Delivery Times for WooCommerce


Allow your customers to choose their desired delivery date and time during checkout with WooCommerce

Admin Settings

The Delivery Times for WooCommerce plugin comes with settings that help you customize what delivery date & time options are available for your customers during checkout.

Basic Settings

  • Pre-order days – How many days ahead are customers allowed to place an order?
  • Delivery days prep – How many days notice do you require for delivery?
  • Delivery time prep – How many hours notice do you require for delivery?
  • Delivery date label – The label displayed on checkout page and in order details
  • Require delivery date – Check this box to require customers select a delivery date during checkout
  • Delivery time label – The label displayed on checkout page and in order details
  • Require delivery time – Check this box to require customers select a delivery time during checkout

Business Hours

  • Delivery days – Check the box for each day of the week that you offer delivery
  • Opening time – What time does your business start delivering orders?
  • Closing time – What time does your business stop delivering orders?

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  • Example of the Delivery Date & Delivery Time fields on checkout.
  • Date picker with days disabled based on your chosen settings
  • Time selection displaying 30min intervals based on your opening & closing times in settings
  • DTWC Settings Basic Settings screen
  • DTWC Settings Advanced Settings screen
  • Delivery date & time added to Successful Order details screen


  1. In your dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Delivery Times for WooCommerce and install this plugin
  3. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done 🙂


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Contributors & Developers

“Delivery Times for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added dtwc_checkout_deliter_times_select_default_text filter in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Added dtwc_order_received_delivery_details filter in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Added dtwc_settings_delivery_days_options filter in admin/dtwc-admin-settings.php
  • Added dtwc_order_received_delivery_details_before action hook in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Added dtwc_order_received_delivery_details_after action hook in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Bugfix misspelling of delivery_time_label name in admin/dtwc-helper-functions.php
  • Bugfix changed delivery time label text to use helper function in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Bugfix prep time check for delivery times options in admin/dtwc-woocommerce-checkout.php
  • Updated text strings for localization in languages/dtwc.pot
  • General code cleanup throughout multiple files


  • Initial release