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Search image from the database and delete all unused images making space in your server and clean up the database from all them

Why i have to do Backup?

This plugin will delete images and information's in your server and the database, so you have to do one BACKUP every time you want to use this plugin.

Is the backup system from the DNUI plugin enough?

Yes and no, if you have the backup option active, the plugin will try to do one backup of the image you are try to delete, but this is not the main purpose of the DNUI plugin, so is not bull proof <br/> In the WordPress.org plugin page you can find a lots of Backup Plugin, so the will have better code for make Backup's

Is really not used / unused?

Yes and not, the not used label, tell you that the imageName.imageType (toto.jpg) is not found in any Post/Page/Shortcode So if you have another plugin, for example 'E-commerce X' that use the toto.jpg in one HTML code, the DNUI plugin can't work finding any reference, so you will have one false 'not used' label

How to fix the false 'not used' label?

This question can be hard to answer
I build this plugin for help you to fix this problem, you have somes options:

  1. Use the Ignore Size Option, you can select one or more options (use Ctrl+Click) to ignore the size's
  2. You can dev your own ChekkerImage[Plugin].php code, and add this to CheckersDNUI (you can send me the code and i will put this in the Free version)
  3. Ask me to do it this plugin compatible with the X Plugin (Only for Pro version)

Where i can found the version pro?

You can found it at https://apps.nicearma.com

Fetching server... all time

I really don't know why some of you have this problem, try to reset the options at the option tab, and if the problem continue make a Support Threads at wordpress.org

How to test the plugin in my page

  1. Add one post.
  2. Upload n images to this post.
  3. Add different sizes and see if the plugin DNUI is taking the good original/sizes used or not.
  4. See if other plugin is using other sizes that the plugin DNUI is thinking that aren't used and adapt the ignore size list.
  5. Delete some not used image and see if the post/theme/page/other plugin is working|showing like he have to do.
  6. Try to adapt the DNUI option for make the plugin work fine with all plugin(TIP: USE THE IGNORE SIZE)
  7. Make your own crazy test (changing the DNUI option) for see what happen.
  8. Begin the delete part with the backup option checked (But is better if you use other backup plugin just in case)

This will take you 15 min but you will see if all is OK or not

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


2.9 out of 5 stars


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