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Copyright Proof

Digitally certify your content to prove copyright. Shows copyright notice in your posts, with optional license/attribution. Copy-protects, and more...

How does this protect copyright?

Note that in most countries, you are already the copyright owner of any original work (literary or otherwise) that you have created, as soon as you record or publish it (whether or not you subsequently go through a formal registration process). By Digiproving your work, you are creating time-stamped evidence that you are the possessor of that content, which is the critical factor in ensuring you can prove your ownership (or someone else's plagiarism).

In some countries, you can go a step further by formally registering your copyright in your work as it is created/published or subsequently. There is usually a fee for this, and the benefits vary from country to country - in the U.S. for instance this should be done prior to instituting any legal proceedings for breach of copyright.

Digiproving your work is something that is done conveniently and will provide proof of ownership pre-dating any official copyright registration. Learn more at http://www.digiprove.com/creative-and-copyright.aspx

= Does it work? How secure is it? The Digiprove patent, process, and implementation has been evaluated and validated by Georgia Tech. More about this at http://www.digiprove.com/georgia-tech-opinion-on-compliance.aspx

= Is my content uploaded to Digiprove? Normally only the digital fingerprint of your content is uploaded, not the content itself. Premium users do have the option to upload content, which preserves your content independently of WordPress. The only exceptions to this is if your Wordress installation uses an old version of PHP (earlier than PHP 5.1.2).

I installed the plug-in and nothing seems to happen when I publish a new or edited post?

  • Have you registered with Digiprove yet (see Installation)?
  • Have you activated your Digiprove registration by clicking on the link received by email?
  • If you have not received the activation mail, check your junk mail folder, then contact us at support@digiprove.com
  • Note: To get the Digiprove notice to appear on existing posts, you should open each one and press Update & Digiprove

What's with the registration process?

Copyright Proof uses the Digiprove service, which needs to have the name of the person claiming copyright, and a valid email address to which Digiprove content certificates will be sent. Without this, there is no proof of ownership, so you might as well just have a simple copyright notice, there are a few plugins that will do this for you. To give effect to this, there is an "activation" step whereby you click on the link in an email we send you before your registration (and the plugin) become active.

Digiprove does not make use of these details except to deliver the service. Please read the terms of use (including privacy policy) at http://www.digiprove.com/termsofuse_page.aspx

Your web-site appears to be commercial. Is this going to cost me anything?

Some of the features of the plug-in are totally free for use on a single domain. This includes the key function of certifying the textual content of your posts and pages. If you want to use the more advanced features, such as protecting the copyright of pictures or other embedded media, you will need a valid subscription with Digiprove. It is free for use by registered educational establishments or charities, just write to us at support@digiprove.com with details including evidence of your status to obtain this free subscription.

What are the benefits of becoming a Digiprove subscriber?

From WordPress: - You can publish content from multiple domains - You can protect individual files and media as well as the blog post text - You can Digiprove more pages and posts per day - You can elect to have your valuable Digiprove Content Certificates emailed to you automatically - You can create a custom text to display in your Digiprove notice rather than using one of the standard texts - You can have a hyperlink from your certificate page on http://www.digiprove.com back to your WordPress post (or page) - You can save content at digiprove.com - You can compose your own license caption and statement rather than selecting from one of the standard ones - You can be alerted on attempted theft through right-click and track ip addresses of those users

At http://www.digiprove.com: - You can protect the IP of all types of content - You can create tamper-proof audit trails within applications - You can send certified email - You can create authentication methods for your content files

I think I've found a bug, what can I do?

We actively seek information about problems or criticisms you may have. So please let us know at support@digiprove.com - we will address the problem as soon as possible.

I like your plugin, but it would be much better if ...

We actively seek your suggestions at suggestions@digiprove.com. We will respond to every suggestion and if we like it we'll act on it.

Can I review my history of Digiproving?

Yes: - From within WordPress Revisions function, you can see see the Digiprove status of each revision, including the certification link - From the All Posts (or All Pages) function in WordPress, you can see the latest Digiprove status for each post/page. - There is a dedicated "Copyright/Ownership/Licensing" panel below the Edit Post function which also shows the last Digiprove action You can review your history online (and perform other functions) by visiting https://www.digiprove.com/members/my_digiprove.aspx - you will need to log in using your Digiprove user id and password.

Proving it later: How can I prove to a 3rd party (or myself) that a particular post (or other content) has been Digiproved?

As long as you retain a copy of your original file or content, you will be able to prove absolutely and irrefutably in future that you had possession of it.

The details of each Digiprove certification are available online via a url that you can share with 3rd parties. There is also a proving process examines the Digiprove certificate and your content to ensure that the certificate is valid and the content’s fingerprint is identical to what is certified. This can be performed online at https://www.digiprove.com/secure/DigiverifyFile.aspx (for files) or https://www.digiprove.com/secure/VerifyText.aspx (text, tweets, blog-posts etc.) There is also a downloadable verification utility that works offline Note to WordPress Users: WordPress's Revision function is a great way to automatically keep copies of all previous versions of your content. We recommend NOT to disable this function.

How can I style the Digiprove Notice?

There are various colors, font-sizes etc. you can choose, these are found on the "Advanced" tab of the Settings panel. To make the message appear consistently it is quite heavily styled at the element level. However you can influence some aspects of the appearance using CSS style code such as: *[id|="dprv_cp"] { margin-left:40%; margin-right:40%; background-color:red; } You can also obtain pre-styled or self-styled and personalised tags in image form at http://www.digiprove.com/generate_digiprove_tags.aspx

I get an error message: "invalid user id, domain, or api key"

Check your user id first; if that is correct, there is a problem with the API key and/or domain. Each API key is associated with a domain (e.g. myinterestingblog.com, or http://www.myinterestingblog.com). On initial installation, Copyright Proof will automatically assign one to you using the domain name recorded in the WordPress "General" settings of your blog. If you change this domain name, or you want to set up the plugin to run in another blog, you can request a new api key for the new domain, as follows:

CHANGE of domain name: - Log in at https://www.digiprove.com/secure/login.aspx - Go to Preferences, Issue/Renew API keys - Remove the existing api key (which will be for your old domain) - Request a new api key (use new domain name e.g. example.com) - Copy the new api key - In WordPress, go to Settings, Copyright Proof - tick the box "Let me input a new API key" - Paste the new API key - Press Update Settings

ADDITIONAL domain name: In WordPress, go to Settings, Copyright Proof - Tick the box entitled "Obtain new API key automatically" and press "Update Settings" (you will be asked for your password). - Note that multiple domains under one user id is only permissible to subscribers. Free users are limited to one domain.

I get an error message: "daily limit of API requests exceeded - please upgrade Digiprove account"

There are limits to how many Digiprove operations will be processed per day, depending on your subscription level: - Basic (Free) : 10 - Personal : 50 - Professional : 200 - Corporate Light: 2,000 - Corporate : unlimited

Note if you are also using Digiprove's Autoprotect app (http://www.digiprove.com/autoprotect.aspx), these limts apply to the combined daily total of transactions from Autoprotect and Copyright Proof.

I'm a developer - how do I link directly to Digiprove API?

Use of the Digiprove API from other applications is free. The same limitations apply for the premium services as if you were using this plugin. Contact us at affiliates@digiprove.com if you would like to know more. Details of the (Soap) API are found at http://www.digiprove.com/resources.aspx

Note on Support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Tested only with the AMP plugin by Automattic. Note the copy-protect function is limited to preventing user selection due to AMP guidelines on limiting/eliminating Javascript. Please give your feedback on support@digiprove.com.

Bulk Digiproving of older posts for new users

When you install Copyright Proof for the first time, you may want to protect and certify all of your existing posts and pages. For some users with a big archive of content, this could take some time and effort manually and until release 3.0 of the plugin you were further restricted by your daily allowance. Using the Bulk-Digiproving feature new users can automatically Digiprove older posts but it must be done within 30 days of registration. How many posts/pages can be Digiproved depends on your subscription level:

  • Basic (free) users can bulk-digiprove up to 30 posts/pages
  • For Personal users the limit is 150
  • above that there is no limit

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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