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DevBuddy Twitter Feed

A Twitter (v1.1) feed plugin for the developers that's fully customisable and support timelines, searches and lists.


  • Feeds can now be Twitter Lists! Simply add 'feed_type' => 'list' and 'list' => 'list-slug/ownerUsername' to your template tag or feed_type="list" and list="list-slug/ownerUsername" to your shortcode to render a list.
  • The plugin has had Internationalization implemented, no translations are currently bundled with the plugin
  • The option to exclude retweets is now available. Simply add 'exclude_retweets' => 'yes' to your template tag array or exclude_retweets="yes" to your shortcode
  • The feed now attempts to honour the number of tweets requested by the user where tweet exclusions have been established
  • Times on tweets can now be set to be absolute ("17.15") rather than relative ("5 mins ago"). Useful where you don't want cached feeds to appear inaccurate.
  • General housekeeping and minor code refinement.


  • Feeds now have the facility to display embedded image media along with the tweet. Simply update the option on the settings page, or add show_images="yes" to your shortcode, or add 'show_images' => 'yes' to the options array of your template tag
  • Feeds have the option of loading media content over HTTPS. Simply update the option on the settings page, or add https="yes" to your shortcode, or add 'https' => 'yes' to the options array of your template tag
  • The bundled stylesheet has been modified to improve UX on touchscreen devices
  • General housekeeping and minor improvements.


Bug fix: A lack of a feed term cache in in website cache no longer prompts error message


Refined error and debugging functionality, as well as silencing error_log() notices should one's server not handle it well


  • Amended code that required more recent versions of PHP so that older versions are now supported
  • Submissions on the settings page now check for quotes in fields and reject any that are found
  • Clear cache notice fixed in settings page
  • Some minor code improvements


  • Cache management facility added to settings page
  • Setting cache_hours to 0 will clear the cache if one exists
  • Smilies no longer break the feed
  • Plugin now utilises WP's error logging and other custom debugging facilities
  • Implemented partial API functionality, further work and documentation to come
  • General code improvements


Bug fix: Unchanged OAuth Access Token should no longer become incorrect when changes are saved via the admin


Please note that Twitter has a recency restriction of one week on searches. If a search term hasn't been tweeted in the past week Twitter will return no results. * Implemented code amendment that ensures that the plugin provides the user with useful feedback if a search term returns no tweets * General code housekeeping


Timelines can now be Searches! Check the settings page to test it out. Or, in your template tag/shortcode, add the feed_type option with a value of search along with the search_term option and your search as its value


Bug fix: Masked OAuth Access Token data is now properly unmasked upon saving on the settings page, meaning that connection credentials are not erroneous when it comes to communicating with Twitter. NOTE: It's likely you will need to re-enter your OAuth Access Token.


Bug fix: Rectified errors in the code that caused fatal error


  • Added HTML rendering class to assist with customising the feed's HTML layout
  • Updated the sample template tag and shortcode files


Added template tag and shortcode sample code in the assets folder


Bug fix: Fix to a bug that prevented the feed from using the Tweet count set by the user


Developers can now utilise the plugin system to create their own template tags and shortcodes. Samples are included in the "assets" directory of this plugin.


  • Default stylesheet has been updated to be responsive, and to match your theme's appearance as much as possible
  • Despite the work in the 2.0.2 release, the empty timeline feedback didn't render but it does now
  • Minor refactor work on the code to make it less bug and error prone


Bug Fix: Using the shortcode to render the feed in the WordPress editor places the feed within the content rather than directly above it.


  • Bug fix: The feed now extracts the string versions of IDs rather than the integer versions. This means long IDs are no longer susceptible to being read mathematically, i.e. 372489002391470081 instead of 3.7248900239147E+17.
  • The feed now offers friendly feedback should the timeline requested be empty.


Minor rectifications to code that prevented the default stylesheet from loading


  • Complete overhaul of the plugin's code. Code is now much more modular and refined
  • cache_hours was added and implemented as a feed configuration option
  • Addition of masking/unmasking facilities utilised within the admin to hide sensitive OAuth and Consumer Key/Secret data


Amendment of plugin description and settings page to include important and useful information.


First release.

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.12
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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