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DeMomentSomTres Restaurant

DeMomentSomTres Restaurants is specifically designed to Restaurants, Bars and cafeterias to show their menus in an easy way.

How do I update from a version prior to 2.0?

You have to perform the upgrade process from Settings area.

What does this update process do

It updates the name and the content of the date field

How do I show the last menu of a certain type inside a post or page

You can use the shortcode [demomentsomtres-restaurant-dish-list type=id count=1 hidden_titles title_format="h3" prefix="" suffix="" empty="" emptyurl="" classes="" blog_id="" id=""] to show the N current dish lists of type id inside the post or page.

  • Type id is required. Type id is the ID of the dishlist type. It can be found on the dishlist types edition page.
  • Count (optional): number of dishlists to show. It is assumed to be 1 if not present.
  • Hidden titles (optional): If you want to hide the titles the parameter hidden_titles must be present.
  • Title format (optional): You can define the HTML tag for titles using title_format. If no value provided it is assumed to be h3.
  • Prefix (optional): content to add at the start of the title.
  • Suffix (optional): content to add at the end of the title.
  • Empty (optional): text to show if no menu is found.
  • Emptyurl (optional): url to link to if no menu is found.
  • Classes (optional): classes to add to the dishlist in order to customize it.
  • blog_id (optional): id of the blog where dish_list are selected.
  • id (optional): css id for the element.

Why there's no widget to show the menus lists

The plugin Recent Posts Widget Extended is enough for our needs and is highly customizable. As we don't like to reinvent the wheel, we did not code any widget.

Additional shortcodes

There'are the following additional shortcodes with the following features:

  • [ECO]: inserts an <i class="icon-eco">Ecological</i> element.
  • [PROX]: inserts an <i class="icon-prox">Proximity</i> element.
  • [CEL]: inserts an <i class="icon-cel">Gluten Free</i> element.
  • [P XXX]: inserts an <div class="price">XXX</div> element.

How do I show all the public dish lists

You can call the restaurant archive to show the contents on an archive basis.

How to customize the message on expired dish lists

To customize expiry message you can use css class .demomentsomtres-restaurant-expired.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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