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Design Approval System

A system to streamline the process of getting designs, photos, documents, videos, or music approved by clients quickly.

  1. design-approval-system screenshot 1

    This is the settings area for the Design Approval System. Many options to customize the emails that go to your client and you!

  2. design-approval-system screenshot 2

    Example of what making a new design page looks like for your client to see on the Design Approval System.

  3. design-approval-system screenshot 3

    Here is an example of the theme page that will showcase your design examples. This is a theme so you can feel free to edit the CSS/HTML to your liking too.

  4. design-approval-system screenshot 4

    Here you can see your notes, client notes... Client can approve the design, and if you have purchased our Changes Extension, the client will be able to make notes on the same page... When submitted you and your client will get the changes. You can buy that extension here. http://www.slickremix.com/product/client-changes-extension/

  5. design-approval-system screenshot 5

    Example of the drop down showing the different design versions.

  6. design-approval-system screenshot 6

    Example of header when you click the hide notes button.

  7. design-approval-system screenshot 7

    This will fade-in when your client clicks the approve button. Also once the client approves the design a STAR will appear for that design on the project board, and will record there signature for you to view on the details of the design on the project board.

  8. design-approval-system screenshot 8

    This message will fade in and out once your client types in their name and clicks submit.

  9. design-approval-system screenshot 9

    Example of our Project Board Page. This organizes your client projects and designs. At the end of each project row is the number of versions for that project. The STARS mean a client has approved that design. See the Full Project Board Tutorial Here.

  10. design-approval-system screenshot 10

    Simply click on one of the project rows and watch your version(s) slide into view. You can also hover your mouse over the thumbnail to reveal more options.

  11. design-approval-system screenshot 11

    Clicking the details link on the thumbnail will show you the design details. If your client has added comments then they will be appear as well.

  12. design-approval-system screenshot 12

    Create a Das-Client user for your clients in wordpress, and add your clients email on the designs you make and they'll appear for your client once they login as depicted in the photo.

  13. design-approval-system screenshot 13

    This is an example of the client changes extension. If you need the option for your client to be able to make comments on your designs, this extension is what you need. It automatically makes an update to the page for the client to see his/her comments without refreshing the page too, once the client has submitted the form. And it also sends an email to you, the designer and the client letting them know about the design comments.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-13
Active Installs: 600+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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