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Easy Digital Downloads

The easiest way to sell digital products with WordPress.

2.6.10, October 21, 2016

  • Fix: JavaScript error when removing a product from a payment that does not contain a fee.

2.6.9, October 20, 2016

  • Fix: Negative fees associated with cart item do not affect cart item earnings.
  • Fix: Z-index of tooltips needs to be increased.
  • Fix: Products endpoint returns empty response on v2 of the API.
  • Fix: Email property set twice in edd_insert_payment().
  • Fix: "Email already in use" error if capitalization does not match.
  • Fix: Chosen dropdowns cause a horizontal scroll bug in RTL.
  • Fix: record_fees() clears fees in the session before purchases are completed.
  • Fix: New user email strips login link on plain text email.
  • Fix: Country and state chosen fields on view order details broken.
  • Fix: Billing address fields are not saving in the payment details page when edited.
  • Fix: Not all settings and data removed when uninstall is run.
  • Fix: Don't output a label if one isn't set for text and select HTML elements.
  • Fix: Date in payment_meta should match the payment date when modified.
  • Fix: The edd_get_random_download() should return an item.
  • Fix: Potential PHP warning when using EDD_Payment->save().
  • Fix: Payment date is not included in the payment history export.
  • New: API sales endpoints now include both user_id and customer_id.
  • New: Add user_dropdown to HTML elements that support chosen.
  • New: Add support for product variations in the HTML elements product_dropdown.
  • Tweak: Change "Disable Guest Checkout" to "Require Login".
  • Tweak: Typo "assocaited" in error messages when adding emails to a customer.
  • Tweak: Resend Receipt button allows selecting which associated customer email address to send receipt to.

2.6.8, September 26, 2016

  • Fix: Category earnings report does not recover when the site has no download categories.
  • Fix: PHP notice caused by localized script loader.
  • Fix: CSV Product exporter/importer does not honor file conditions for variable pricing.
  • Fix: CSV importer improperly started variable pricing IDs as 0 instead of 1.
  • Fix: Repeatable rows not properly adding data-key attribute for variable price select boxes.
  • Fix: Undefined index warning when adding download details widget within the customizer.
  • Fix: edd_update_payment_status() creates new blank payment record if given an invalid payment ID.
  • Fix: REST API Products endpoint doesn't take into account search parameter API.
  • Tweak: Correct typo in country list for Philippines.
  • Tweak: Upload file text is misaligned within the input field.

2.6.7, September 14, 2016

  • Fix: Improved CSV file type detection to avoid 'invalid CSV' error.
  • Fix: The edd_payment_meta filter was not respecting values modified during the filter when saving a payment.
  • Fix: Redirect to Checkout setting was not keeping custom query string variables when direct cart URLs.
  • Fix: Cart Widget did not properly refresh the page when purchase links were present on the page.
  • Fix: Categories/Tags not created and assigned during product import.
  • Fix: Remove discount cron which could cause discount codes incorrectly changing to inactive without warning.
  • Fix: Can't Uncheck All Checkboxes in Multi-Check.
  • Fix: Verify discount is in array before unsetting the discount.
  • Fix: edd_stats_{key} transients causing performance issues.
  • Fix: Undefined Indexes when assigning new user ID to customer details.
  • Fix: Purchase Email Subject ampersands getting improperly HTML encoded.
  • Fix: Local files not being properly found when on a Windows server.
  • Fix: Properly catch default case for license activation callback.
  • Fix: Sequential payment number not assigned when creating payments with EDD_Payment.
  • Fix: Tax calculation should only run on values greater than 0.
  • Fix: Fix variable name in customer recount tool for post status array.
  • Fix: Discount functions not always having user_info array key.
  • Tweak: Rename Download List Table Taxonomy Headers.
  • Tweak: Fix horizontal alignment of items in the dashboard widget.
  • Tweak: Update codex link in readme.txt.
  • Tweak: Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.php to latest version.
  • Tweak: Correct references of 'short code' to 'shortcode'.
  • Tweak: Filter "edd_get_cart_discounts_html" does not pass relevant arguments for developers.
  • Tweak: Update payments export to use EDD_Payment.
  • Tweak: Return null for all empty data returned from the API instead of an empty array.
  • Tweak: Update readme.txt with new donate link.
  • Tweak: Allow custom Arguments for Settings API Callbacks.
  • New: Accepted payment method icons have been updated to PNGs with transparent backgrounds.
  • New: Update MasterCard Logo.
  • New: Add filters to API endpoints.
  • New: Added actions to the adding and removing of fees.
  • New: Buy Now button option on Add/Edit Download now always shows, but is disabled when requirements are not.
  • New: Customer address can now be edited for customers who do not previously have an address on file.
  • New: Add edd_get_php_arg_separator_output on System Info.
  • New: Linking a Customer to a WordPress user now allows login or email address as a valid input.

2.6.6, August 1, 2016

  • Fix: Discount codes being marked as inactive
  • Fix: Incorrect state/province used in tax calculations in certain scenarios
  • Fix: Incorrect placeholder for Select Customer drop down
  • Fix: Incorrect redirect URL for [edd_login] shortcode
  • Fix: Spelling errors in internal documentation
  • New: Added $items parameter to edd_post_add_to_cart action

2.6.5, July 25, 2016

  • Fix: Incorrect parameters passed to edd_is_checkout()
  • Fix: Some records skipped during CSV import
  • Fix: update_option() cannot be used to update EDD settings
  • Fix: Incorrect date format used in CSV payment import
  • Fix: Product-specific sales / earnings graphs show no earnings
  • Fix: Spelling errors in PHPDocs
  • Fix: Resend Receipt box visible even when payment is not Complete
  • Fix: File URLs split on / during product import
  • Fix: Setting display:none on variable price options breaks add to cart processing
  • Fix: Prices can be set as negative
  • Fix: edd_get_variable_prices() returns prices even when variable prices are disabled
  • Tweak: Added filters to payment gateway labels on checkout screen
  • Tweak: Modified how metadata is registered in anticipation of WordPress 4.6
  • Tweak: Changed role required for deleting payment records to delete_shop_payments
  • New: Added Remember Me option to log in form
  • New: Added /info/ endpoint to REST API

2.6.4, July 6, 2016

  • Fix: Negative fees getting included twice with PayPal Standard
  • Fix: Non-standard status in the product import caused silent failure.
  • Fix: Rely on Customer's User ID when EDD_Payment::setup_user_id has incorrect data.
  • Fix: Date strings are not properly parsed in product import.
  • Fix: PHP notice is triggered when using purchase_link shortcode with an invalid SKU attribute.
  • Fix: PHP warning when activating on Multisite due to roles not being correcly instantiated.
  • Fix: It is possible for edd_get_ip() to return a CSV of IP addresses.
  • Fix: Products deleted after being added to the cart creates invalid cart data.

2.6.3, June 30, 2016

  • Fix: Product name needs to be trimmed during payment import to prevent duplicate products being created
  • Fix: Discount codes getting erroneously marked as Inactive
  • Fix: Importing settings causes a fatal error
  • Fix: Address Line 2 erroneously marked as required in some cases
  • Tweak: Improved inline documentation for edd_get_download_file_url()
  • Tweak: Add-on updater updated to 1.6.4

2.6.2, June 28, 2016

  • Fix: Existing guest customers cannot register a user account on checkout using the email address associated with their existing customer profile.
  • Fix: DocBloc for edd_delete_option function is incorrect.

2.6.1, June 24, 2016

  • Fix: PayPal Standard transaction ID links don't link to PayPal Sandbox when payment was made in test mode.
  • Fix: Opt-in tracking not sending after initial activation.
  • Tweak: Welcome page not showing on upgrade.
  • Tweak: Only show welcome page on major versions.
  • New: If enabled, send checkin data when Easy Digital Downloads is upgraded.
  • New: Add a filter for edd_price_options() that allows adding classes to the output.

2.6, June 23, 2016

  • New: Added filters to process the earnings as they are updated.
  • New: Profile Editor state field shows as dropdown when possible.
  • New: Public API query mode to allow extension developers the ability to create API endpoints that do not require API keys.
  • New: Add/Improve inline help throughout the plugin with UI Tooltip.
  • New: Purchased Products column in payment export improved for better parsing.
  • New: Filters added to EDD_Customer increase and decrease methods.
  • New: Introduce Version 2 (v2) of the REST API.
  • New: (API v2) Products endpoint supports category and tag filtering.
  • New: (API v2) Customers endpoint supports filtering customers by creation date.
  • New: (API v2) Support searching products.
  • New: (API v2) Improve discount code reporting.
  • New: Add price(s) to oEmbed output for downloads.
  • New: Remove comment/trackback counts from oEmbed output for downloads.
  • New: Add new edd-table class to all tables outputted by Easy Digital Downloads.
  • New: Improve discount code status updates by setting inactive when usage reaches max.
  • New: Add daily cron to mark expired and discount codes at max usage as expired or inactive.
  • New: Add get_payments() method to the EDD_Customer class.
  • New: Make download ID more visible on the downloads list table.
  • New: Add filters to the add_fee() and get_fees() methods of EDD_Fees class.
  • New: Add price_id support for the Fees API.
  • New: PayPal Standard payments are now able to be refunded within the WordPress admin.
  • New: Deprecate edd_get_success_page_url().
  • New: Add default redirect option to [edd_login] and [edd_register] shortcodes.
  • New: Introduce customer meta table.
  • New: Add JavaScript trigger to edd_load_gateway() for 3rd party hooks.
  • New: Support post__in as an argument in [downloads] shortcode.
  • New: Final declaration removed from EDD_Payment class.
  • New: Allow edd_get_payment_status to also accept a payment ID.
  • New: Support additional email addresses for customers.
  • New: Add actions into the increase/decrease sales/earnings methods of the EDD_Download class.
  • New: Added CSV Import functionality.
  • Tweak: Use internal methods when getting sales counts and files in EDD_Download class.
  • Tweak: Add campaign tracking to links in the contextual help menus.
  • Tweak: Improve edd-admin.css coding standards.
  • Tweak: Update translation .mo files and add development tool for downloading translations from Language Packs.
  • Tweak: Improve EDD Licenses tab in settings.
  • Tweak: Improve edd_object_to_array method.
  • Tweak: Improve mobile breakpoints for customer details view.
  • Tweak: Remove pagination when [download] shortcode uses 'random' for the sort.
  • Tweak: Use existing function to build {receipt_link} email tag.
  • Tweak: PayPal Standard Buy Now was updated to use EDD_Payment.
  • Fix: New User Email alerts have incorrect header.
  • Fix: Transient being bypassed in EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings().
  • Fix: Remove unused variable and duplicate post_where filters in EDD_Payment_Stats.
  • Fix: Correct spelling error in edd_get_paypal_redirect().
  • Fix: Improved cache key generation in EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings().
  • Fix: Remove deprecated constructor method in System Info browser class.
  • Fix: Negative cart fees should not have tax charged on them.
  • Fix: Roles are being initialized on every admin request.
  • Fix: Negative item fees did not alter the taxation on the item.
  • Fix: System info shows Must-Use plugins when none are present.
  • Fix: Cart position (key) is not passed to the hooks in the cart.
  • Fix: Product dropdown search never shows the current download in results.
  • Fix: Trim response from country state lookup.
  • Fix: Update subscribe link in Welcome screen.
  • Fix: edd_get_users_purchased_products() can sometimes try an array_mege on a non-array value.
  • Fix: PayPal IPN Verification forced to HTTPS.
  • Fix: Incorrect earnings across a custom date range report.
  • Fix: Flat rate discounts can apply an amount larger than the cart total.
  • Fix: Improve performance of transient deletion when uninstalling Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Fix: Sales logs show incorrect item amounts with variable pricing sales.
  • Fix: (a11y) Customer details page icons are not focused.
  • Fix: (a11y) Removed title attributes.
  • Fix: (a11y) Focus is lost when removing price option.
  • Fix: (a11y) Make Add New Price a button when working with variable pricing.
  • Fix: (a11y) Repeatable field link to remove row should be a button.
  • Fix: Creating a payment sometimes doesn't save the correct user_id or customer_id.
  • Fix: Remove old WordPress version compatibility checks for WordPress versions less than 4.0.
  • Fix: Preview emails use default gateway.
  • Fix: EDD_API hooks for API key generation fire when extending the base class.
  • Fix: Remove incorrect messaging on profile editor related to password changes.
  • Fix: HTML validation fails if schema.org itemtype is missing.
  • Fix: Clicking 'Complete Purchase' button multiple times can result in Empty Cart error.
  • Fix: Replace calls to global settings variable with edd_get_option().
  • Fix: Duplicate get_post_meta calls in EDD_Download class.
  • Fix: Amazon Payments address field not showing with AJAX disabled.
  • Fix: Reporting is incorrect when changing predefined dates where year_end changes.
  • Fix: Allow no gateway to be enabled when purchase is free.
  • Fix: Item fees not taken into account when using EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings() for a specific download.
  • Fix: Subtotal and Total data attributes using incorrect amounts.
  • Fix: Taxonomies with numeric slugs are assumed to be the term_id in [downloads] shortcode.
  • Fix: Multiple instances of variable pricing output for a single product causes label target issue.
  • Fix: Correct schema.org structured data for items with variable pricing.
  • Fix: Correct HTML validation for the legend tag on forms by removing span wrappers.
  • Fix: Schema.org markup missing priceCurrency attribute.
  • Fix: Use tel input type and patterns to force numeric keyboard on checkout for card number and CVC inputs.
  • Fix: Settings sanitization for subsections unsets tax rates when a subsection is registered under taxes.

2.5.17, June 3, 2016

  • Fix: Discount codes are not always sent when opt-in tracking is enabled
  • Fix: Correct a capitilzation error in EDD_Customer class usage during edd_insert_payment
  • Fix: Correct error in the System Info browser detection

2.5.16, May 18, 2016

  • Fix: Checkboxes cannot be unchecked in the settings screens of some extensions if only one extension is activated

2.5.15, May 11, 2016

  • Fix: Removed unused variables and typos in unit tests
  • Fix: Non-standardized display of file names for items in bundles on receipts
  • Fix: Downloads not always removed from payment records when removed from the View Order Details screen
  • Tweak: Introduced new edd_checkout_user_error_checks action during purchase processing
  • Tweak: Placeholders on product dropdowns improved to help indicate searchability

2.5.14, May 5, 2016

  • Fix: New user emails do not have the proper heading
  • Fix: Opt-in tracking not always sending when allowed
  • Tweak: Added Locale to opt-in tracking

2.5.13, April 21, 2016

  • Fix: User info data not properly populated from customer record when missing in payment meta
  • Fix: filesize() run on external files during download process
  • Tweak: Changed log in form label to include email address
  • Tweak: Added PHP version, EDD version, install date, and WordPress version to opt-in tracking payload

2.5.12, April 14, 2016

  • Fix: Removed incorrect title attribute from Send Test Email button
  • Fix: Made add to cart AJAX action Accessible
  • Tweak: Added Delete Payment option to View Order Details screen
  • Tweak: Moved Resend Receipt button to separate box on View Order Details screen

2.5.11, April 7, 2016

  • Fix: Non-complete payments permitting file downloads
  • Fix: Double POST requests for plugin update checks
  • Fix: Missing validation for discount code ID in edd_decrease_discount_usage()
  • Fix: Default view of Sales / Earnings graphs for individual products not working
  • Fix: Download Details widget will not save "Current" display option
  • Fix: Sessions should never start on RSS feeds
  • Fix: Missing screen reader text for Default Price Option radio buttons
  • Fix: Incorrect heading size for some admin screens
  • Fix: Payment History Search results now stay after performing actions on shown payments
  • Tweak: Added new filters to recount stats tool for customers to allow support for other payment statuses
  • Tweak: Added new filters to allow URIs to be added to the session blacklist to prevent sessions from starting on those URIs
  • Tweak: Added filter to permit disabling wpautop() in emails
  • Tweak: Set "filter_items_list", "items_list_navigation", and "items_list" labels for Download post type
  • Tweak: Added new "edd_payment_advanced_filters_row" filter

2.5.10, March 24, 2016

  • Fix: Fatal PHP error when adding multiple price IDs to the card when same item is already in cart
  • Fix: New user registration notification email does not support HTML
  • Fix: {receipt_link} HTML stripped from plain text emails
  • Fix: fees_total property not set up in EDD_Payment object
  • Fix: Payment History not properly setting end date filter
  • Fix: filesize() being run on external files during file download
  • Fix: Symlinked file downloads result in 0 byte files
  • Fix: 100% discount codes with taxes enabled fail to allow purchase
  • Fix: Extraneous hyphen after product name for products without price options
  • Fix: Payments cannot be searched by user ID
  • Fix: Undefined index "download_method"
  • Fix: Ajax Download search excludes bundles improperly
  • Fix: Custom date range over multiple years does not work well in earnings reports
  • Fix: HTTP/HTTPS protocol stored on file URLs in database, resulting in failed downloads if site protocol changes
  • Fix: Extensions settings tab displays empty Main section in some cases
  • Fix: "No checkout page has been configured" notice cannot be dismissed properly
  • Fix: EDD transients not deleted during uninstall
  • Fix: Sales logs not deleted when payment is changed from Complete to Pending
  • Fix: Inconsistent formatting in Dashboard stats widget
  • Fix: About and Welcome pages not compatible with Admin Menu Editor plugin
  • Fix: State / Province field not populating saved country / state / province when shown as text field
  • Fix: discount_dropdown() method of EDD_HTML_Elements does not support non-item label
  • Fix: widgets.php page dies if site has large number of products
  • Fix: Form to create new API key not shown
  • Tweak: Re-adding support for retrieving card item price without tax

2.5.9, February 18, 2016

  • Fix: Settings cannot be saved

2.5.8, February 18, 2016

  • Fix: Transaction ID detection not working properly for old payment records that stored transaction ID in notes
  • Fix: 100% discount codes not properly removing billing fields when decimal separator is not a period
  • Fix: [edd_receipt payment_key="false"] results in error retrieving receipt message
  • Fix: Unused variable in Javascript
  • Fix: File downloads failing with Force download method on nginx
  • Fix: Undefined variable $file_path during file downloads on some servers
  • Fix: Incorrect inline PHP documentation
  • Fix: Settings with some non-alphanumeric keys not saved properly
  • Fix: Price override in add_download() method of EDD_Payment does not respect price of 0
  • Fix: Dash incorrectly shown after product name on the receipt page
  • Fix: Missing P tag on View Order Details screen
  • Tweak: Replace usage of $edd_options with edd_get_option() helper function
  • Tweak: URL in New User Notification email now linked
  • Tweak: edd_price() now displays the value of the Default price option
  • New: Introduced edd_payment_currency_default filter

2.5.7, February 10, 2016

  • New: Added refund() method to EDD_Payment class
  • New: Added filters to enable/disable product and customer stat adjustments during refunds
  • New: Addded new hooks to EDD_Payment class that run before payment is setup
  • Tweak: Improved taxonomy labels for categories and tags
  • Tweak: Automatically flush permalinks when a 404 is detected on EDD archive pages
  • Tweak: Add proper 403 headers to REST API
  • Tweak: Removed usage of soon-to-be-deprecated function get_currentuserinfo()
  • Tweak: Improved CSS formatting for edd.css
  • Tweak: Improved label/field HTML markup on checkout
  • Fix: Store earnings reports can cause memory problems when store has only 0.00 sales
  • Fix: Incorrect query arguments when redirecting back to checkout with ?payment-mode if query args are already present
  • Fix: Maybe unserialize user_info array in EDD_Payment
  • Fix: Recalculate Totals button ignores item quantities
  • Fix: Incorrect item price stored in sales log when adding item to existing payment
  • Fix: .jpeg files blocked by .htaccess file
  • Fix: Product search on customer export returns customer names instead of products
  • Fix: Editing items on payment do not save properly in some instances
  • Fix: File download links fail with qTranslate-X plugin active
  • Fix: Admin notice about expired and invalid keys should show only to site admins
  • Fix: Cart widget cannot be shown on checkout screen
  • Fix: Incorrect date format when viewing Last Week report
  • Fix: PHP notice when sending test payment receipt
  • Fix: edit_date not passed in when updating payment record
  • Fix: Unneeded product query on discount add/edit screen
  • Fix: Profile editor does not update customer name
  • Fix: Price not formatted in placeholder for price field
  • Fix: Unnecessary paragraph tags inside of form elements on Export screen
  • Fix: Payments list filters are off by one day
  • Fix: File download links break if UTM variables are added to them
  • Fix: pagination=false parameter in [downloads] shortcode does not work
  • Fix: Coupon code use count not decremented when payment marked as failed
  • Fix: Username field not validated before submitting form to generate new API key
  • Fix: Download Details widget requires settings to be saved before it displays

2.5.6, January 13, 2016

  • Fix: Payment dates recorded with incorrect dates depending on the timezone selected in settings
  • Fix: Download links missing from purchase receipts for some sites

2.5.5, January 12, 2016

  • Fix: Timezones still not set properly for some sites. This resulted in download links missing from purchase receipts.

2.5.4, January 12, 2016

  • Fix: Timezones set improperly sometimes when payments are created
  • Fix: PHP notices in edd_process_add_to_cart() when AJAX is disabled
  • Fix: PHP warning in Recount Single Customer Stats tool
  • Fix: Payment date cannot be changed in the admin
  • Fix: Currency code not properly returned if payment is missing currency metadata
  • Fix: "Sorry trouble retrieving payment receipt" error shown occasionally
  • Fix: Sanitization process for settings breaks some extension's settings
  • Fix: Download links blank for some customers
  • Fix: Prevent default placeholder from showing as an option in multi-select fields

2.5.3, January 9, 2016

  • Fix: Status passed to edd_insert_payment() not respected. Caused subscription payments to be marked as pending
  • Fix: edd_is_payment_complete() returns false improperly
  • Fix: Buy Now links going to empty checkout screen when customer is not logged in
  • Tweak: Removed redundant Max Uses column on Discounts screen

2.5.2, January 8, 2016

  • Fix: Item specific fees applying twice

2.5.1, January 7, 2016

  • Fix: Infinite loop in some instances where add_filter() is used by extensions
  • Fix: Deactivate License button missing on valid license keys
  • Fix: Payments not properly attached to customer records if last name is not supplied during checkout while logged out
  • Fix: Item amounts not saving properly when adding new Download to payment record
  • Fix: PHP warning on explode() due to empty customer notes field

2.5, January 7, 2016

  • New: Improved settings organization with subsections
  • New: Product export to CSV tool
  • New: Recount stats tool
  • New: EDD_Payment class for developers
  • New: Credit card fields now include HTML5 attributes
  • New: Improved license key fields for extensions
  • New: Discount codes can now be sorted
  • New: 0.00 value sales can now be excluded from sales graphs
  • New: File download history now available in REST API at /edd-api/file-download-logs
  • New: Quantities now included in payment history export
  • New: Payment History can be searched by discount code
  • New: File Downloads on products can now be re-ordered with drag-and-drop
  • New: Added filter to disable "edd_items_in_cart" cookie
  • Tweak: Improved customer options in purchase history export
  • Tweak: All meta keys now registered with WordPress
  • Tweak: EDD_API now runs on wp hook for improved performance
  • Tweak: Show item price instead of sale price in sales log
  • Tweak: Post type labels now used for Featured Image labels
  • Tweak: Inline styles have been removed from [downloads] shortcode
  • Tweak: Improved labels for checkbox options in Emails settings tab
  • Tweak: Improved SSL detection
  • Tweak: Improved abstraction of Customer UI so it can be re-used
  • Tweak: edd_get_cart_contents() standardized
  • Tweak: Set minimum WordPress version to 4.0
  • Tweak: Customer name on Payment History now goes to Customer details screen
  • Tweak: Properties in EDD_Amazon class are now public
  • Fix: Bulk actions not shown when list tables have no items
  • Fix: Fatal error in earnings by category reports
  • Fix: edd_maybe_remove_menu_profile_links() breaks some AJAX actions
  • Fix: PHP notices in PayPal if cart_details is not an array
  • Fix: "This Week" reports fail when crossing a month or year boundary
  • Fix: Deleting non-complete payment updates customer stats
  • Fix: inline-edit-post loaded when it shouldn't be
  • Fix: PayPal IPN listener using deprecated mc_gross key
  • Fix: PayPal listener not properly decoding data keys in some server environments
  • Fix: Downloads cannot be sorted in DESC order
  • Fix: User verification URL missing from email when plain text template is used
  • Fix: Incorrectly spelled UTM tags in Add Ons page
  • Fix: CSS for Welcome Page affects other pages
  • Fix: Properly run install routine when network activating EDD
  • Fix: Remove use of WP_CONTENT_URL constant
  • Fix: North/South Korea country codes reversed
  • Fix: WordPress 4.4 tab styles fix
  • Fix: Extension updates do not display if license key is not entered
  • Fix: Undefined variable $payment_id when seding test email
  • Fix: Cart widgets break add to cart button
  • Fix: edd_render_receipt_in_browser() outputs invalid markup
  • Fix: Parameters for [edd_receipt] shortcode not working properly
  • Fix: Payment Method fields not hidden when 100% discount code is applied
  • Fix: Running EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings() twice gives inconsistent values
  • Fix: Running EDD_Payment_Stats::get_sales() twice gives inconsistent values
  • Fix: AJAX call to load dashboard sales widget fires on all admin pages
  • Fix: Quantity not added with variable prices and multi-purchase mode when AJAX is disabled
  • Fix: user_id field not removed when customer's user account is deleted
  • Fix: Symlink File Download option not functioning
  • Fix: Order of bundled products not kept when saving Download product
  • Fix: Ugly display of long transaction IDs in View Order Details
  • Fix: File download links break when language parameter from qTranslate and WPML are present
  • Fix: Excluded products improperly count towards minimum purchase total of discount codes
  • Fix: Incorrect dates displayed when using custom date ranges in earnings reports
  • Fix: Subtotal should be removed from checkout when prices are inclusive of tax
  • Fix: price="0" fails when price_id="x" is used in [purchase_link] shortcode
  • Fix: Pagination fails when searching Payment History by download ID

2.4.10, December 12, 2015

  • Fix: Security vulnerability related to session IDs

2.4.9, October 14, 2015

  • Fix: Importing payments caused payments to be associated with customer of user doing the import
  • Fix: Corrected spelling for edd_customer_recent_purchases_actions hook

2.4.8, October 12, 2015

  • New: Added option to manually verify a user account from the customer details screen
  • New: Added support for searching customer records by user ID
  • New: Added improved error logging for email sending
  • Fix: Incorrect CSS animation property
  • Fix: Removed unused code in edd_get_purchase_link() function
  • Fix: Corrected spelling error in EDD_Stats class
  • Fix: New customers improperly created when logged-in user completed purchases with a different email
  • Fix: User verification process should not run on the very first purchase by a customer
  • Fix: edd_get_current_page_url() returns improper URL when WordPress is installed in sub folder
  • Tweak: Improved formatting of the welcome screen to match the styles of WordPress core

2.4.7, September 29, 2015

  • Tweak: Changed text domain from "edd" to "easy-digital-downloads"
  • Fix: User ID not properly set on customer record when user account is created
  • Fix: Earnings / sales graph reporting 0 stats for some days incorrectly

2.4.6, September 18, 2015

  • Fix: Bug in user verification process causing redirect loop when Purchase History page is not set
  • Fix: Warning: Missing argument 3 for edd_receipt_show_download_files()
  • Fix: Quick Edits on Downloads not always expanding the form
  • Fix: Occasional redirect loop caused by edd_enforced_ssl_redirect_handler()
  • Fix: Item quantity not properly added to cart when AJAX is disabled
  • Tweak: Fix extra parameter being provided in get sales by date

2.4.5, September 16, 2015

  • Fix: Bug with AJAX URL on checkout and mixed-content error messages for sites that use HTTPS on checkout but not in /wp-admin/

2.4.4, September 14, 2015

  • Fix: Incorrectly shown "Sorry, trouble retrieving payment receipt" error
  • Fix: Credit / debit cards with an expiration more than 10 years in the future cannot be used
  • Fix: Non-object notice on /edd-api/customers endpoint
  • Fix: Javascript error on category / tag quick edit screen
  • Fix: Not array PHP error on customer details screen when customer has purchases without any items
  • Fix: Cart item quantities cannnot be changed in HTML structure of cart items is changed
  • Fix: Purchase link shortcode attributes for "text" not working properly
  • Fix: Default price ID cannot be saved with ID of 0
  • Fix: New user notifications not working properly since WordPress 4.3
  • Fix: Incorrect URl returned by edd_get_current_page_url() in some instances
  • Tweak: Improved account creation process
  • Tweak: Introduced "pagination" parameter for downloads shortcode to disable pagination
  • Tweak: Introduced edd_protected_directory_allowed_filetypes filter
  • Tweak: Add $item to edd_receipt_show_download_files filter
  • Tweak: Better error reporting when batch export process fails

2.4.3, August 18, 2015

  • Tweak: Added new action hooks to the Sales Summary widget
  • Tweak: Added new action hook that fires when an item is removed from a payment record
  • Tweak: Updated logo on PDF reports
  • Tweak: Updated logo on welcome screen
  • Tweak: Improved order of operations when updating discount codes
  • Tweak: Amazon Payments Address widget is hidden on reload when a charge is declined
  • Tweak: Only show address widget for Amazon Payments when taxes are enabled
  • Tweak: Update Amazon Payment registration URLs for EU and DE
  • Tweak: Retrieve complete billing address from Amazon
  • Tweak: Updated language files
  • Fix: Profile editor missing P tag when user is logged out
  • Fix: Email headers should only be added if header text is set
  • Fix: Undefined index "plugin"
  • Fix: Sale log entries not deleted when purchase is refunded
  • Fix: Preset discount code logic tries to run when bulk deleting discount codes
  • Fix: Adding ?discount={code} to static home page URL causes blog page to be shown
  • Fix: Ensure we have a user before trying to get purchase history
  • Fix: Properly format decimals for HUF currency
  • Fix: Prevent fatal errors when entering invalid date in start/end date of payment history
  • Fix: Removed unused function edd_add_ons_init()
  • Fix: Prevent multiple batch processes from being started at the same time
  • Fix: Re-instantiate Chosen when cloning a repeatable row with a Chosen field
  • Fix: Variable typo in edd_is_admin_page()
  • Fix: Customer name not stored properly if three names are entered when purchasing through Amazon Payments
  • Fix: Sales report column fails does not work for guest customers
  • Fix: direct="true" does not work properly if price_id="1" is also set
  • Fix: Products without a title cannot be purchased through PayPal

2.4.2, July 13, 2015

  • Tweak: Allow filtering the ajax user search
  • Tweak: Send first_name and last_name to PayPal
  • Tweak: edd_filter_success_page_content() not run early enough
  • Tweak: URLs to remove fees and items should not be caught by caching
  • Tweak: Improve batch exporter extensibility
  • Tweak: Add ABSPATH check to Amazon gateway files
  • Fix: Multiple tax rates with same id in taxes settings
  • Fix: Clarified opt-in messaging
  • Fix: Microdata wrapper showing in sidebar
  • Fix: Excerpt missing from products API Endpoint
  • Fix: Customer search not working with name or email in API
  • Fix: Invalid markup on profile editor save
  • Fix: API Key fields caused fatal error when viewed in front end profile editors
  • Fix: Invalid 'for' attribute in username label for login shortcode
  • Fix: Correct edd_listen_for_failed_payments() sending post id, not WP_Post object
  • Fix: Fix tax state not saving when text field

2.4.1, July 2, 2015

  • Tweak: Updated Language Files
  • Fix: edd_get_gateway_admin_label() should use edd_get_payment_gateways()
  • Fix: Payment email in payments list table pulled from User Info, should be pulled from payment info
  • Fix: Manually added items to an order always get a price of $0.00
  • Fix: Improve Customer View CSS
  • Fix: Select Payment Method shown incorrectly when only one gateway is enabled
  • Fix: API Security Fix

2.4, June 30, 2015

  • New: Added support for Amazon Login and Pay
  • New: Added Earnings by Category report
  • New: Added batch processing to data export for handling large amounts of data
  • New: Added versioning to the REST API
  • New: Added a filter to disable redirect to checkout on per-download basis
  • New: Added method for extensions to pre-fill customer details on checkout
  • New: Added helper functions for verifying credit / debit card numbers
  • New: Added date range options to payment and file download history exports
  • New: Added options to control the text shown on Buy Now buttons
  • New: Added an action to the cart item title column
  • New: Added an action to the Actions column of the cart
  • New: Added standardized classes for error, notice, and alert messages
  • New: Added date_field() method to EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • New: Added filters for the From Address for admin sale notifications
  • Tweak: Improved performance of user validation in the REST API
  • Tweak: Improved edd_is_admin_page() helper function for detecting when on specific EDD admin pages
  • Tweak: Stylesheets are now registered before enqueued
  • Tweak: Moved Test Mode option to the Payment Gateways tab
  • Tweak: Earnings and sales states now incremented while in Test Mode
  • Tweak: Download Details widget now properly respects taxonomy labels
  • Tweak: Improved customer count functions in the REST API
  • Tweak: Default gateway now shows as first gateway on checkout
  • Tweak: Purchase link shortcode now shown in the Download Settings meta box
  • Tweak: edd_recalculate_taxes() now includes a raw amount in the response
  • Tweak: Customer export is now standarized for all export options
  • Tweak: Sequential order numbers improved to protect against race conditions
  • Fix: Opt-in tracking accidentally enabled for all installs
  • Fix: Minor security flaw with gateway selection on checkout
  • Fix: Symlink file downloads option gets hidden after reload
  • Fix: Undefined index error with banned emails
  • Fix: Notices thrown when logging API requests
  • Fix: Customer email not updated when associated user account's email is updated
  • Fix: Incorrect for attribute on checkout's password field
  • Fix: edd_items_in_cart cookie disables cache improperly
  • Fix: API keys are difficult to select on mobile
  • Fix: Tools tab displays poorly on mobile
  • Fix: Buy Now buttons not properly setting item quantity through PayPal
  • Fix: December month data is plotted in January when viewing custom date range
  • Fix: Double error message when entering discount code that has already been used

2.3.9, May 25, 2015

  • Fix: Variable price assignment options get removed from download when deleting file row
  • Fix: Pagination container still shown when no pagination is needed
  • Fix: Airplane Mode load order can cause problems
  • Fix: Rewrites hard flushed during activation instead of soft flushed
  • Fix: Log records not recording post_date_gmt
  • Fix: Slashes not stripped from customer name in Customer Details view
  • Fix: "Apply to whole country" tax setting not saved on first save
  • Fix: Trashed downloads can be purchased with custom add to cart URLs
  • Tweak: Added filters to join and where clauses in edd_count_payments()
  • Tweak: Improved logic and flexibility for Products endpoint of the REST API

2.3.8, April 27, 2015

  • Fix: Customer stats incrementing with attaching payment to customer, if payment is already attached
  • Fix: edd_get_file_download_method called too late during download process
  • Update: Translations Updated
  • Tweak: Improvements to the EDD Extensions page
  • Tweak: Corrections and updates to readme.txt

2.3.7, April 20, 2015

  • Fix: XSS security flaw

2.3.6, April 8, 2015

  • Fix: Correct issue with non-day-by-day reporting calculating earnings & sales incorrectly
  • Fix: Payment Tax backwards compatibility not working correctly
  • Fix: Always set the data-price attribute, even when price is excluded from purchase button
  • Fix: Prevent New Download Draft by using explicit create method in EDD_Download
  • Fix: Hours/Minutes on Order Details truncating leading zeros
  • Tweak: Increase the Total Price and Tax input widths on order details

2.3.5, March 24, 2015

  • Fix: Make home_url consistently unslashed in token generation
  • Fix: Better checks in edd_get_payment_tax()
  • Tweak: Allow clearing of edd_doing_upgrade

2.3.4, March 20, 2015

  • Fix: Cannot add new tax rates
  • Fix: Airplane mode plugin v0.1.1 causes fatal error
  • Fix: Completed payments can sometimes be marked as abandoned improperly
  • Fix: Cart widget items not fully removed when clicking Remove
  • Fix: Incorrect price assignment for files when creating new Download products

2.3.3, March 18, 2015

  • Fix: Minor SQL injection issue in the Customers DB class
  • Fix: All purchase buttons for a product displayed on a page change to Checkout incorrectly when one is clicked
  • Fix: Customer dropdown on View Order Details improperly shows first customer in the list when no customer is attached
  • Fix: Mixed-content notice on the checkout page for sites with SSL
  • Fix: Incorrect price ID gets added to the cart when multiple purchase buttons are placed on the same page with the price_id parameter
  • Fix: Removed Yugoslavia from the country list since it is not a country anymore
  • Fix: Quantity field not shown on purchase buttons with the [purchase_link] shortcode
  • Tweak: Automatically disable buy now buttons

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


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