work in the version 0.1, now plugin should runs on PHP 5.2
  • Fixed: Table now has 'table' class even when 'tablesorter' is not enabled.


  • First release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-20
Active Installs: 80,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


1 of 6 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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