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Document Gallery

This plugin generates thumbnails for documents and displays them in a gallery-like format for easy sharing.

Features For The Future

To see a list of features planned for the future as well as to propose your own ideas for future Document Gallery development, take a look at our issue tracker.


  • Bug Fix: There were issues in the structure of HTML generated for galleries. This resulted in issues with icon generation.
  • Notice: For any developers using PHP filters with Document Gallery, the structure of the content being filtered in dg_gallery_template has changed. Documentation has been updated accordingly.


  • Bug Fix: The images attribute was not being parsed correctly. Thanks to kalico for pointing this out!


  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with the Media Manager integration preventing using the Document Gallery creation within the "Add Media" dialog.


  • Bug Fix: There was a minor bug in 3.5 with the new gallery loading logic. It was a compatibility issue with other plugins.


  • Enhancement: No more waiting a LONG time for your new gallery to load. If you create a new gallery and view it, rendering will complete immediately and the thumbnails will be generated after your gallery initially loads. This should provide a significantly improved user experience!
  • Enhancement: All JS and CSS files are now served compressed, making your WordPress that much faster!


  • Bug Fix: Resolves issues in handling manual thumbnail uploads that were introduced in 3.4.


  • Enhancement: To address recent issues resulting from corrupt plugin options, we're making option validation no longer optional. This was an advanced feature that most users were likely not aware of, but it allows us to provide more robust option management moving forward. Any options that have been previously corrupted will be reset during upgrading to this version of DG.
  • Enhancement: Various under-the-hood tweaks in preparation for supporting numerous additional file types (eg: MS Office). Stay tuned.
  • Bug Fix: Log purging was not working correctly. Issue is resolved.
  • Bug Fix: There were some CSS changes in WP 3.3 which broke some styling in the DG settings dialogs. These have been resolved.


  • Bug Fix: A couple of the translation files (Finnish & Ukrainian) were named incorrectly, resulting in them never actually being loaded.


  • Enhancement: Developers using the Document Gallery API now have access to new values when using the dg_icon_template filter. (Thanks to pierowbmstr!)
  • Bug Fix: Resolved some advanced CSS commands (e.g.: calc()) breaking in custom CSS.
  • Bug Fix: Some DG options were not being saved correctly resulting in odd behavior in some edge cases.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved Media Manager integration not being available when first creating a post.


  • Enhancement: The long awaited option to open thumbnail links in a new window has been added. Simply use [dg new_window=true].


  • Enhancement: The Media Manager can now be used to generate a gallery without needing to manually write the shortcode.
  • Enhancement: Document Gallery logs can now be rolled over at regular intervals to avoid generating massive log files over extended periods of time.


  • Bug Fix: The update process was broken in 3.0 -- this resolves that issue.


  • Notice: Google Drive support has been removed as recent changes to how the service functions have made it no longer useful in thumbnail generation. A replacement for supporting MS Office filetypes (and other filetypes not supported in existing options) is in the works and we hope to release it soon.
  • Enhancement: Thumbnails can now be manually overridden. To do this, either navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery -> Thumbnail Management and add the image to the target attachment, or set the thumbnail in the attachment edit window.
  • Enhancement: Users can now specify the number of columns for a gallery.
  • Enhancement: Users can now create galleries with specific filetype(s) by using the mime_types option. Thanks for suggesting this functionality, mepmepmep!
  • Enhancement: Options to include or exclude specific attachments in a gallery have been added.
  • Enhancement: The document gallery CSS has been modified to make all icon images responsive. We've also added the dg_use_default_gallery_style so that developers may completely disabled Document Gallery CSS and replace it with his/her own.
  • Deprecation: The deprecated dg_doc_icon filter has been removed. Developers should use dg_icon_template.
  • Deprecation: The localpost option has been deprecated and will be removed at a future date. If you are currently using localpost=false then it should be replaced by id=-1.


  • Bug Fix: There was an issue that resulted in an error being thrown in certain situations.


  • Bug Fix: There was an issue that resulted in the the Document Gallery Settings view crashing on some systems.


  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with how custom CSS was being processed that is resolved in this version.


  • Bug Fix: A bug was introduced that broke the ids parameter. This is resolved now.


  • Bug Fix: Update script was failing following new release. This resolves that issue.


  • Translation: Russian and Ukrainian translations have been updated.


  • Bug Fix: Resolved a couple of bugs introduced with new 2.3 functionality.


  • Enhancement: Taxonomy support now includes handling for both relationships between different taxons and relationships between different terms within a single taxon. See installation tab for more details.
  • Enhancement: You can now limit how many results are displayed in the gallery with the limit attribute.
  • Enhancement: The post_type and post_status used when generating a gallery are now configurable. (In most cases, these should be left at their default values, however advanced users may find a use case for this functionality.)
  • Enhancement: Support was added for detecting when your site is running behind a firewall or on a local network where Google Drive Viewer will not be able to function.
  • Enhancement: Handling of custom CSS was improved. Page load speed should be improved in some cases.
  • Bug Fix: When Ghostscript chokes on a PDF, it will no longer print the error message in the Document Gallery output (instead it will end up in Document Gallery Logging).


  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with a few phrases not being translated in the admin dialogs. Dates in the logs were also not being properly translated.


  • Enhancement: Improved how Ghostscript executable is detected.


  • Bug Fix: Resolves a bug where document descriptions were not being displayed correctly.
  • Translation: Thanks, Marc Liotard and Traffic Influence for updating the French translation to include new phrases throughout the plugin!


  • Translation:: Thanks to mepmepmep who has just updated the Document Gallery Swedish translation!


  • Enhancement: This will only be relevant to developers. %descriptions% tag is now available in the dg_icon_template filter.


  • Bug Fix: Resolves minor issue in 2.2.1 that resulted in a warning being logged while interacting with the new thumbnail management table in the Document Gallery settings.


  • Bug Fix: PHP installs older than 5.3 were crashing with version 2.2. This release patches the issue.


  • Note: This release is the first release where development has been done by multiple people. I would like to give a massive thank you to demur who has been an equal partner throughout the development of this version. Couldn't have done it without you!
  • Note: With multiple developing this project, it made sense to setup a formal method to track issues and possible future enhancements. With this in mind we've begun to maintain an issue tracker. Feel free to read through possible future features and even suggest new features you would like to see!
  • Enhancement: You can now view which thumbnails have been generated and manually delete individual thumbnails from the Document Gallery settings page, located at Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery.
  • Enhancement:* The logging for Document Gallery is now **much more advanced. Logging can be configured and viewed directly from the Document Gallery settings page.
  • Enhancement: Max width and height of generated thumbnails is now configurable.
  • Enhancement: We had a couple of reports of the Document Gallery options being corrupted in some installs, so we added functionality to force validation of option structure on save. This will not be of much use to most users, but will help us track down some of the more difficult to reproduce bugs.
  • Enhancement: For developers. New filters have been added to support modifying all aspects of HTML generated by the plugin. Look at the Installation tab for documentation on these new filters.


  • Translation: Thanks to mepmepmep who has translated Document Gallery into Swedish!
  • Translation: Thanks to Marc Liotard who has translated Document Gallery into French!
  • Note: If you would like to help translate Document Gallery into another language, get started here!
  • Note: This is an extremely minor release, but big changes are on the way in version 2.2! Stay tuned as it should be going live in the very near future. Look for a complete makeover of the admin options including lots of new ways to configure DG to best meet your needs!



  • Enhancement: Ghostscript detection should now work correctly on GoDaddy and some other hosts that don't properly setup their executables.
  • Translation: Thanks again to demur who has translated Document Gallery into Russian and Ukrainian! If you would like to help translate Document Gallery into another language, get started here!


  • Bug Fix: The order attribute was documented and implemented as being ASC or DEC, but the latter should actually have been DESC. Documentation and implementation for this option has been corrected. Thanks again to demur for catching this!


  • Enhancement: Ghostscript will now handle PS and EPS files if enabled.
  • Bug Fix: There were a couple of issues in how the ids attribute was being handled. Thanks, demur for catching these!


  • Bug Fix: 2.0.6 did not fully resolve the bug described below. This should.


  • Bug Fix: If DG failed to automagically detect the location of the Ghostscript binary, manually setting the location did not enable using it. Thanks for tracking this bug down, Chris!
  • Minor: Included various enhancements in handling thumbnail generation for image types.
  • Tested Up To: Document Gallery has been tested in WP 3.9 (RC 1).


  • Bug Fix: Rolling back part of CSS enhancments in 2.0.4 that were causing errors on some servers. May revisit at a later date.


  • Enhancement: Custom CSS is now loaded faster, meaning faster page loads for your users. Tests are showing a speedup of around 30% over where it was in the last release.
  • Enhancement: All of the default icons were sent through Yahoo! Smush.it, giving a few percentage points decrease in size. Thanks for the suggestion, wm!


  • Enhancement: Now handles custom user CSS more securely.
  • Enhancement: Now handles calling Ghostscript executable more securely.
  • Enhancement: Now provides timing information for gallery generation when running WordPress in WP_DEBUG mode. When enabled, DG will log to the PHP error log file.
  • Info: Did you know that in tests I performed, Ghostscript (GS) performed 350% faster than using Imagick (IM)? Try testing with this file, which finished almost instantly using GS, but took multiple minutes when using IM on my test server (results may vary). See new FAQ tab to find out why.


  • Bug Fix: Imagick was actually never working... My bad -- it is now! Thanks to kaldimar for reporting this.
  • Enhancement: Document Gallery en el Español por Andrew de WebHostingHub. (To help translate to another language, see here.)


  • Bug Fix: Resolves issue with 2.0 where DG options were not properly initialized when the plugin was updated. This caused the settings page to behave oddly and many other things throughout to not work as expected when you updated through the dashboard. Thanks to jawhite & rigbypa for reporting this!


  • Enhancement: This release is a BIG deal! We are introducing true document thumbnails (rather than the boring static images that were the same for every document), meaning that you will be able to generate and display thumbnails for most of your documents so your users can see a preview of the document before downloading. This has been months in development and I really hope that you all enjoy it!
  • Enhancement: Document Gallery now has a settings page where you can configure the default options for your galleries and chose how thumbnails are generated.
  • Enhancement: Customizing CSS for your document gallery is now much easier. If you want to add additional styling, just navigate to Settings -> Document Gallery in your dashboard and enter valid CSS in the "Custom CSS" textbox. See the changes instantly in your galleries!
  • Enhancement: Entire plugin is now Internationalization-enabled. This means that we can now support users speaking all languages. If you are interested in translating Document Gallery into a language that you speak, please let me know!
  • Enhancement: This release saw much of the backend refactored to better support future development. Nothing you will notice unless you're digging into the code, but it will keep me sane long-term ;)
  • Note: The thumbnail generation implementation works very hard to support all hosting servers (including Unix and Windows systems). That said, I cannot test on all hosts out there, so there is the potential for bugs to appear. If you notice something that doesn't look right, please don't hesitate to report the issue so that I can resolve it. Thanks!


  • Bug Fix: Resolves minor bug introduced in version 1.4.2. Thanks, tkokholm!


  • Note: This release includes an increase in the minimum WP version to 3.5. If you have not yet upgraded to at least this version, you should consider doing so as future releases include a number of fantastic new features as well as many security improvements. If you chose not to upgrade, you must stay with Document Gallery 1.4.1 or lower until you do. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Bug Fix: Resolved icons being displayed differently depending on which user was currently logged in. (Thanks to Sean for reporting the issue.)
  • Enhancement: A number of new icons were added (mainly for the iWork suite and source code filetypes) and a number of pre-existing icons were removed if they were very similar to another icon.
  • Under The Hood: Many, many cool things. Stay tuned for a big reveal in the coming weeks! PS: If you're really curious, there are some clues in the source code ;)


  • Bug Fix: This resolves a bug introduced in 1.4, which caused a warning to be thrown when no attributes were used (i.e.: [dg]). (Thanks to wtfbingo for pointing this out!)


  • New Feature: This release features the addition of category/taxonomy support, as suggested by Pyo.
  • Under The Hood: The plugin was completely rewritten for this release. Logic was cleaned up to make maintenance easier and facilitate some big changes planned for version 2.0 of Document Gallery.


  • Bug Fix: This resolves a bug introduced in version 1.3. (Thanks to JKChad for pointing this out!)


  • New Feature: It is now possible to filter the HTML produced to represent each individual icon, making it possible to add extra attributes and other modifications on the fly as document icons are generated. This will probably only be of use to developers and people who don't mind getting their hands dirty. (See bottom Installation tab for more details.)
  • Enhancement: There have been a lot of optimizations to the underlying plugin code to make it run more efficiently and be easier to read, if you are so inclined.
  • Enhancement: Changed how images, when included within the gallery, are generated so that the format of the icon returned now matches the rest of the icons.


  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue with the ids attribute in 1.2 not working. Sorry about that!


  • New Feature: Images can now be included alongside documents in a document gallery (using images=true attribute). (Thanks for the suggestion, Luca!)
  • New Feature: Attachment ids can now be explicitly listed, allowing for documents not attached to a post or page to be included in a document gallery (e.g.: ids=2,42,57,1). Note that no spaces should be included.
  • Enhancement: The CSS stylesheet has been enhanced for more flexibility in sizing icons.


  • New Feature: Included option to link to the attachment page as well as to the actual document.
  • Enhancement: Added documentation for customizing the appearance of the plugin.
  • Enhancement: Many improvements to the backend, including pretty HTML output and best practice implementation in calls to WordPress core functions.


  • Bug Fix: Removed extra div at bottom when number of documents is evenly divisible by 4. (Thanks, joero4ri!)


  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue with detecting plugin directory. (Thanks, Brigitte!)
  • Enhancement: Minor improvement to how linking to individual documents is handled.


  • Bug Fix: Merge for changes in 1.0 did not go through correctly so users downloaded the old icon set which broke the plugin. Sorry about that, but all is resolved with this release!


  • Bug Fix: Resolved issue with long document titles being cut off in some themes.


  • New Feature: Plugin now has 36 icons representing 72 filetypes!
  • Enhancement: Optimized gallery generation (faster!)
  • Enhancement: Added fallback to WordPress default icons if you happen to include one of the few filetypes not yet supported.
  • Enhancement: Changed shortcode to [dg] ([document gallery] will still work for backward compatibility).
  • Enhancement: Gave documentation some much needed revisions.



  • Release: First public release of Document Gallery.
  • Feature: Displays PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and ZIP documents from a given page or post.
  • Feature: Documents can be ordered by a number of different factors.

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


12 of 16 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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