This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Donately Donation Form


Non-profit groups can now take secure donations from any page on their site. Include the widget in a sidebar or use the shortcode to drop it in a page or post.


  • Settings
  • Widget
  • form in action


  1. Upload dntly folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a free Donately account at
  4. Enter your Donately admin user email address & password on the plugin settings page
  5. NEW! Add Stripe publishable key found in your Donately forms embed code or in your Stripe dashboard
  6. Place <?php do_action('dntly_formjs'); ?> in your templates to create a secure donation form


Do I need to have a Donately account to use this plugin

Yes, setting up a Donately account is free and can take less than 5 minutes.

What processors/gateways can I use?

Donately is integrated only with Stripe – you can use an existing account, or create a new one.

Note: You will need your Stripe publishable key to secure donation transactions.

Can I take recurring donations?


Is there any fees to take donations?

There are no monthly fees from Donately, but there is a small (under 2% average) per transaction fee. You gateway will also charge a small transaction fee (around 3%) for processing credit cards.

How do I use the donation form shortcode?
  1. Simple example

    [dntly_formjs campaign="34" fundraiser="205"]

  2. All available options

  • campaign – The campaign ID to donate to (this can be found on the Campaign edit page in wordpress) [default is no campaign]
  • fundraiser – The fundraiser ID to donate to (this can be found on the Fundraiser edit page in wordpress) [default is no fundraiser]
  • css_url – Define a CSS style sheet to customize the form styles (should be at a secure URL) [defaults to none]
  • iframe_height – Define the height of the form if embedding on a non-secure page [defaults to minimum size needed for the form fields]
  • iframe_width – Define the width of the form if embedding on a non-secure page [defaults to 100%]
  • email – Define a default donor email address [defaults to none]
  • amount – Define a default donation amount [defaults to 5]
  • ssl – Is this on a secure page? [defaults to no and will create a secure iFrame for the form to live in]
  • address – Show the address fields in the form [defaults to false]
  • phone – Show the phone field in the form [defaults to false]
  • anonymous – Show the anonymous option in the form [defaults to false]
  • comment – Show the comment field in the form [defaults to false]
  • onbehalf – Show the onbehalf field in the form [defaults to false]
  • embed_css – Embed the css instead of linking to it (helps fix SSL errors with custom CSS) [defaults to false]
  • tracking_codes – Add custom tracking codes to each donation for analytics, etc. [defaults to none]
  • dont_send_receipt_email – Dont send a receipt to the donor after the donation is made [defaults to false]

Contributors & Developers

“Donately Donation Form” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial version


  • Readme Tweaks


  • Banner fix


  • Title Change


  • Add custom account & fundraiser IDs


  • Add more form.js options


  • Add debug option for development testing


  • Better alert on get_account error


  • Add option for using your own custom posttype instead of the default ‘Dntly Campaigns’


  • Add ability to sync Donately Fundraisers to wordpress
  • Add option for using your own custom posttype instead of the default ‘Dntly Fundraisers’
  • Add another sync option (30 minutes & 60 minutes now available)
  • Add logging to settings page & include options to hide all debugging settings (note: must set DNTLY_DEBUG=true in dntly.php)


  • Backwards compatibility fix for pre PHP 5.3 – thanks BShurilla09


  • Hide Debugging Switch


  • sniff for undefined constant


  • fix widget bug


  • New Donately Donation form functionality: social sharing & tracking on after-donation screen
  • add anonymous option
  • add on behalf of field
  • add tracking code field
  • simplify options page
  • simplify form script
  • namespace all css classes
  • fixed missing closing tag bug


  • simplify fundraiser create urls
  • fix bug in widget variable


  • sanitize admin form & preset options


  • fix option reset form in admin for checkboxes


  • allow for syncing of more than 100 fundraisers (loop through API)


  • added syncing of account stats
  • added helper functions
  • simplify admin screens


  • added css-embed to form shortcode


  • added amount_raised & goal to campaigns & fundraisers as top-level meta (for easier querying)


  • added percent_funded to fundraisers


  • added missing ‘skip’ array to add_update_fundraiser method
  • fix bad comparison of fundraiser->archived check


  • prevent fundraiser loop from pounding the API too much


  • add shortcode example to README


  • fix shortcode output buffering


  • set logging post type to private


  • Clean up notices on settings page


  • Add extra security using yor Stripe publishable ket
  • Clean up various files that had unused code.


  • Fix file permission issue


  • Fix some PHP warnings


  • Simplify Settings
  • Add more form options