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Device Theme Switcher

Set a separate theme for handheld and tablet devices under Appearance > Device Themes

Version 2.9.2 - Released 12/19/2013

  • HOTFIX - Completely removed the use of a singleton base class. It just doesn't work for PHP <= 5.2 which we still have to support unfortunately.

Version 2.9.1 - Released 12/18/2013

  • HOTFIX - Removed use of Late Static Binding which is a PHP 5.3 feature, though WordPress supports back to PHP 5.2.4. Thank you Craig S. for pointing this out!

Version 2.9.0 - Released 12/18/2014

  • IMPROVRMENT - Rewrites/Modifications throughout the plugin code to improve overall stability, maintainability, and adherence to WordPress Coding Standards.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Rewrote the updating routine to be far more stable, logical, and to allow 3 digit version numbers (ex: 2.9.0).
  • IMPROVEMENT - Added initial .pot for i18n. Users can now provide translations via .po files by using the .pot.
  • FIX - Corrected an issue reported by QStudio (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/small-bug-in-28?replies=2#post-6238900) whereby the plugin update routine would fail and run on each page load. Ouch. Thanks QStudio!

Version 2.8 - Released 5/18/2014

  • FIX - Removed an empty space (whitespace) preceding <?php which caused numerous issues for people by PHP throwing PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /my-home/wp-content/plugins/device-theme-switcher/inc/class.switcher.php:1) in /my-home/wp-content/plugins/device-theme-switcher/inc/class.switcher.php on line 176 -- thanks @jontroth!

Version 2.7 - Released 05/11/2014

  • IMPROVEMENT - Ensure the ?theme= GET variables added to each link via DTS_Switcher::build_html_link() preserve the existing GET variables already in place.
  • FIX - An issue where the DTS Widgets would produce a PHP Warning

Version 2.6 - Released 05/8/2014

  • FIX - An issue where the 2.4php update script wouldn't load properly on some setups

Version 2.5 - Released 05/7/2014

  • FIX - An issue where dts_cookie_name would not be set properly on update

Version 2.4 - Released 05/10/2014

  • IMPROVEMENT - Replaced the use of PHP Sessions with Cookies (This is gonna fix a lot of past issues!)
  • IMPROVEMENT - Refactored all plugin code to contain proper Docblock commenting and be more legible
  • FIX - Corrected an issue where X UA Device fallback was handheld, not active. Thanks @Dachande663!
  • FIX - Corrected an issue where DTS_Switcher would not execute during an ajax request to admin_ajax. Thanks Ray @ qStudio!
  • REMOVAL - Removed the Dashboard Right Now DTS Output, it wasn't that cool to begin with..

Version 2.3 - Released 09/16/2013

  • FIX - Corrected an issue which caused a PHP error to be thrown under odd conditions. Thanks Davis Wuolle!

Version 2.2 - Released 08/28/2013

Version 2.1 - Released 08/26/2013

Version 2.0 - Released 08/24/2013

  • Complete code rewrites to improve overall performance, redundancy, and improve extensibility.
  • NEW - DTS Class access for use in themes; obtain info on the current user's device and saved dts settings. Examples in the FAQ.
  • NEW - URL Switching - Easily check what other devices see. Examples in the FAQ.
  • NEW - Session Timeout, so users who visit the 'Desktop' theme are bumped back to their device theme after 15 minutes
  • NEW - Optional Settings section in the WordPress admin in Appearance > Device Themes Allows users to override the session timeout. Also moved the low-support theme setting to this section. This new section also a
  • NEW - Help & Support section in the WordPress admin in Appearance > Device Themes
  • Included the latest version of MobileESP ~ Thanks Anthony!

Version 1.9

Version 1.8

  • Updated the Kindle detection for a wider range of support

Version 1.7

  • Updated the plugin to provide backwards compatible support for WordPress < v3.4 (Pre the new Themes API)
  • Added a 3rd theme selection option for older/non-compliant devices, so theme authors can also supply a text-only version to those devices if they like.
  • Revised some language in the plugin readme file

Version 1.6

  • Updated the plugin to use the new Theme API within WordPress 3.4
  • Updated MobileESP Library to the latest verion (April 23, 2012) which adds support for BlackBerry Curve Touch, e-Ink Kindle, and Kindle Fire in Silk mode. And fixed many other bugs.
  • Updated the Device Theme Switcher widgets so they only display to the devices they should, e.g. The 'View Full Website' widget will only display in the handheld theme.
  • Revised readme language and added a WordPress Plugin Repository banner graphic.

Version 1.5

  • Modified the way themes are deliveried so the process is more stable for users with odd WordPress setups, by detecting where their theme folders are located instead of assuming wp-content/themes

Version 1.4

  • Updated to the latest version of the MobileESP library which now detects some newer phones like the BlackBerry Bold Touch (9900 and 9930)

Version 1.3

  • Changed the admin page to submit to admin_url() for those who have changed /wp-admin/
  • Added a warning suppresor to session_start() in case another plugin has already called it
  • Updated language in the WordPress readme file

Version 1.2

  • Added the handheld and tablet theme choices to the WordPress Dashboard Right Now panel
  • Update both GitHub and WordPress readme files to be better styled and versed
  • Added two wigets for users to put in their themes
  • Coding and efficiency improvments

Version 1.1

  • Bug fixes
  • Efficency improvements

Version 1.0

  • First Public Stable Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2-alpha
Last Updated: 2014-12-20
Active Installs: 6,000+


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