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Dynamic Dates

Calculate dates ('next Sunday') and relative dates ('December 25th two years from now') in your posts and pages.

How does it work?

Dynamic Dates uses PHP's strtotime() function to parse natural language into relative timestamps. For example, two years from now is "+2 year" and Canadian Thanksgiving is the "second monday of october" . Browse the full strtotime() reference to find other possibilities.

How can I display a simple date?

Use one of the built-in shortcodes:

[now], [yesterday], [today], [tomorrow], [last-month], [this-month], [next-month], [last-year], [this-year], [next-year]

See live examples at my website.

How can I display a customized date?

This is a very powerful feature. Use any shortcode, or the generic [date] shortcode, and extend it with the following attributes, each of which is optional:

  • format - a pattern to format the date or time. Browse the different formatting codes for English mode and International mode.
  • time - the date or time specified with natural language
  • relative_to - a date or time that the first time is "relative to", also specified with natural language
  • timezone - a timezone to display (the default is set in the WordPress settings (requires PHP 5.2 or higher)
  • language - a language to use (requires PHP 5.3 or higher)

'English Mode' advanced examples:

It's Sunday 15:58:47 in Paris, France

[date format="l H:i:s" timezone="Europe/Paris"]

Canadian Thanksgiving is October 12th this year and October 10th next year

[date format="F jS" time="second monday of october"]
[date format="F jS" time="second monday of october" relative_to="next year"]

'International Mode' advanced examples:

Voy a la fiesta el viernes 22 de marzo

`[date format="d de MMMM" "time="friday" language="es_CL"]`

See live examples at my website.

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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