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DoFollow Case by Case

DoFollow Case by Case allows you to selectively apply dofollow to comments and make links in pages or posts "nofollow".

What is Dofollow Case by Case good for?

Links have a value. With Dofollow Case by Case you can decide yourself where the value goes.

Why should I make use of the Dofollow Case by Case SEO Plugin?

If you work with WordPress you normally have no chance to decide yourself if a link should be a real link or not. All your comment links and comment author links are deactivated for search engines by default. But for good reasons you might want to punish only those links that really seem to be spam. To make it easier for you the plugin comes with nofollow links by default but you can follow the links that are valuable.

Does Nofollow Case by Case make changes to the database?

Yes. It creates a new table: "nodofollow". * If you activate the plugin and the table doesn't exist, the plugin creates it. * If you desactivate the plugin, the table isn't deleted. * If you delete the plugin, the table is deleted.

How can I check out if the plugin works for me?

After activating Dofollow Case by Case visit a post with comments and have a look into the source code of that page. All your comments should have rel="nofollow" or rel="external nofollow" attributes.

Now visit your admin page and edit one of the comments for testing purposes: Check the dofollow checkbox.

Visit your post and make sure that every link works fine. Have a look into the source code again. Your modified comment links should now be follow links. All the other links in comments should be left as nofollow links.

Something seems not to work as expected. Why not?

The primary job of Dofollow Case by Case is to find and replace variants of rel="nofollow". For this to work we need a proper link that can be analyzed and replaced. WordPress has several functions included. Some deliver a URL only, other functions deliver a complete link including an anchor, a link text and so on.

Theme developers and plugin authors can choose from all these functions to include some links into the system whereever this makes sense. Dofollow Case by Case is normally not able to modify a single URL. This can not be modified by PHP directly because it hooks into other functions somewhere else (later). Those functions can be modified but not the original input, not the "comment author url" itself. Whenever possible you should use a standard function like "get_comment_author_link" to receive a complete link in your template that later can easily be modified with standard functions of Dofollow Case by Case. Let us know if you have issues.

How can I remove Dofollow Case by Case?

You can simply activate, deactivate or delete it in your plugin management section.

Are there any known incompatibilities?

The plugin should not be used together with other plugins with similar funcionalities like: Nofollow Case by Case,Nofollow Case by Case, Ultimate Nofollow, Nofollow Free or Smart DoFollow. This list is not complete because there are many plugins with similiar functionalities in the plugin directory.

If you find incompatibilities with other plugins (that do not have similar funcionalitites as this one), please let us know.

Can I update WordPress without problems while using your plugin?

This plugin changes core WordPress functionality (i.e. modifies raw JS in js/wplink.js) in a way that is not modular and may break after major WordPress updates.

Please do not update WordPress to a major version until the plugin has been tested with it and the "tested up to" tag has been updated. You can always apply the security and other minor updates.

Do you make use of Dofollow Case by Case yourself?

Of course we do. ;-)

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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