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DNUI Delete not used image

Search/Delete all not used images from the database and make space in your server and cleanup the database from all unused images

Why after upgrade the plugin, doesn't work

This is a bug that i don't know have to resolver, the problem is that i change some value from the database, and in the update this value is not added to the database, but the solution is easy: Deactivate and active it the plugin again

Why you have to make a backup

You have to make sure that the logic is the good for you, i desing this plugin for the wordpress of base(a blog site), not some super blog-ecommerce-forum-something. So is better that you have some return point if something go wrong

How to test the plugin in my page

  1. Add one post.
  2. Upload n images to this post.
  3. Add diferent size and see if the plugin DNUI is taking the good original/sizes used or not.
  4. See if other plugin is using other sizes that the plugin DNUI is thiking that aren't used and adapt the ignore size to this part.
  5. Delete some not used image and see if the post/theme/page/other plugin is working|showing like he have to do.
  6. Try to adapt the DNUI option for make the plugin work fine with all plugin(TIP: USE THE IGNORE SIZE)
  7. Make your own crazy test (changing the DNUI option) for see what happen.
  8. Begin the delete part with the backup option checked (But is better if you use other backup plugin just in case)

This will take you 15 min but you will see if all is OK or not

The backup folder is empty, but i checked the backup option

Please set right permission of the backup folder to write (you can find a lots information about this in the internet)

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


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