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Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense manages all aspects of AdSense: insert ads into posts and sidebar, and add a Google Search box. Easiest and most complete AdSe

Why doesn't my home/front page show no ads?

Ads are inserted by attaching a filter to the contents. If your home/front page is made up of full posts, the content filter will apply and you will see ads. On the other hand, if your home/front page is made up of excerpts (snippets of post contents), the content filter doesn't apply.

It is possible to apply the filter on excerpts as well. But then, we have to make sure that it applies only to the first three excerpts (to comply with Google policy). This feature is implemented in the Pro version of the plugin.

I just activated the plugin. How come I don't see any ads in my blog?

Note that you have to generate your adsense code from Google, and paste the entire code in the text boxes, replacing the existing text. There are three main text boxes corresponding to three ad locations - Lead-in, Mid-text and Lead-out. If you don't want to use a particular location, please suppress it by selecting the appropriate option. Otherwise, the plugin will show a red box indicating where your ad would be shown.

If you just created the new Google AdSense code, it may not be active yet. Google takes about ten minutes or so before serving ads. Please try again later.

I activated the plugin, and I see a lot of red boxes on my blog posts your ads will be inserted here. How do I get rid of them?

Easy Plugin for AdSense draws a red box on your blog posts to show where the ads would be shown if you entered the ad code on its admin page. This is meant to serve as a reminder for you to go to the admin page and enter the ad code. If you would like to suppress them, check the option "Suppress Placement Boxes" near the bottom of the admin page. The right thing to do, however, would be to enter your ad codes in the text boxes for each ad slot, or suppress the ad slot by selecting the corresponding "Show" option under the ad slot text box.

The admin page is cluttered with links and information about the author. Any way to suppress them?

Please check the option "Kill author links on the admin page" near the bottom of the admin page if you find the links and info annoying.

I cannot figure out how to suppress a particular ad slot. Do I have to display all three ad slots all the time?

Of course not. The option to suppress the ad slots is in the Ad Alignment panel.

What are the different versions of the plugin?

Easy Plugin for AdSense is the freely distributed version of a premium plugin. The Pro version gives you more features -- it lets you activate a filter to ensure that your ads show only on those pages that seem to comply with Google AdSense policies. It also lets you specify a list of computers where your ads will not be shown, in order to prevent accidental clicks on your own ads -- one of the main reasons AdSense bans you. These features will minimize your chance of getting banned. It also has full support of mobile devices, and supports per category and per post ad suppression. The Pro version costs $7.95.

How can I contact the plugin author if I need help?

This plugin uses a paid support model in order to manage the support load. Each support ticket will be charged at $0.95 for the Lite version (and for the Pro version after a short free support period). The support ticket is valid for 72 hours, and further follow-up questions will call for a new support ticket.

I don't understand the Pro features. Porn and site block - can't you set those during Asdense ad setup?

What you have in AdSense is an ability to block ads from certain sites. For instance, if you don't like ads from my site "thulasidas.com", you can block them. What the pro version gives you is the ability to block ads to certain clients. That is, if you don't want visitors from certain IP addresses see your ads (because they may click on too many of them, getting your AdSense account banned, for instance), you can with my plugin.

Porn block also is similar -- Google lets you choose non-porn ads (I think). What my plugin does is to look at the content of your page, and block ads if it looks like a porn page. (This can happen if a spammer posts a porn kind of comment on your blog, which again may get your AdSense account banned.)

The new placement option for lead-in adsense block in the header doesn't work the way I like. Can you fix it?

Short answer: No, I couldn't figure out how to do it better.

Long answer: This option works by adding an action to a hook in WordPress. I could not find a hook that would get activated right after the <body> tag in the generated HTML, and right after the header image is placed (and before the sidebars are inserted). If you know the hook names, please let me know. Also, if your theme has "side" bars near the header and footer (north and south sidebars), there may be conflicts between add_action hooks resulting in unexpected behavior.

Note that the Below Header and End of Page options are hacks that may not be compatible with the WordPress default widget for Recent Posts or anything else that may use DB queries or loops. If you have problems with your sidebars and/or font sizes, please choose some other Position option.

I get the error "Error locating or loading the defaults! Ensure 'defaults.php' exists, or reinstall the plugin." What to do?

Please copy all the files in the zip archive to your plugin directory. The zip archive easy-adsense-lite.?.??.zip contains the directories easy-adsense-lite and easy-adsense-lite/lang. You need all the files in the easy-adsense directory. One of these files is the missing defaults.php. The lang directory, on the other hand, is optional and is meant for international users.

How can I control the appearance of the adsense using CSS?

All <div>s that Easy Plugin for AdSense creates have the class attribute adsense. Furthermore, they have class attributes like adsense-leadin, adsense-midtext, adsense-leadout, adsense-widget and adsense-lu depending on the type. You can set the style for these classes in your theme style.css to control their appearance.

Why does my AdSense code disappear when I switch to a new theme?

One of my motivations in writing Easy Plugin for AdSense was the fact that every time I switched between themes, I had to regenerate the AdSense code to match my new colors. Since I often switched back to the original theme (when I would have to regenerate the code again), I wanted to keep the AdSense code per theme in my database. Now, with Easy Plugin for AdSense activated, I can switch among my themes without worrying about the AdSense color mismatch. This is what I meant when I said, "Remembers AdSense code and your options by theme, so that you don't have to re-enter them if you play with multiple themes. [This feature provides a solution to Google's unwillingness to let you modify and customize the AdSense code -- you just store all the code variants in your blog database.]" as the most important feature of Easy Plugin for AdSense.

But this unfortunately means that you do have to set the code once whenever you switch to a new theme. I suppose I could have checked your database for some other AdSense code and presented it as defaults, but such complex logic usually results in less robust programs, and pain and suffering down the road.

Can I control how the adsense blocks are formatted in each page?

Yes! Now, in V2.1+, you have more options (using Custom Fields) to control adsense blocks in individual posts/pages. Add custom fields with keys like adsense-top, adsense-middle, adsense-bottom, adsense-widget, adsense-search and with values like left, right, center or no to have control how the Google adsense blocks show up in each post or page. A Custom Field adsense with value no suppresses all AdSense ad blocks in the post or page.

I find this *easy* plugin too complex with too many options. Any alternatives?

If you feel that the features of Easy Plugin for AdSense are a bit too much, consider my lean and mean AdSense plugin AdSense Now!

I am having a difficult time getting the middle of post ads to show. They show in some posts, but not all of them. Any possible recommendations?

The middle ads are designed to show up only on long posts (of more than 20 paragraphs). Use the option to force the mid-text ads (in v1.82+) to override this length check.

What happened to the modern bootstrap/AJAX interface? I really liked it and want it back.

The bootstrap/AJAX version of the plugin is still available as the Pro version.

Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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