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Easy Digital Downloads

Sell digital downloads through WordPress with this complete digital downloads management plugin

2.3.5, March 24, 2015

  • Fix: Make home_url consistently unslashed in token generation
  • Fix: Better checks in edd_get_payment_tax()
  • Tweak: Allow clearing of edd_doing_upgrade

2.3.4, March 20, 2015

  • Fix: Cannot add new tax rates
  • Fix: Airplane mode plugin v0.1.1 causes fatal error
  • Fix: Completed payments can sometimes be marked as abandoned improperly
  • Fix: Cart widget items not fully removed when clicking Remove
  • Fix: Incorrect price assignment for files when creating new Download products

2.3.3, March 18, 2015

  • Fix: Minor SQL injection issue in the Customers DB class
  • Fix: All purchase buttons for a product displayed on a page change to Checkout incorrectly when one is clicked
  • Fix: Customer dropdown on View Order Details improperly shows first customer in the list when no customer is attached
  • Fix: Mixed-content notice on the checkout page for sites with SSL
  • Fix: Incorrect price ID gets added to the cart when multiple purchase buttons are placed on the same page with the price_id parameter
  • Fix: Removed Yugoslavia from the country list since it is not a country anymore
  • Fix: Quantity field not shown on purchase buttons with the [purchase_link] short code
  • Tweak: Automatically disable buy now buttons when taxes are enabled since they do not support taxes
  • Tweak: Automatically disable the edd_test_ajax_works() test if the Airplane Mode plugin is enabled
  • Tweak: Updated translation files for many languages

2.3.2, March 14, 2015

  • Fix: Slow performance in admin area due to edd_test_ajax_works() function

2.3.1, March 13, 2015

  • Fix: File download limits not limiting the number of downloads allowed per payment
  • Fix: Microdata improperly added to page titles and content
  • Fix: Customer records cannot be deleted
  • Fix: Upgrade notices shown unnecessarily on new installs

2.3, March 11, 2015

  • New: Improved customer management interface
  • New: Added support for adding multiple prices IDs to the cart with a single add to cart command
  • New: Introduced edd_update_option() and edd_delete_option() functions
  • New: Payments that remain pending in PayPal will now record a reason in the Payment Notes section
  • New: Adding / removing Download products from payment records now properly updates sale and earnings stats
  • New: Introduced signed URLs for more secure file download links
  • New: Introduced {ip_address} email template tag
  • New: Introduced EDD_Customer class for interacting with customer records
  • New: Introduced WP CLI command to create sample customers
  • New: Introduced edd_purchase_form_user_info_fields hook
  • New: Introduced edd_purchase_form_user_register_fields hook
  • New: Introduced edd_download_after_thumbnail hook
  • New: Introduced edd_download_after_title hook
  • New: Introduced edd_download_after_content hook
  • New: Introduced edd_download_after_price hook
  • New: Introduced edd_before_purchase_history hook
  • New: Introduced edd_after_purchase_history hook
  • New: Introduced edd_email_show_links filter
  • New: Updated translation files for numerous languages
  • New: Introduced EDD_Notices class for handling admin notices
  • Tweak: Buy Now buttons should revert to Add to Cart if no compatible gateway is activated
  • Tweak: Improved PHPDoc for many existing functions and classes
  • Tweak: First input field in repeatable files / prices fields receive input focus when adding a new row
  • Tweak: Added line breaks to edd.css file in favor of single-line rules
  • Tweak: Improved performance of edd_get_users_purchases() by querying the customer table directly
  • Tweak: Dashboard sales / earnings widget is now loaded via Ajax to improve performance
  • Tweak: PayPal payments made through Buy Now buttons do not show up
  • Tweak: Removed the "You must have at least one file" alert when deleting file rows
  • Tweak: Improved text alignment in repeatable file / price rows
  • Tweak: Updated HTTP Protocal version in PayPal Standard gateway
  • Tweak: Improved support for Polylang plugin
  • Tweak: Improved standards throughout EDD for usage of edd_get_option()
  • Tweak: Added option to prevent empty settings in the rich_editor callback function
  • Tweak: Removed dependency on base64_encode/decode functions
  • Tweak: Notice now displayed NGINX users to alert them of missing protection for file downloads
  • Tweak: Improved quantity / price display for items in the cart widget
  • Tweak: Bundles should not be included in the product search when adding items to a bundle
  • Tweak: Improved earnings / sales stats tracking for products to avoid race conditions
  • Tweak: Improved performance for edd_get_sales_tax_for_year()
  • Fix: Yesterday view for reports and REST API fails when on the first day of the month
  • Fix: EDD_Download class missing default properties from WP_Post
  • Fix: Removed unused function calls in PDF reports and upgrade functions
  • Fix: Deprecated edd_get_cart_subtotal() function called with too many arguments
  • Fix: edd_get_cart_item_price() function called with too many arguments
  • Fix: edd_remove_item_url() function called with too many arguments
  • Fix: Improper start_date declaration in CLI class
  • Fix: Missing variable declaration in EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class
  • Fix: Undefined variable $download in CLI clas
  • Fix: Rounding error when prices are inclusive of tax
  • Fix: Sale / Earnings stats improperly adjusted when Test Mode is enabled
  • Fix: Discount codes are validated improperly when the product requirements are not meant
  • Fix: CVC field allows more than 4 digits
  • Fix: In-browser receipt page is a mess on Twenty Fifteeen theme
  • Fix: exclude_categories and exclude_tags parameters not working properly in [downloads] short code
  • Fix: Cross-domain download files get corrupted on NGINX servers
  • Fix: Instantiating EDD_Payment_Stats without a date triggers an error
  • Fix: File size not displayed when download files
  • Fix: Undefined index notice in REST API
  • Fix: Missing Download ID check in the Sales Log table
  • Fix: Update successful messages are wrong when using bulk edit
  • Fix: Cart widget items do not show the proper quantity
  • Fix: Upgrade routine notices overwrite each other improperly
  • Fix: Not all schema metadata removed when schema is disabled
  • Fix: Incorrect schema markup
  • Fix: Taxes on checkout do not display the taxed amount of fees

2.2.8, February 13, 2015

  • Fix: Permissions error when accessing upgrades screen with DISALLOW_FILE_EDITS defined
  • Fix: Shop Accountants are unable to resend purchase receipts
  • Fix: PHP warnings on checkout when purchasing an "item" fee
  • Fix: Improper application of discount codes that do not have their product requirements meant
  • Fix: Buy Now buttons for free products result in error at PayPal.com
  • New: Translation file for Argentina Spanish
  • Tweak: Updated translation files for most languages

2.2.7, January 30, 2015

  • Fix: Prevent payment records with missing meta data from haulting the upgrade routine introduced in v2.2.6

2.2.6, January 29, 2015

  • Note: This release will ask you to perform an upgrade process on the payments database. It should take approximately 1.5 minutes for every 1000 payment records
  • Bug: Price ID improperly logged in the database, making customer export by price option impossible
  • Bug: WP_CONTENT_URL does necessarily respect HTTPS URLs causing some file downloads to fail

2.2.5, January 27, 2015

  • Bug: FORCE_SSL_LOGIN incorrectly makes checkout link HTTPS
  • Bug: Reports for 'This Month' forced to current year
  • Bug: Reverted CSV Seperator to , and escaped values
  • Bug: No downloads showing when using category parameter

2.2.4, January 24, 2015

  • New: Introduced edd_global_checkout_script_vars and edd_ajax_script_vars filters for localized javascript variables
  • Bug: Strict PHP Standards notice in EDD_Gateway_Error_Log class
  • Bug: Category parameter behaves incorrectly for the [downloads] short code
  • Bug: Select a Download placeholder on add discount screen saves improperly
  • Bug: EDD_Session leaks across sites in multisite installs
  • Bug: Incorrect spelling of Indian state names
  • Bug: Duplicate array key in country list

2.2.3, January 14, 2015

  • New: Added more hooks to the profile editor template files
  • New: Added more country state/provinces to the country dropdown field
  • New: Added a JSHint file for WP Coding Standards
  • Tweak: Use get_posts() instead of query_posts() in edd_get_*_by() functions
  • Tweak: Improved flexibility for EDD()->html->year_dropdown() to support larger year spans
  • Tweak: Added NZD currency symbol
  • Tweak: Improved support for Polylang plugin via edd_get_option() standardization
  • Tweak: Improved unit testing suite
  • Tweak: Updated numerous translation files
  • Bug: GMT date / time not properly set in date is specified when creating a payment record
  • Bug: Items purchased with quantities show incorrectly in sales log table
  • Bug: [downloads] pagination not working with default permalinks
  • Bug: AND relation acting as an OR relation in [downloads] short code
  • Bug: Cart widget items incorrect with variable prices
  • Bug: Custom date range reports do not work when crossing year boundaries
  • Bug: Yesterday report fails on January 1
  • Bug: Missing license declaration from Credit Card validation library
  • Bug: loading.gif file does not respect HTTPS
  • Bug: Copy Download Link(s) link displayed on non-complete purchases
  • Bug: Nested FORM tags on checkout after taxes are recalculated
  • Bug: get_the_ID() causing non-object error
  • Bug: Discount codes not applied if Apply button is not clicked
  • Bug: Default price ID cannot be selected on products created before version 2.2
  • Bug: edd_get_current_page_url() returns localhost in HHVM
  • Bug: Conflict with 404 Redirected plugin resulting in receipts not being displayed
  • Bug: Add to Cart button reappears on refresh with variable prices
  • Bug: Profile editor not properly validation user email address on save

2.2.2, December 14, 2014

  • Fix: Extension updates running on every page load of plugins.php when using multisite
  • Fix: edd_test_ajax_works() request firing on every page load
  • Fix: Incorrect price ID added to the cart when two purchase buttons are on the same page
  • Fix: Fatal error when using price_id in the purchase_link short code
  • Fix: Shopping cart squished in the Twenty Fifteen theme
  • Fix: Removed unused variables in edd_get_register_fields()
  • Fix: Incorrect quantity field displayed when a variable priced item with multi-purchase mode enabled is in the vart
  • Fix: Invalid HTML markup due to a missing space before a style tag
  • Fix: Improper behavior when deleting the last tax rate

2.2.1, December 10, 2014

  • Fix: Fatal error with some sites in the admin area due to an "ajax works" test
  • Fix: Improper user capability check for shop upgrades
  • Fix: Non-object errors on the in-browser receipt when an invalid payment key is provided
  • Fix: Security flaw related to API key verification
  • Fix: Undefined index for download quantity during add to cart
  • Tweak: Better option description in settings for item quantities

2.2, December 9, 2014

  • New: Transaction IDs can now be linked to the transaction details page in the payment processor (per gateway)
  • New: Added a WP CLI command for generating test purchase data
  • New: "price_id" parameter introduced for [purchase_link] short code to allow purchasing a single price option
  • New: Added support for variable prices to the [edd_price] short code
  • New: EDD_Download class to make interacting with Download products easier for theme and extension developers
  • New: edd_cart_item_tax_description filter
  • New: Purchase buttons can now display a quantity field
  • New: EDD_Fees API now supports per-product fees
  • Tweak: Improved the Tax settings tab
  • Tweak: Improved Scrutinizer configs
  • Tweak: Set the default number in [downloads] to 9
  • Tweak: Added network-activated plugins to the System Info
  • Tweak: Updated payment notes to use new type__not_in parameter available for comments
  • Tweak: Removed some calls to deprecated functions for PHP 5.4
  • Tweak: Improved the UI of the Product Drop Down
  • Tweak: Added a check for Flywheel hosting accounts
  • Tweak: Added "Ajax Works" status to the System Info
  • Tweak: Changed the insert text for "Insert into post" button
  • Tweak: Improved the layout of the View Order Details screen
  • Tweak: Only update dashboard summaries when the value has changed
  • Tweak: Added proper HTTP error codes to all instances of wp_die()
  • Tweak: Improved status and error reporting for extension license keys
  • Fix: Expiration dates on discount codes don't save properly if crossing year boundaries
  • Fix: Inaccurate total with flat rate discounts
  • Fix: Resending purchase receipts for bundles does not properly increment File Download limit
  • Fix: "All Downloads" filter enables all downloads even when vendor does not have permission to view them
  • Fix: edd_settings_sanitize does not respect all field type specific filters such as edd_settings_sanitize_$type
  • Fix: Payments show incorrect currency if the shop currency is changed after the purchase is made
  • Fix: Posts pagination breaks on front page if using a static home page
  • Fix: Item amounts in View Order Details not always respecting currency seperator
  • Fix: No default price option if the original price option is deleted
  • Fix: Tax column in the CSV export does not respect decimal formatting options
  • Fix: ".htaccess missing" error message shown to all users, not just admins
  • Fix: Item quantity boxes squashed on checkout with the Twenty Fourteen theme
  • Fix: Incorrect price option selected when price option is free
  • Fix: Downloads admin menu label blank when using Arabic
  • Fix: Flat rate discounts can cause item amounts to be negative
  • Fix: Link to mobile app in Payment History incorrect
  • Fix: Recalculation amounts in View Order Details can generate incorrect results
  • Fix: PHP notices from CREATE SQL passed to dbDelta()
  • Fix: Impropoer cart amounts when attempting to set a cart discount programmattically that does not exist
  • Fix: .zip files being downloaded without .zip extension due to file-download attribute
  • Fix: .card-type class not updated during .change() event

2.1.10, December 4, 2014

  • Fix: An important security flaw with discount codes

2.1.9, October 29, 2014

  • Fix: Extension update checks were running on every page load, causing significant performance problems

2.1.8, October 28, 2014

  • Fix: Incorrect item amounts displayed on the purchase confirmation page when prices are inclusive of tax
  • Fix: Discount Invalid error message getting erroneously displayed on checkout when using a preset discount code
  • Fix: Invalid CSS comment in minified admin CSS
  • Tweak: Updated language files

2.1.7, October 20, 2014

  • Fix: Incorrect currency code comparison in PayPal Standard

2.1.6, October 20, 2014

  • Fix: Do not allow item prices to go negative when using flat rate discounts
  • Fix: Pagination doesn't work on /edd-api/customers
  • Fix: Do not overwrite existing price IDs when adding, rearranging, and then re-adding price options
  • Fix: Compare PayPal currency to the currency in payment meta, not the overall store currency
  • Tweak: Improve the display of Download Notes on purchase receipts
  • Tweak: Add Today to the default response for /edd-api/stats
  • Tweak: Improve checkout CSS to allow some generic HTML elements

2.1.5, October 8, 2014

  • Fix: Flat rate discounts can result in negative amounts in PayPal, causing the purchase to be rejected
  • Fix: Cart items that are tax exclusive still display the tax rate
  • Fix: console.log() left erroneously in Heartbeat API integration
  • Fix: microdata tag was missing from the shortcode-content-price.php template
  • Fix: Plugin text domain loaded too early, needed to be done on plugins_loaded
  • Fix: Cart fees incorrectly attached to all cart items
  • Fix: edd_settings_sanitize filter returning incorrect value
  • Fix: HTML encoding issue with email subjects
  • Fix: Subtotal should be amount before discounts, not after
  • Fix: Incorrect item amount on the Sales log tag
  • Fix: Item quantities not displayed on email purchase receipts
  • Tweak: Introduced edd_email_tag_bundled_products filter
  • Tweak: Pass the payment ID to the edd_get_price_option_name function() calls
  • Tweak: Add the price ID to the edd_get_price_option_name filter
  • Tweak: Added the transaction ID to the sales endpoint for the REST API
  • Tweak: Display the Price ID on each row of variable prices
  • Tweak: Verify payment update was successful during edd_update_payment_details

2.1.4, September 22, 2014

  • Fix: New sale notification emails not sending for some users
  • Fix: direct="true" not working in the [purchase_link] short code
  • Fix: User meta for saved carts not properly cleaned out after a cart is restored
  • Fix: SQL errors related to WP Session garbage collection
  • Fix: API Request logs table showing log entries from other log types
  • Fix: Invalid payment meta data related to special characters in PayPal customer info

2.1.3, September 15, 2014

  • Fix: edd_has_user_purchased() returning true improperly
  • Fix: Pre-set discount URL parameter not working reliably
  • Fix: Duplicate checkout buttons showing up
  • Fix: First price option not checked by default
  • Fix: edd_record_sale_in_log() not respecting purchase date for imported sales
  • Fix: Undefined index notice in the cart widget
  • Fix: No file name displayed in download history when one isn't set
  • Fix: Corrected some strict SQL standards with the customer table creation SQL
  • Fix: Restored the .hentry class
  • Tweak: Modified the CSV Payments export to allow easier data manipulation

2.1.2, September 4, 2014

  • Fix: Tax calculation for items with quantities greater than 1
  • Fix: Incorrect amount at PayPal

2.1.1, September 4, 2014

  • Fix: Full image URL in Logo upload field in email settings not displaying
  • Fix: Fatal error with PHP Sessions for hosts with safe_mode enabled
  • Fix: Incorrect item price on checkout when taxes are enabled
  • Fix: Incorrect subtotal displayed on purchase receipt when taxes are enabled
  • Fix: Customer records not getting created due to SQL syntax error
  • Fix: Apostrophes in site name not being decoded in emails
  • Fix: card_state class not kept on select when when switching countries on checkout

2.1, September 3, 2014

  • New: Redesigned email templates powered by the new EDD_Emails class
  • New: Customers API and database layer that dramatically improves performance of customer-related queries
  • New: Improved customer reports table that includes column filtering
  • New: Improved transaction ID tracking and display
  • New: Added support for WP CLI
  • New: Drag-and-drop ordering for variable prices
  • New: Admin sale notifications are now sent with same HTML template as purchase receipts
  • New: edd_update_payment_meta() function for easily adding and updating meta values for payment records
  • New: edd_update_payment_meta() function for easily adding and updating meta values for payment records
  • New: Hooks introduced at the bottom and top of the Discount edit screen
  • New: Added an option to hide the cart widget when on the checkout page
  • New: Introduced a function to detect if a download product is free, edd_is_free_download()
  • New: Introduced edd_get_payment_transaction_id() and edd_set_payment_transaction_id()
  • New: Introduced edd_user_can_view_receipt_item filter

  • Tweak: [downloads] short code now accepts slugs or term IDs for category and tag attributes

  • Tweak: Estimated earnings are more accurate
  • Tweak: Custom date ranges for report graphs now include a day option
  • Tweak: Added EDD-specific classes to the body tag when appropriate
  • Tweak: Improved responsiveness of the View Order Details screen
  • Tweak: Added "download" attribute to file download links
  • Tweak: Parameters for edd_get_download_file_url() now passed through urlencode()
  • Tweak: Product excerpts now available in the JSON/XML API
  • Tweak: Improved display of the payment method icons in settings
  • Tweak: Removed all instances of the extract() function
  • Tweak: PHP sessions now automatically enabled when the hosting account supports it
  • Tweak: Added Download post type to the At a Glance widget
  • Tweak: Improved SSL URL filtering of assets and non-checkout pages
  • Tweak: Replaced padlock icon on checkout with icon font
  • Tweak: Added currency settings to the System Info
  • Tweak: Prevent W3 Total Cache from caching discount codes
  • Tweak: Added caching to the get_user() method in the EDD_API
  • Tweak: Added a "size" parameter to the edd_rich_editor_callback() function

  • Fix: Sales column linked incorrectly to the File Downloads log

  • Fix: "yesterday" date range failed for EDD_Stats when the current day was the first day of the month
  • Fix: The shop_manager role could not export reports
  • Fix: Non-item fees were incorrectly allowed to be in the cart when the cart was empty
  • Fix: Errors when default CSV columns removed
  • Fix: Undefined index in process-download.php
  • Fix: Undefined index when updating a payment record with no last name
  • Fix: Fatal error on some hosts that disallow set_time_limit()
  • Fix: Incorrect label in Discount edit screen for flat rate discounts
  • Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce's SSL option when Enforce SSL on Checkout is enabled
  • Fix: Incorrect postal code validation for Argentina
  • Fix: Incorrect postal code validation for Canada
  • Fix: Discount code not properly set in cart when passed in a URL
  • Fix: Incorrect tax amounts when a discount code is used and item quantity is greater than 1
  • Fix: Incorrect tax amount on fees when prices are inclusive of tax
  • Fix: Incorrect item amounts due to rounding amounts too early
  • Fix: Duplicated Personal Information sections sometimes displayed on checkout due to non-strict comparison
  • Fix: Notices displayed in Download Categories / Tags widget upon save
  • Fix: Multiple discounts with the same code could be created
  • Fix: Invalid CSS properties
  • Fix: Filtering the File Downloads log did not work
  • Fix: edd_before_download_content action ran after the download content
  • Fix: Download links could not be copied on View Order Details in some versions of Chrome
  • Fix: Incorrect number of decimal places for some cart amounts
  • Fix: Incorrect tax amounts when taxes are calculated after discounts
  • Fix: Adding duplicate items to the cart does not increase cart item quantity
  • Fix: Division by zero error when saving a payment record with an amount of zero
  • Fix: Empty cart problems when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set to true
  • Fix: Improper display of the Products field for Bundle products
  • Fix: Refunds and disputes not picked up by PayPal's IPN listener

2.0.4, June 23, 2014

  • Fix: Problem with file download URLs when using the Redirect download method
  • Fix: Downloads cannot be removed from a payment in View Order Details
  • Fix: Erroneous "Cart needs one or more of the selected Downloads" error message
  • Fix: MySQL version not properly detected in System Info
  • Fix: Undefined variable in cart widget

  • Tweak: Added note about where to place language files in languages/readme.txt

  • Tweak: Added filters to export file names
  • Tweak: Enable author support by default on the Downloads post type
  • Tweak: Set $user to currently logged in user when validating a discount if no email or ID is supplied

2.0.3, June 19, 2014

  • Fix: Problem with incorrect gateway being assigned when a discount code was applied
  • Fix: Incorrect usage of "login" as a verb
  • Fix: Check if a user is deleted before retrieving user data in dashboard widget
  • Fix: Incorrect usage of esc_attr_e()
  • Fix: All submit buttons on checkout screen text updated when purchase is processing instead of just the submit purchase button
  • Fix: Fatal error in System Info when mysqli extension is not enabled

  • Tweak: Add link to the changelog on the welcome screen

  • Tweak: Show the currently logged-in user's name when previewing an email template

2.0.2, June 12, 2014

  • Fix: Error about selected gateway not being active when purchasing with a discount code
  • Fix: REST API not respecting sequential order numbers
  • Tweak: Added a class name to the Unlimited File Downloads checkbox in View Order Details

2.0.1, June 10, 2014

  • Fix: Clicking Update from the Download Edit screen sometimes sends admins to a 404 page
  • Fix: Accepted Payment Method icons do not load over https://
  • Fix: Chosen drop down widths not properly set
  • Fix: Payments erroneously marked as Failed
  • Fix: Double S in checkout URL when using the Enforce SSL on Checkout option
  • Fix: Undefined index while applying a discount code
  • Fix: Sequential order upgrade routine not properly running
  • Fix: Improper grammar

  • Tweak: Added cart subtotal / total to some AJAX responses

2.0, June 3, 2014

  • New: Added support for sequential order numbers
  • New: Added a new [edd_register] short code
  • New: Added an enforce SSL option
  • New: Added greatly improved discount code validation during checkout
  • New: Added a new API Keys list table in Downloads > Tools
  • New: Added support for making purchases with cart fees only
  • New: Added support for searching for specific payments via the REST API
  • New: Added a tabbed interface to the Tools page
  • New: Added an option to generate file download URLs from the View Order Details screen
  • New: Added JS events for all frontend cart / checkout actions
  • New: Added an "Apply" button to the checkout discount field
  • New: Added an Earnings / Sales Overtime export tool
  • New: Added support for searching payment records by transaction ID
  • New: Added a template file for the [edd_login]
  • New: Added support for Revisions to the Downloads post type
  • New: Added {discount_codes} template tag to purchase receipt emails
  • New: Added no-index, no-follow to checkout and account pages
  • New: Added options to control how the login / registration forms are displayed on checkout
  • New: Added support for passing a discount code to the checkout screen via a query arg
  • New: Added textarea support to the EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • New: Added support for exporting customers of a specific product and a specific price option
  • New: Introduced edd_get_*_by() functions for downloads and discounts
  • New: Introduced a edd_get_users_purchased_products() function
  • New: Introduced a edd_is_host() function

  • Tweak: Removed the "Update" cart button and added a background update process so amounts and quantities are updated automatically.

  • Tweak: Added billing address to payment history export
  • Tweak: Added average earnings / sales to the detailed earnings reports for products
  • Tweak: Added a link to the File Downloads log from View Order Details
  • Tweak: Added a "was_completed" meta flag for payment records
  • Tweak: Reversed some of the checkbox anti-patterns
  • Tweak: Added support showing all Download products in the [downloads] short code
  • Tweak: Log the reason a payment is marked as failed from PayPal
  • Tweak: Added a columns variable to the edd_download_class filter
  • Tweak: Added tax settings to the System Info
  • Tweak: Added improved hooks to the edd_shopping_cart() function
  • Tweak: Added a link to the product edit screens for each Download in the Purchased Downloads section of View Order Details
  • Tweak: Added $payment_id to the edd_view_order_details_form_top action
  • Tweak: Modified the way that the global file download limit affects individual file download limits
  • Tweak: Add support for identifying products in [purchase_link] by an SKU
  • Tweak: Added support for hiding the credit card form if a 100% discount code is redeemed
  • Tweak: Added support for moving the checkout cart to the bottom of the checkout screen
  • Tweak: Improved the Product Requirements section of the discount edit screen
  • Tweak: Improved the Amount field of the discount edit screen
  • Tweak: Added WP_LANG constant to the System Info
  • Tweak: Improved order history display for non-completed payments in the purchase history
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary serialization of payment meta

  • Bug: Cart fees weren't properly taxed

  • Bug: JS error caused by error in the German translation
  • Bug: The File Download Limit field couldn't be left empty
  • Bug: Expiration dates were set improperly in WP_Session, resulting in the garbage collection not working
  • Bug: Payment method icons fail to load properly on Windows servers
  • Bug: Entering a currency sign in the price field results in an invalid amount on save
  • Bug: Incorrect data format passed to number_format()
  • Bug: edd_before_download_content action fired too early
  • Bug: Customer names longer than two words cannot be properly saved in payment meta
  • Bug: "Activate" button for discounts fails if a discount is expired
  • Bug: Country field during checkout wasn't actually required
  • Bug: Duplicate IDs when multiple purchase buttons for the same product are on the same page
  • Bug: Cart totals incorrect when redeeming multiple discounts
  • Bug: File download limits cannot be reset
  • Bug: File URLs and other fields in File Downloads secttions are not trimmed of whitespace
  • Bug: Currency signs improperly encoded in the email subject of purchase receipts
  • Bug: Improper decimal points in Dashboard Summary widget sale counts
  • Bug: State / province fields loaded in Taxes settings when not needed
  • Bug: Custom events not purged from WP Cron when EDD is deactivated
  • Bug: Dates for "Last Quarter" incorrect Custom reports
  • Bug: Filtering payment history by a guest user fails
  • Bug: EDD_Payments_Query cannot be instantiated multiple times
  • Bug: Spaces cannot be used for the thousands separator
  • Bug: Undefined index "state" in System Info
  • Bug: 400 bad request error during API calls
  • Bug: Improper behavior during extension license deactivation
  • Bug: Restored the Unlimited File Downloads option for payment records
  • Bug: API request logs not properly displayed
  • Bug: Duplicate label in View Order Details
  • Bug: Live credit card verification doesn't update the card type after initial check
  • Bug: Removed duplicate call to edd_get_payment_meta()
  • Bug: Removed duplicate comma in edd.css
  • Bug: Return value, not echo in metabox.php
  • Bug: View Order Details can be loaded for non-payment post types
  • Bug: Obsolete mfunc/mclude/dynamic-cached-content removed
  • Bug: Payment history cannot be sorted by date
  • Bug: Current view not properly displayed in the Logs table
  • Bug: Issuewith default payment gateway when no gateways are active May 6, 2014

  • Fix: Critical error with ajax actions May 6, 2014

  • Fix: Reverted a change in the ajax URL determination that caused some issues with HTTPS checkouts
  • Tweak: Added $payment_id to edd_payment_amount filter
  • Tweak: Added $payment_id to edd_view_order_details_form_top filter
  • Tweak: Removed nonces from ajax frontend requests

1.9.9: May 3, 2014

  • New: Added a JS trigger for when the cart quantity is updated
  • New: Added a CSS class name to the download file URL on purchase confirmation
  • New: Introduced an edd_is_success_page() function
  • New: Introduced a filter on the edd_get_variable_prices() function
  • New: Added Offer schema.org markup
  • New: Added edd_get_sales_args filter
  • New: Added edd_get_cart_content_details_item_discount_amount filter
  • New: Added edd_get_cart_item_tax_item_discount_amount filter

  • Tweak: Added $payment_id to the edd_email_receipt_download_title filter

  • Tweak: Added a break after the country select field on checkout
  • Tweak: Removed direct call to wp_enqueu_script( 'jquery' ) since it is loaded as a dependency
  • Tweak: Improved the Dashboard summary widget layout
  • Tweak: Improve column width of the Downloads table
  • Tweak: Updated language files
  • Tweak: Limit payment counts by start and end date
  • Tweak: Improved spacing in payment history
  • Tweak: Removed nonce fields from front-end ajax requests

  • Fix: Allow remove from cart button to work within ajax calls

  • Fix: Properly format sale numbers for Total Sales stats
  • Fix: Remove all custom taxonomies and terms during uninstall
  • Fix: Improper HTML for text fields through EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • Fix: Improper HTML for checkbox fields through EDD_HTML_Elements class
  • Fix: Broken cache key in EDD_Payment_Stats
  • Fix: Properly account for when global $post isn't available in edd_get_purchase_link()
  • Fix: Cart quantity could go negative, that's silly
  • Fix: Deprecated notices from usage of wp_editor() with WordPress 3.9
  • Fix: Improper cursor behavior on Dashboard widgets
  • Fix: Broken payment method icons on checkout
  • Fix: Deprecated notice with $wpdb->escape()
  • Fix: Do not retrieve user if no key is set in EDD_API
  • Fix: Fatal error when installing EDD via WP CLI
  • Fix: Typo in Australian states function
  • Fix: Undefined index in edd_count_purchases_of_customer()
  • Fix: InlineEditPost JS error
  • Fix: JS error in IE
  • Fix: Improper formatting of New Zealand currency
  • Fix: Improper verification of Serbian zip codes
  • Fix: No validation on logged-in user's email addresses during checkout
  • Fix: Improper slash in PayPal IPN URL
  • Fix: Ajax product drop down search doesn't return all found products
  • Fix: File downloads get named as "index.php" on Android devices
  • Fix: Duplicate field ID in card state and card country fields
  • Fix: Strings in Discounts admin not able to be translated
  • Fix: Empty carts with FORCE_SSL_ADMIN set to true
  • Fix: Tax improperly applied to countries not included in tax rules
  • Fix: Unable to override global file download limit option
  • Fix: Don't load scripts in admin except when needed
  • Fix: Payment method icons fail on Microsoft-IIS servers
  • Fix: Incorrect stats with Custom date ranges on reports
  • Fix: edd_get_chosen_gateway() doesn't respect default gateway

1.9.8: March 6, 2014

  • Fix: Problem with guest customers not being able to view purchase receipts
  • Fix: Problem with field alignment in the View Order Details screen on small screens
  • Tweak: Added an option to dismiss the "No Checkout Page" notice

1.9.7: March 4, 2014

  • Fix: Problem with prices losing the decimal places
  • Fix: Issue with file URL being obscured in the file URL field
  • Fix: Currency sign added to monthly estimated sale count
  • Fix: Not all payment statuses taken into account for payment counts

  • Tweak: Allow get_terms() arguments to be filtered in categories / tags widget

  • Tweak: Add arguments to purchase link filter

  • New: Added Hebrew translation

1.9.6: February 26, 2014

  • Fix: Purchase stats not undone when changing a payment from Revoked to Refunded
  • Fix: Typo on the settings for the Disable Live Credt Card Validation settings
  • Fix: Tax calculation after discounts is incorrect
  • Fix: UPLOADS constant not respected for file downloads
  • Fix: wp_session garbage collection not always working
  • Fix: PayPal IPN gets validated even when validation is disabled
  • Fix: State tax rates can't be set to 0 when default rate is greater than 0
  • Fix: Cart items not properly sanitized when adding them to the cart
  • Fix: SQL error on very first purchase
  • Fix: PayPal business email comparison sometimes fails when it shouldn't
  • Fix: Decimals shown on currencies that don't support decimals
  • Fix: Custom date ranges for reports greater than 3 months should query by month, not day
  • Fix: Several small typos and capitalization issues
  • Fix: Purchase History page not deleted on uninstall
  • Fix: Refunds not detected by PayPal IPN
  • Fix: Detect when user is done typing in product drop down and only trigger ajax search once done

  • Tweak: Some improved coding standards and PHPDoc

  • Tweak: Added discount codes used to sales API response
  • Tweak: Added ini_get( 'arg_separator.output' ) and allow_url_fopen status to System Info
  • Tweak: Improve _edd_deprecated_function() to actually pass the backtrace
  • Tweak: Inline documentation for filters
  • Tweak: Allow the From Name and From Email to be filtered for sale notifications
  • Tweak: Allow the cart contents to be filtered when adding items to the cart
  • Tweak: All receipt visibility to be filtered
  • Tweak: Allow array of download IDs to be passed to EDD_Payments_Query
  • Tweak: Added floatval() to edd_get_payment_amount()
  • Tweak: Properly format number in Sales column
  • Tweak: Color code axes on graphs when there are multiple axes
  • Tweak: Removed error suppression from edd_readfile_chunked()
  • TweaK: Added helper function for reporting views

1.9.5: February 4, 2014

  • Fix: Total customer count not showing in Customer Reports
  • Fix: Pagination not working in Customer Reports
  • Fix: Custom date ranges greater than 3 months should query by month, not day
  • Fix: .required class not added to input fields when fields are required
  • Fix: Non published Downloads not deleted on uninstall
  • Fix: Taxes not properly calculated for logged-out customers
  • Fix: Dashboard earnings summary widget uses "edit_pages" capability instead of "view_shop_reports"
  • Fix: Restored functionality of edd_get_purchase_download_links() function
  • Fix: Resend Purchase Receipt button shouldn't show on non-complete purchases
  • Fix: Product drop down doesn't show all products
  • Fix: Item amounts not shown correctly in Order Details when using item quantities
  • Fix: Cart fees not removed when cart is empty
  • Fix: {billing_address} email tag returns empty string
  • Fix: Updated missing language files
  • Fix: Selecting same month for start and end date with custom date ranges results in a 12 month spread
  • Fix: Admin sale notification email has not formatting
  • Fix: Cart sessions loaded in the wp-admin when they shouldn't be
  • Fix: Pages drop downs in settings cause all pages to be queried on every wp-admin page
  • Fix: Format total sales correctly in Reports
  • Fix: Incorrect variable name in edd_get_cart_item_final_price()

  • Tweak: Dramatic performance improvement to payment queries throughout the admin

  • Tweak: Rework edd_get_earnings_by_date() to be much more performant
  • Tweak: Rework edd_get_total_earnings() to be much more performant
  • Tweak: Rework EDD_Payment_Stats::get_earnings() to be much more performant
  • Tweak: Removed Files Downloaded count from customer reports due to it being too expensive
  • Tweak: Rework edd_get_purchase_stats_by_user() to be much more performant
  • Tweak: Only filter wp_count_comments() when on the Dashboard to create less performance impact on wp-admin
  • Tweak: Remove plaintext password from new user notification email
  • Tweak: Increase refresh time from 5 to 8 seconds when returning from PayPal to give PayPal IPN longer to complete
  • Tweak: Better separation of sections in settings
  • Tweak: Optimized all images to reduce footprint
  • Tweak: Removed Purchase History widget as it has never worked and is never used
  • Tweak: Send billing address to PayPal
  • Tweak: Change all purchase buttons on page of product to Checkout when one is clicked

1.9.4: January 13, 2014

  • Fix: Bug with Last Month stats showing a combined total of this month and last month
  • Fix: Bug with item amounts that could result in a PayPal error

1.9.3: January 13, 2014

  • Fix: Bug with tax amounts not being rounded resulting in an error when going to PayPal
  • Fix: Invalid foreach error message when saving the extensions tab

1.9.2: January 10, 2014

  • Fix: Bug with add-on and theme license key activation
  • Fix: Bug with invalid foreach() in small number of cases

1.9.1: January 9, 2014

  • Fix: Rounding issue with taxes when item quantities are greater than 1
  • Fix: Customer's State / Province field not showing on checkout, even when stored
  • Fix: File Download Limit and Download Link Expiration settings not able to be changed
  • Fix: Buy Now buttons set price to 0.00 at PayPal

  • Tweak: Updated all language files for EDD 1.9+

1.9: January 7, 2014

REQUIRES WordPress 3.7 or later

  • New: Added a new Getting Started page for first time installs
  • New: Rebuilt the View / Edit Details screen for payments, adding the ability to edit almost all data associated with a payment and dramatically improving the edit payment interface
  • New: Added per-products earnings and sales graphs
  • New: Allow purchase buttons to show only the price, no text
  • New: Added an option to enable/disable data deletion during plugin uninstall
  • New: Allow users to login with their email address
  • New: HTML and Number field callbacks for settings field types
  • New: Added an option to be able to exclude products from discount codes
  • New: Allow the EDD templates directory to be modified via plugins or themes
  • New: Added start/end date filters to the Payment History screen
  • New: Added a Product Details widget to show the purchase options and details of a product in any widget area
  • New: Added betters hooks for the loging process
  • New: Added a "edd-payment-type-selected" class to the chosen payment gateway during checkout
  • New: Allow shop vendors to see earnings / sales for their own products in main Downloads screen
  • New: Dramatically improved the Edit product screen by splitting up the product options into multiple meta boxes to reduce clutter
  • New: Added EDD_Email_Template_Tags class and helper functions give developers a simple way to register new email tempalte tags
  • New: Added EDD_Graph class to allow developers to easily display custom graphs in add-ons and themes
  • New: Added live ajax search to all product drop-downs in the admin to dramatically improve performance of EDD on stores with a lot of products
  • New: Add dashicon for Downloads menu and WP 3.8+
  • New: Added new Payment Processing template file that is displayed when returning from PayPal to ensure the IPN has enough time to be processed before showing the customer the payment receipt

  • Fix: Rewrote the tax API to fix numerous bugs

  • Fix: A bug with payment item amounts getting zeroed out when modifying an existing payment
  • Fix: A bug that caused Euro and other currency signs to get encoded improperly in the PDF report
  • Fix: A memory leak in the File Downloads log page
  • Fix: A bug that caused discounted amounts to show as twice the amount they should
  • Fix: A bug with the subtotal being incorrect when item prices are entered inclusive of tax
  • Fix: A bug that caused custom add to cart links to add items to the cart twice
  • Fix: Undefined index when using edd_action=straight_to_gateway and variable prices
  • Fix: Purchasing a free product doesn't increase purchase count
  • Fix: Access denied error when viewing single pages of attachments connected to a Download
  • Fix: EDD_Fees doesn't properly sanitizes amounts before adding up the total
  • Fix: Undefined index when restoring a saved cart and logged-out
  • Fix: Don't allow the checkout form to submit when hitting Enter after entering a discount
  • Fix: Shop Manager user role cannot save shop settings
  • Fix: Estimated earnings could go negative, which they should not be allowed to do
  • Fix: Item earnings / sales not properly adjusted when item quantity is greater than 1
  • Fix: edd_settings_sanitize prevents EDD settings from being modified via update_option()
  • Fix: Very first purchase in shop causes total store earnings to be doubled
  • Fix: Item price incorrect when item prices are entered inclusive of tax
  • Fix: Ajax animation doesn't stop when adding an item to the cart that has Multi-Option Purchase Mode enabled
  • Fix: Incorrect echo statement inside of an apply_filters() call (twice)
  • Fix: Selecting the same month for start and end in Report date filters resulted in a 12 month spread
  • Fix: A bug that caused the Yesterday report view to show 0 earnings and sales when the current month is January

  • Tweak: Better support for responsive columns in the [downloads] short code

  • Tweak: Improved the sample product import file
  • Tweak: Better setup EDD_Roles during initial installation
  • Tweak: Improved the checkout_cart.php template file
  • Tweak: Automatically map the lowest price option for variably-priced products to the standard price field, allowing sort by price
  • Tweak: Improved the Downloads > Add Ons page
  • Tweak: Improved the checkout login form to include an actual "Login" button
  • Tweak: Add id attributes to fields in profile editor
  • Tweak: Set minimum WordPress version required to 3.7

1.8.6: January 3, 2014

  • Fix: invalid date error in Dashboard Sales Summary widget

1.8.5: November 18, 2013

  • Fix: revert accidental introduction of new meta box UI that broke file URL saving

1.8.4: November 17, 2013

  • Fix: discounts cannot be searched by discount code
  • Fix: file download limit not honored when files are assigned to price IDs
  • Fix: ajax cart item remove URL always set to key of 0
  • Fix: bug with price IDs and the straight to gateway action
  • Fix: do not execute before/after download contnet hooks if download requires a password
  • Fix: bug with styling of first P tag in purchase receipts
  • Fix: email preview could only be shown once per page load
  • Fix: API keygen option not shown to users even when enabled
  • Fix: I18N error

  • Tweak: MP6 UI compatibility

  • Tweak: add edd_get_option() helper function
  • Tweak: enable mobile app link to be removed
  • Tweak: pass $item along with edd_email_receipt_download_title filter
  • Tweak: map lowest price option amount to edd_price
  • Tweak: add new user notification on checkout user registration
  • Tweak: check the address is not equal to * when selecting country
  • Tweak: show manual payment gateway as "Free Purchase" on payment receipt
  • Tweak: store total shop earnings in database to improve performance
  • Tweak: enable access to products API end point wiithout API keys November 5, 2013

  • Fix: a bug that prevented EDD cron events from firing
  • Fix: incorrect display of negative amounts for EDD_Fees

1.8.3: November 4, 2013

  • New: added edd_payment_receipt_after_table hook

  • Fix: account for themes that set form input values to the value of the placeholder (caused a bug with discount codes)

  • Fix: show tax as whole number, not as decimal on prices
  • Fix: incorrect user assigned to purchases made when registering an account
  • Fix: 404 error due to "

Requires: 3.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2
Last Updated: 2015-3-24
Active Installs: 40,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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