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Easy Content Templates

This plugin lets you define content templates to quickly and easily create new posts or pages.

  • FIXED: debugging info error printed when saving posts


  • FIXED: undefined when loading content in HTML/Text view


  • FIXED: undefined error in line 234


  • UPDATED: descriptions, versions, and links
  • UPDATED: screenshots
  • FIXED: default loading options, now defaults to checked as it should be


  • REWRITE: the plugin was rewritten from the ground up to accommodate additional features
  • REMOVED: shortcode processing on title
  • REMOVED: the date shortcode functionality (to be replaced by a better mechanism)
  • FIXED: the excerpt part is now working
  • CHANGED: templates are no longer shared to others by default (check it manually if you want to share)
  • ADDED: default loading options for parts of templates


  • remove the limit on admins when viewing templates - they can now see all templates created by other authors


  • added the long awaited timeout fix
  • added a disable while loading feature for the load template button
  • added the [postdate] shortcode (with formatting options) feature (also applies to titles)
  • cleaned up the code a little bit (you won't see this as it's under the hood)


  • added a fix to the bug in 1.2.1, if you upgraded to 1.2.1 you SHOULD get this


  • sorted the templates in the Templates admin section
  • added a visual editor detection feature to disable switching back to visual view if the user was originally in html view


  • fixed a sorting problem in the drop-down box
  • added a message if you click Load Template and no Template is selected
  • updated the icon for Templates post type
  • updated the F.A.Q. section
  • updated screenshots so it shows the updated plugin
  • updated text from "make this template public" to "share this template"


  • changed the way the plugin fetches the ajax url to fix some issues
  • removed filters when loading a template to disable processing shortcodes (and other codes)
  • made the dropdown span the whole width of the container box so it looks better
  • added check boxes below the dropdown for selective loading (title, content, excerpt)
  • added a -- select template -- item in the dropdown as first item
  • made the templates private (to the author/creator) by default, with an option to make it public
  • updated the readme file so tells you to upload easy-content-templates instead of plugin-name.php
  • removed the limit of templates loaded in the dropdown


  • added wp_enqueue_script('jquery') to init action to make sure jquery is loaded
  • fixed readme so it provides more instructions and some screenshots


  • creation

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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