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DukaPress is an open source e-commerce solution built for WordPress.

What does DukaPress mean?

'Duka' is the Swahili word for shop. Loosely, DukaPress means "shoppress". We like to think it means the most complete and usable e-commerce solution for wordpress, though.

What don't the images work?

Please read this first: We live in a bad world.

Unfortunately, for security reasons, web hosts sometimes disable timthumb from working. This is the script that handles images in DukaPress. To fix this, kindly ask your webhost to allow timthumb to work. All the good webhosts will do this for you in two minutes!

Look here for hosts that we know work with DukaPress.

Why is the make payment button not working?

Nine out of ten times, this is because there is a javascript error somewhere on your site. The first place to look is your theme - try and run DukaPress using the default WordPress theme to confirm if it is your theme that is failing you.

Another reason is usually the pdf folder inside of DukaPress. Please try make it writable or disable the PDF invoice option from DukaPress basic settings.

Why doesn't DukaPress work for me? It seems to work for everyone else

No. Nothing is wrong with you. :)

We test DukaPress on a large number of different server set-ups and envrionments and we are satisfied that it does work in these environments. However, the number of different environments 'out there' is infinite and we cannot possibly test on every single environment. If everything that you try fails to work, perharps you should move your site to one of the more common web hosts? Look here for hosts that we know work with DukaPress.

Why isn't the Grid Display working?

You currently HAVE to have at least one custom field per prodct in order for those products to show up in the grid display properly.

Why am I getting multiple/many emails when an order is placed?

If you are getting many emails with the subject �Receipt of Order No: xxxxx�, then it may be because you have PayPal IPN settings turned on. Please turn them off.

Why isn't the "Inquiry"/"Catalogue mode" working properly?

Right now, it works very similarly to the regular shop mode - i.e. when people click on the "Inquire" button, it adds the product(s) to the shopping cart. When the site vistors go to checkout, they will then be presented with a form which they fill to inquire about products in the cart. You therefore HAVE to have your shopping cart widget displaying somewhere for the "Inquire" button to work.

Why is nothing happening when I press "Add to cart"? Why is the AJAX not working?

The cart should be inside DIV with class="dpsc-shopping-cart".

Just put the cart code inside DIV tags to look like: div class="dpsc-shopping-cart">cart codeWhere can I get more help?

Please visit: Our Forums

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 300+


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