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DW Question & Answer

Your WordPress site will have a full-featured Question & Answer section like Stack Overflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers


  • New: Short-code list question by category [dwqa-list-questions category="question"]
  • New: Support template from child theme
  • Tweak: Add some filter
  • Fix: Display name in Latest Questions
  • Fix: Fix some issue in Notifications
  • Fix: Time of question and answer show not correctly
  • Fix: Addressed some security issues


  • Compatible with Genesis Framework, Advanced Ads, Facebook Comments
  • New: Support RTL languages
  • Tweak: update main file
  • Tweak: Name and Email fields in submit question and answer is require fields
  • Fix: Don't show question listing when use the_excerpt() function

  • Fix: Fix cannot format text

  • Fix: Addressed some security issues

  • Quick fix

  • Quick fix and update some language file.


  • Tweak: Update language file
  • Fix: Addressed some security issues

  • Fix: Addressed some security issues

  • Tweak: flush rewrite rule after active or upgrade plugin
  • Fix: Fatal error in comment

  • Quick fix


  • Tweak: Update Language Files
  • New: Option show all answers on a single question page
  • New: Option show status icon on question list page
  • New: Add function pick best answer
  • Fix: Some string cannot translate
  • Fix: Fix losing data when saving changes.
  • Fix: Display name of person instead of anonymous in question and comment


  • Tweak: Update Language Files
  • Tweak: Update Swedish Language Files
  • New: Display name of the person instead of Anonymous
  • Fix: Some string cannot translate
  • Fix: Widget issue
  • Fix: Improvement style for mobile and tablet


  • New: Template Structure Updates
  • New: Core Performance Improvements
  • New: Add Questions Listing By Author page
  • New: Optimize Questions & Answers Editing
  • New: Add Breadcrumbs
  • New: Improve ‘Subscribe Question’ Feature
  • New: Simplify the question status

  • Quick fix


  • New: Extensions Page
  • New: Welcome Page
  • Fix: Rewrite Category and Tag
  • Fix: Page not found when submit question

  • Remove Widget


  • Tweak: Add Widget
  • New: Norwegian languages supported
  • New: Add function auto convert plaintext URL to HTML links
  • Fix: Facebook Comments Plugin issue
  • Fix: Remove white space in question title
  • Fix: Number of posts on DWQA Closed Widget


  • New: Add extensions and license manager
  • Update: Auto load for older version of php
  • Fix: answered filter
  • Fix: wrong direct after update answer
  • Fix: Add template captcha, add fields captcha setting
  • Fix issues about recaptcha in ssl protocol


  • Fix: Languages not working
  • Fix: Warning about rewrite settings


  • New: Add upgrades database functions
  • New: Update Templates Directory
  • Fix: Buttons for tinymce
  • Fix: Remove Widget warning
  • Fix: remove front of rewrite rule for question taxonomy
  • Fix: question archive url



  • Tweak: Czech language updated
  • New: Slovakia languages supported
  • Fix: Can't update answer.
  • Fix: Updated reCaptcha library
  • Fix: Ask Question Form still showed when users cannot post questions
  • Fix: Some strings are not available for translation
  • Fix: DWQA 404 Page setting cannot apply
  • Fix: Category, Tags Rewrite Rules don't work


  • Fix: All comments' authors were changed to anonymous
  • Fix: Template for Archive List Question page was not displayed
  • Fix: Paging does not work properly
  • Fix: Subscribers cannot edit their own answers
  • Fix: Wrongly use flush_rewrite_rules() function
  • Fix: Label of flag answer is not correct
  • Fix: WordPress post filters were duplicated when displayed DWQA single question
  • Update: vi_VN language file
  • Update: default languages file
  • New: Add setting to choose a page template for Single Question page


  • New: apply shortcodes in creating Question list & Question submit page
  • New: Czech language supported
  • New: Polish language supported
  • New: Italian language supported
  • Fix: Question & answers disappear in backend


  • Fix: Security issue in editing/ deleting answers


  • Fix: Link to shortcode page does not overwrite the 404 page
  • Fix: Submit form content lost when providing error captcha
  • Fix: Recaptcha conflict
  • Fix: unauthorized users can edit questions/answers from back-end
  • New: Update single question UI


  • Order questions by latest answer post
  • Support custom user's roles
  • Czech Languages Supported
  • Italian Languages Supported
  • Fix bugs


  • New: Allow Anonymous post question
  • New: Allow Review new questions before publishing feature
  • New: Thai language supported
  • New: Hindi language supported
  • New: Catalan language supported
  • New: Vietnamese language supported
  • Update: Update default language file


  • New: Arabic supported
  • New: Chinese supported
  • New: Polish Supported
  • New: Indonesian Supported
  • Fix: Some text in template-functions.php was enabled to translate
  • Fix: Remove error in add_cap function when active plugin
  • Fix: update navigation
  • Fix: js in shortcode
  • Fix: error when delete question
  • Update: dwqa-es_ES.po


  • New: Spanish Languages supported
  • New: Russian Languages supported
  • New: French Languages supported
  • Update: Editor Update for WordPress 3.9
  • Fix: Email header was lost when have from field


  • New: Turkish Languages supported
  • New: Add new function Edit/Delete Question in Front-end
  • New: Add permission settings for Edit/Delete question in back-end.
  • Fix: Just add Insert Code button in the editor area inside the DWQA's Pages


  • Fix: Recover shortcodes 'dwqa-popular-questions', 'dwqa-latest-answers', 'dwqa-question-followers'


  • New : Re-design question status icons
  • New : German language supported
  • New : Add setting to enable / disable private question
  • New : Add email settings for admin email notification (edit/ change emails to receive notification)
  • New : Setting: Send A Copy Of Every Email To Admin
  • Fix : email template
  • Update : languages file


  • New : Sticky Questions
  • New : Shortcode For Popular Questions
  • New : Shortcode For Popular Latest Answers
  • New : Shortcode For Question List
  • New : Shortcode For Ask Question Form
  • New : Questions per page Settings
  • New : Language: Persian Language supported
  • Fix : Duplicate in follow function
  • Fix : The visible of the best answer in question single page
  • Update: THESIS theme Compatible


  • Fixed: Questions are not followed automatically if answer authors post private answers
  • Fixed: Followers do not receive the email notification when there is a new comment to question
  • Fixed: Admin does not receive the email notification when there is a private question
  • Fixed: Question Author does not receive the email notification when there is a private answer.
  • Fixed: Question author does not receive the email notification when there is an anonymous post
  • New: Add Captcha System.
  • New: Add 3 email notifications: New Answer to followed question, New Comment to Question (followers), New Comment to Answer (followers)
  • Tweak: Sidebar is back with supported widgets.


  • Fixed: Don't automatically pick the best answer which has the most votes ( at least 3 votes)
  • Fixed: Only admin and author's question can read the best answer
  • Fixed: Can still add answer comment for closed questions
  • Fixed: Display number of answers incorrectly
  • Fixed: Link format in comment box displays incorrectly after editing
  • Fixed: After following the question, will change the tooltip to "Unfollow this question"
  • Fixed: Draft answers publish automatically when change status of the draft answers
  • Fixed: Missing avatar of anonymous after posting comment
  • Fixed: Subscriber can change private/public questions of other people
  • Fixed: Anonymous can follow the question
  • Fixed: Private question owners can not read their own private answers
  • Fixed: Answers disappear after answer author changes status from public to private
  • Fixed: Permalinks don't displays properly as in back-end settings
  • Fixed: Ordered by bulleted list and numbered list don't display properly after posting answers
  • Fixed: Still show "Edit/delete" icon on question comment after disabling "edit" comment
  • Fixed: Tags filtering displays the results incorrectly
  • Fixed: Anonymous can not post comments after enabling anonymous to post the comments
  • Fixed: Permalinks don't work properly after refreshing
  • Tweak: Missing "flag" function at front-end after disabling "edit"/"delete" answer in back-end
  • Tweak: Not highlight "questions" page on the menu when viewing a single question
  • New: Filter Questions which have new comments
  • New: New user interface
  • New: Add option to enable/disable notification email in back-end
  • New: Add registering form
  • New: Follow/Unfollow questions
  • New: Switch question/answer between Private and Public


  • Fixed: Can not publish Private question.
  • Fixed: Link format in question comment box does not display properly.
  • Fixed: Replace text "by by" under the question with " by -question author"
  • New: Use new vector-based icon for DW Q&A Menu


  • Fixed: Missing attribute "class" when insert codes to tag on Answer Editor
  • Fixed: Input's placeholder disappeared on IE 8,9 in submit question page
  • Fixed: Time is incorrect when add question/answer/comment
  • Fixed: duplicate answer after changing status of the question
  • Fixed: Line spacing between code lines becomes larger after editting
  • Fixed: Can not post comment on IE 8
  • Fixed: Time stamp is overlapped by avatar

  • Tweak: Auto create 2 pages: "Questions" & "Ask" when active plugin

  • Convert links when add new comment
  • Have a message to inform number of charaters for title box

  • New: Permission Settings - allow you to set permissions for default user roles: read, post, edit and delete either questions, answers or comments


  • Tweak: When user add a new comment/answer, status of question is changed to "open".
  • Fixed: Do not press "enter" key to post new comment.
  • Fixed: The answer cloned automatically after changing question status.
  • Fixed: When flag an answer, the answer should be automatically hidden.
  • Fixed: Function to Show/Hide an answer after flagging the answer works incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Question link and "View Comment" button don't work on new comment to question notification email.
  • Fixed: Can pick best answer for a draft answer.
  • Fixed: Filter functions don't work on IE8.
  • Fixed: Related questions were not being displayed by related Tags & Categories.
  • Fixed: Timestamp of the comment in the single post is incorrect after activating DW QA plugin.
  • Fixed: Questions don't appear on IE9.
  • New: Ready to translate into your native language.


  • The first version of DW Question & Answer

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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