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Disable Comments and Delete Comments :WP Remove comments and Disable Comments


Disable comments and delete comments already posted. Disable comments to stop spam. Globally disable commenting on all posts, pages, attachments. Comment related features and options will be removed. Comments related items will be removed from Dashboard, Widgets, Admin menu. Just activate the plugin and sleep.

This plugin removes all comments widget globally so if you are suffering from spammers comments then you are at right place. If you have issue or cant disable inspite of activating this plugin then report bugs in support forum. Delete comments in one click. Good if you have lot of spam comments already.

Quick start tutorial:

= About plugin=
* Automatically disables all comments just after activating the plugin
* Comments links in admin menu are hidden;
* Hide discussion section;
* Comments links in admin bar are hidden;
* Turned off Pingback functionality in header;
* Pingbacks are disabled;
* Disables all comments widget;
* Discussion page settings turned off;
* Disables RSS/Atom feeds;
* Hide recent comments section;
* Remove comments
* Easy Enable or disable Comments;
* Making comments external links invisible for search engines;
* Remove website/URL field from the comment form;
* Remove comments, Delete comments in one click.

The Disable Comments plugin allows you completely disable the commenting feature in WordPress.You can delete comments also. When this option is on you will get the following changes:

* Easy Enable or disable Comments;
* Disable comments globally;
* Disable comments on certain Pages;
* Disable comments on posts Only;
* Disable comments on pages Only;
* Disable comments for any post types;
* Disable comments links in the Admin Menu and Admin Bar;
* Disable comments related sections and hide from the WordPress Dashboard;
* Disable comments related widgets (so your theme cannot to use them);
* Disable comments settings page;
* Disable comments in RSS/Atom feeds (and requests for comments RSS will be redirect to the parent post);
* Disable X-Pingback HTTP header and remove from all pages;
* Disable outgoing pingbacks;
* Making comments external links and invisible for search engines;
* Remove website/URL field from the comment form;
* Remove comments, Delete comments in one click.

We recently added brand new features into the Disable Comments plugin. These are Delete comments and so when you remove comments your site looks good function, Replace external links and Remove website/url comment field.

Some functions was taken from the following popular plugins: Clearfy disable unused features, Bulk Comments Management, Spam Comments Cleaner, Delete Comments By Status, No Page Comment, WP Disable Comments, Hide Comments are closed, Hide Show Comment.

Features of Plugin :

  • One Click Comments disabled by Disable Comments and Delete Comments plugin
  • Get rid of spammers by Disable Comments and Delete Comments plugin
  • Backlinks requires lot of backlink
  • Google rates webites higher if you have more backlink
  • That is the reason webmaster search sites where they can link there sites by Disable Comments and Delete Comments
  • Those comments are not relevant so it is spam as the purpose of that comments was not discussion but to just link there sites
  • Solve these issue in one click by enabling this plugin. spammers wont be able to comment as comment box will be removed from all posts
  • it will speedup your site as spammers will stop coming to your site and your site will load fast as all real interested people will visit your site
  • When your site load fast, google will rank it higher and your pagespeed score will increase and people will love your site
  • Fast site means more sales means more profit and more smile by Disable Comments and Delete Comments
  • Delete comments
  • Remove Comments Globally ensures no more spam comment attack by spammers so that you can concentrate on your work


  • Setting page


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for ‘disable comment or delete comment’ and press the ‘Install Now’
  3. Activate the Disable Comments and Delete Comments from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to the Settings > disable comments permanently page .

★★★★★ works great vowelsform
★★★★★ works as advertised issacjohn9
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How to configure this Disable Comments and Delete Comments for disabling all comments?

Activate the Disable Comments and Delete Comments and forget comments.

I want to delete old comments

Just tick delete old comments and Disable Comments and Delete Comments will delete comments once you save

Can I configure to disable specific types of post

No. This Disable Comments and Delete Comments works in simple concept. Activate and forget so we dont have much options. Activate and forget comments. you can delete comments if you want.

will it work in localhost


Nothing happens after I disable comments on all posts comment forms are still appears inside my posts.

That is because your theme is not checking the comment status of posts in the correct way.

You may like to point your theme’s author to this explanation of what they are doing wrong, and how to fix it.

How can I remove the text comments are closed at the bottom of articles when comments are disabled?

The plugin tries to hide it (and any other comment-related elements) as well as possible.

If you still see this message, it means that your theme is overrides this behavior and you will have to edit its files manually for fix it. Two common approaches are to either delete or comment out the relevant lines in wp-content/your-theme/comments.php, or to add a declaration to wp-content/your-theme/style.css that hides the message from your visitors. In either case, make know what you are doing!

I only want to disable comments on certain posts, not globally. What do I need to do?

Do not install this plugin!

Go to the edit page for the post you want to disable comments. Scroll down to the box, where you will find the comment options for that post. If you do not see a Discussion box, then click on Screen Options at the top of your screen, and make sure the Discussion checkbox is checked.

You can also bulk-edit the comment status of multiple posts from the posts screen.

I want to delete comments from my database. What do I need to do?

When you will change the plugin settings, you will be prompt to delete comments from the database.


March 6, 2020
It worked. Problem is, the annoying dashboard notification won't go away and has no button to eliminate unless I disable the plugin: "The Disable Comments plugin is active, & blocking all comments. Rate us please. if some comments are not being deleted then go to settings and save again." If this is happening only on my system, I wouldn't mind, but it is occurring on all of my sites.
November 12, 2019
FYI - there is no warning. Once you select choices and click 'Save', it's done. This plugin does exactly what it states it will do. Add it to your plugin arsenal.
September 4, 2019
I wanted to completely disable all comments and remove all crappy, shit posted rubbish and this plugin helped me to do just that. Thanks guys, you are wonderful.
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