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DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

Backup your instagram photos & display your instagram archive. Supports importing to custom post-types & adding custom taxonomies.


  • Bug fix: Made the auto-import feature off by default. Would sometimes be triggered on plugin activation.
  • Saved the Instagram username to post-meta (instagram_username) along with the entire Instagram user object (instagram_user).


  • Bug fix: Made the auto-import feature off by default. Would sometimes be triggered on plugin activation.
  • Saved the Instagram username to post-meta (instagram_username) along with the entire Instagram user object (instagram_user).


  • Bug fix: Tag filter is now more reliable.


  • Bug fix: Adding a new user no longer resets the auto-import frequency setting.
  • Bug fix: User settings would occasionally not save correctly.
  • Conflict fix: Do not publicize imported posts via Jetpack.
  • New: Template tag for getting the instagram image, dw_get_instagram_image, and for displaying the image, dw_instagram_image.


  • New: Shortcode for displaying instagram embed, dsgnwrks_instagram_embed.
  • New: **insta-embed-image**, and **insta-embed-video** import content tags to add the embed shortcode. Using these tags will negate the **insta-image** tag.
  • New: Plugin option for selecting to remove #hashtags when saving posts' Title/Content/Excerpt.
  • New: dsgnwrks_instagram_import_types filter - Modify to exclude images or video (or others?) from the import.
  • New: dsgnwrks_instagram_post_excerpt filter - Modifies the imported posts' excerpts.
  • New: dsgnwrks_instagram_post_title filter - Modifies the imported posts' titles.
  • New: dsgnwrks_instagram_post_content filter - Modifies the imported posts' content.
  • New: dsgnwrks_instagram_{$tag} filter - Allows granular modification of each content tag's replacement.
  • Improvement: Better ajax importing of images/posts. Each imported post will show live feedback during the import process.
  • Improvement: Better styling for users with MP6 installed.
  • Fixed: Authenticating users with Emoji (or other special characters in their bios) would cause the plugin to break.
  • Fixed: Post format selector didn't have correct class and so wasn't getting shown correctly.


  • Added: POT translation file.
  • Improvement: Import now runs via AJAX, and imported post messages have improved styling.
  • Fixed: Previously had no uninstall hook. Now deletes plugin option data (not imported posts) when uninstalling plugin.


  • Fixed: **insta-image-link** now pulls in the full 612x612 image size.
  • Added: dsgnwrks_instagram_image_size filter for changing from 'full' to any registered image size.
  • Added: dsgnwrks_instagram_insta_image filter to allow manipulation of the **insta-image** html markup (add classes, etc).


  • Fixed: Better SSL management


  • Added: Option to save Instagram hashtags as taxonomy terms (tags, categories, etc).
  • Added: Filter on Settings page to allow other plugins/themes to add extra settings fields.
  • Added: More of the Instagram photo data is saved to post_meta. props csenf
  • Fixed: Better management and display of API connection errors. props csenf


  • Added: Internationalization (i18n) translation support, and debugging infrastructure.


  • Added: It's finally here! Option to auto-import/backup your instagram shots.


  • Added: Option to conditionally add "insta-text" & "insta-location."
  • Updated: Default options when first adding a user, including the "insta-location" conditional in the post content.
  • Fixed: When unchecking "set as featured image," the posts would still add the featured image.


  • Fixed: When unchecking "set as featured image" the input would still display as checked


  • Fix infinite redirect when adding a new user


  • Update plugin instructions that state setting the image as featured is required for images to be backed-up. As of version 1.1, this is no longer a requirement.


  • Convert plugin to an OOP class and remove amazon S3 links from post content. Props to @UltraNurd.


  • Fixes a bug with new user profile images not showing correctly


  • Fixed a bug where imported instagram times could be set to the future


  • Launch.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-5-12
Active Installs: 2,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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