This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Dutch auction masters


This Dutch auction masters plugin enables you the ability to build your professional online auctioning website by only a few clicks. It contains 2 widgets and short tag which make you the easiest way to do it.

Dutch auction masters dedicates on making exciting online auctioning websites. For more information please visit our website:


DAM has following features:

1. Independent auction plug-in.
2. Real-time auction bidding process.
3. Integrated WordPress user login module. (be able to specify which role can place bids)
4. Several widgets supported (List, Detail).
5. Short code supported ([List_Auction], [Single_Auction]).
6. Easy to integrate original systems.
7. Email templates customization.
8. Ajax loading for pagination.
9. Integrated WordPress media management.
10. Configurable auction detail ui.
11. Show specified auction in a post or page.
12. Show hits of each auction on back office.
13. Compatible WordPress category.
14. Compatible WordPress comment.
15. Compatible WordPress tags.
16. Searchable Auction.
17. images zoom.
and there are more for you to experience...

For more information, please visit DAM plugin website.


  • Settings

  • Manage

  • Add

  • Widgets

  • List

  • Details



Please be aware of that the plugin needs to change database structure, so make sure that all your database has been backed up before install/uninstall/activate/deactivate it.


DAM is designed to be very easy for installation, once you have found it in the plugin search result, simply click the link “Install” and “Activate”, the plugin itself will do everything for you automatically.

Manual installation

For any reason that you might not be possible to do the automatic installation, then you can do it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s just few steps!

1. Extract the zip file and upload them to /wp-content/plugins/dutch-auction-masters/.
2. Log into the admin panel/plugins, you should be able to see the plugin in the list.
3. Activate it.
4. Create 2 pages with short codes in it. (one is for listing and another one is for details).
5. Check the settings and templates in case you need to change it, pay attention to the pages configuration.
6. Add/change some auctions.
7. Bingo, ready to go!

Display Notice

DAM plugin is tested well with WP default theme and it should work well with most designed-well themes. If you find any display issues, you might need to write few lines of CSS code to correct it. We can do this for you too, contact us at DAM plugin website.


We are working for making the plugin as easy as we can, even though, you might still have questions about it…

1. Is it free?
YES, it is free and you don't have to pay a penny to use it. we are going to release a Pro version for some webmasters who have higher/customized requirements.

2. Why does not DAM plugin work well on my website?
We suggest you first take a look at the settings page on back-office, make sure the role is configured correctly; secondly, you need to check the [Pages for List/Detail] too.

3. The list/detail page looks weird on my website?
We have been trying to make DAM plugin look well on most themes, however, it still is possible that some controls are not compatible with your current theme. what you can do is adding a small CSS file to correct it, or you can also contact us.

4. You just mentioned the Pro version, which features are available over there?
We do have some new features for the Pro version, it contains:
    Online payment.
    Shipping management.
    Auction categorizing.
    My auctions page for your customer.
    Auction properties.
    Auction search.
    More widgets and shortcodes supported.
    Currency customization.

We will continue collecting the requirements and make it more powerful. for the version differences, check [this page]( out.

5. I want those Pro features, but I don't want to pay, How?
Don't worry, we also have plan for you. We will upgrade the free version continuously as well. We will put some features from Pro to Free version periodically, so you can enjoy it without having to pay!

Contributors & Developers

“Dutch auction masters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Add images zoom.
  • Add front short code for my auctions (pro add ons ).
  • Add front short code for shipping address (pro add ons ).

  • Fixed bugs.

  • Add a modules manage panel on settings.
  • Compatible WordPress category.
  • Compatible WordPress comment.
  • Compatible WordPress tags.
  • Searchable Auction.
  • Reconstructed codex.

  • Bugs fixing.

  • Bugs fixing.

  • Add new feature of configurable auction detail ui.
  • Add new feature of showing specified auction in a post or page.
  • Add new feature of showing hits of each auction on back office.
  • Bug fixing.

  • UI improved.
  • The editor buttons for adding the shortcode more conveniently.
  • Some database fields are longer now.
  • Original price added.
  • MySQL strict mode is now supported.
  • Shortcode for listing the auctions now supports all auctions.
  • Default email templates changed.
  • Private pages are now also possible to be chosen for debugging purpose.
  • Now the price can have a digits now.
  • Auction pictures can be enlarged by a simple click.
  • Descriptions added to settings.
  • Better demo data added.
  • Menus at back-office is now simpler.
  • Bug fixing.

  • Fix PHP shortcode issue.
  • Currency configuration added.
  • Adjusted the icons.

  • Bug fixing.


  • Remove extra breaks from source code to solve compatibility issue.
  • Fix image uploading.


  • First version