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Easy Instagram

Simply, quickly and easily, displays one or more Instagram images from a User ID or a from a Tag, using shortcodes or widgets - without using a third-

Why do I have to register for an Instagram API client with this plugin?

In order to display and feed Instagram photos through a website, someone must have registered an API client with Instagram.

There are many other Instagram plugins that use the same API key for thousands of installations. Using that kind of plugin, you share the risk - with the thousands of other users - that the plugin developer may disappear and/or not keep their API key active, effectively breaking your site feature without notice. You also risk the plugin developer eventually charging for their plugin, especially because they're providing an API registration service on which you've become dependent.

The "Easy Instagram" advantage is that only you (your website) and Instagram are involved, and that still -- you don't need to know any code whatsoever to complete the installation process. Basically involving a series of cuts-and-pastes, most people report having registered their API client in just a few minutes.

Can I use multiple shortcodes in the same page?

Yes, but please note that in some cases an increase in page load time will occur.

Does the displayed image author user name link to their Instagram profile page?

Yes it does, as of "Easy Instagram" release 1.2.3.

Can I disable the hashtags in the caption?

Yes. Add caption_hashtags=false to your shortcode.

Can I hide the image description, the image author, or the date posted / time since post?

Yes. Check out our new widget settings (leave fields blank to disable display), and our new shortcode options on the "Help" tab of the "Easy Instagram" Settings page in your CMS.

What is the "Cache Expire Time"?

To speed up page loading, the images are downloaded from the Instagram server and stored to your local web server. At the interval specified by the "Cache Expire Time", these files are deleted and read again from Instagram. This means that when a new image is uploaded to Instagram, it will not appear on your website until the next cache expiry interval.

Is it possible to arrange the images horizontally?

Yes. As of "Easy Instagram" release 3.0 there are templates available. Include the attribute template='horizontal' in your shortcode to display images horizontally. You can also solve this using CSS styles. Each thumbnail has a div container with a CSS class on it so you can customize it the way you want.

Can I center the pictures?

Yes. Picture alignment can be customized directly in the CSS. To center align the picture, add the following in your style.css:

div.easy-instagram-thumbnail-wrapper {text-align:center;}

This will actually align all the content to the center. If you want just the image to be center aligned but keep the text aligned to the left, you also need to add:

div.easy-instagram-thumbnail-author, div.easy-instagram-thumbnail-caption, div.easy-instagram-thumbnail-time{text-align:left;}

Can I change the size of the thumbnail?

Yes. Add thumb_size=90 to the shortcode, where 90 is the width and height of the thumbnail. To specify width and height separately, use thumb_size='W x H' . Please note that different values for width and height will result in distorted images.

Can I feed photos with a certain tag but only from my own Instagram User ID?

Not at this time, but it's something we're working on for future versions. Currently you can choose from User ID, or Tag for each of your Instagram photo feeds.

Can I use Lightbox instead of Thickbox for displaying larger images?

Yes, as of "Easy Instagram" release 2.0 but you'll have to add some code at the end of your site theme's functions.php:

add_filter( 'easy_instagram_thumb_link', 'my_theme_force_lightbox_link' ); function my_theme_force_lightbox_link( $link ) { $link = str_replace( 'class="thickbox"', 'rel="lightbox"', $link ); return $link; }

Depending on the Lightbox implementation and the fact Easy Instagram is loading the content using AJAX, you might need to trigger Lightbox for the newly added DOM elements. You can add extra Javascript code to be run after the content has loaded, by hooking your code into the 'afterEasyInstagramLoad' event. For example, if you use the "wp-jquery-lightbox" plugin, add this in your theme's Javascript: jQuery(document).on('afterEasyInstagramLoad', function() { doLightBox(); });

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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