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Easy Photo Album

Easy Photo Album makes it easy for you to create and manage photo albums.


  • Fixed bug: The generated shortcodes on WordPress >= 3.8 don't control the title display.


  • Fixed critical bug: minified stylesheets and javascript files are gone.


  • Fixed bug: Insert shortcode with id 0 (#2212)


  • Fixed critical bug: the visual editor won't load.


  • Updated: Insert album button for tinymce 4.x
  • Updated: Better placeholder while dragging to reorder photos
  • WordPress 3.9 compatible


  • Video documentation: check it out
  • New feature: the revision screen is more human readable.
  • New feature: Support for featured image (#2107)
  • New feature: Support for comments (#2137)
  • New feature: Choose an image size for the ligtbox (reduce download time) (#2138)
  • Updated: settings page is now easy and clear.
  • WordPress 3.8 compatible
  • Fixed bug: Error after deleting last image of an album.
  • Fixed bug: Included albums don't display right when viewed on blog page.
  • Fixed bug: Preview changes button shows an empty photo album.
  • Fixed bug: Lightbox width isn't correct resized (#2014)
  • Fixed bug: Single album view shows excerpt album when view all images in lightbox is set. (#2162)
  • Fixed bug: Error after activation on mutlisite installation (#2100)
  • Fixed bug: Images disappear after a bulk action (#2161)


  • New settings page: you can now find the settings under Settings > Easy Photo Album
  • New about page: A quick overview of the update and some tips and tricks
  • Added minfied versions of ccs and js files. This will cause faster load times
  • WordPress 3.7 compatible
  • Added French translation by Dan
  • Fixed bug: The show caption option doesn't work.
  • Fixed bug: The number of photo's is limited by the server.
  • Fixed bug: The captions are not saved at the right place.
  • Fixed bug: Included, not published albums are visible for logged in users
  • Fixed bug: When you edit the caption in the media library, the caption in the album isn't updated


  • Fixed bug: update label with the number of photo's (near the table) when there are photo's added or removed.
  • Fixed bug: When there is a photo with the same id as a valid order, the script breaks.
  • New option: You can now to choose to scale the images in the lightbox to the viewport (default on)


  • Fixed bug: No message if there are no albums in tinymce editor insert album dialog.
  • Security issue fixed: Display included album only if the album is published or the current user has enough rights.
  • New option: Display all photo's in the lightbox (also if the album is displayed as excerpt).
  • New feature: help content for the options.


  • Fixed bug: 404 error on activation
  • New feature: albums are responsive
  • New feature: Edit the display settings for each specific album.


  • Fixed bug: PHP notices (only if WP_DEBUG is true)


  • Fixed bug: view more photo's link doesn't work when an album is included.


  • Added option to show photo albums in the main query (i.e. the blog page).
  • Added feature: insert a album in a post (or page).


  • Small bugfixes for WordPress 3.6


  • Updated lightbox to version 2.6
  • Removed options: displaywidht and displayheight options are removed, because the lightbox now fits the image to the viewport.
  • Added options: Options for the label under the lightbox and for displaying the caption column when you edit an album.
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Updated translations


  • Fixed bug: option doesn't exists after updating to 1.0.5


  • Updated: updated the Dutch translation.


  • Added: excerpts show also some images (can be set by the user)


  • Moved the settings functions from EasyPhotoAlbum to EPA_Admin.


  • Fixed bug: Photo table uses pagination
  • Fixed typo: EAP_List_Table => EPA_List_Table


  • Fixed bug: the post type menu item isn't visible after activation.
  • Fixed style error: dotted border around images in Firefox

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.11
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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