Delivery Fees for WooCommerce


Delivery Fees for WooCommerce adds a custom shipping method to WooCommerce specifically for delivery services.

When you add the DFWC Delivery Fees shipping method to your shipping zone, it automatically turns your WooCommerce store’s Shipping text into Delivery.

Built for delivery services

WooCommerce lets you add Shipping Zones but what about companies who only offer delivery?

That’s where the Delivery Fees for WooCommerce plugin comes in!

We know that not all businesses ship products, instead delivering them directly to customers.

So to go along with our Delivery Drivers plugin, we created the Delivery Fees for WooCommerce plugin which adds a custom WooCommerce Shipping Method to cater to delivery services like yours.


  • Unlimited shipping methods and cost rules
  • Offer free delivery with minimum order
  • Automatically change “Shipping” to “Delivery” in order details.
  • … and more!

Pro Features

Delivery Fees for WooCommerce Pro includes the following additional features:

  • Adds Fee types for flat fee or percentage
  • Adds Fee type for distance (per mile)
  • Adds Fee type for time (per minute)
  • Require a minimum order amount before checkout

Delivery Times for WooCommerce

Our newest plugin gives you a highly customizable way for your customers to select a delivery date and time during checkout.

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Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce

This plugin allows offers better driver management for all delivery services who use WooCommerce, streamlining your workflow and increasing your bottom line.

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  • DFWC Delivery Fees Shipping Method options
  • Delivery fee displayed in Checkout (changing "Shipping" to "Delivery")
  • Customer's Order Details page with delivery fee & "Delivery Address" instead of "Shipping Address"
  • Order details in WordPress dashboard with "Delivery" instead of "Shipping"


  1. In your dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Delivery Fees and install this plugin
  3. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done 🙂


July 24, 2019
Terrible experience. Suddenly got WooCommerce stuck and got 500 Internal Server Error. After checking some time, I found it was this plugin's fault. It didn't of any help!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Delivery Fees for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bugfix to change Shipping text to Delivery text (bug introduced in v1.2) in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated to hide “Settings” link except if DFWC Pro is active in delivery-fees-for-woocommerce.php
  • Updated and removed public js and css files from loading in public/class-dfwc-public.php
  • Updated .pot file with text strings for localization in languages/dfwc.pot
  • General code cleanup throughout multiple files in the plugin


  • Added helper functions file and is_rest function in includes/dfwc-functions.php
  • Added a ‘Settings’ link on the All Plugins page in delivery-fees-for-woocommerce.php
  • Updated ‘Ship to’ text on Edit Orders screen for translation in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated text translation filter priorities in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated change shipping text function to not run in_admin and in_rest in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated .pot file with text strings for localization in languages/dfwc.pot


  • Added dfwc_free_delivery_minimum filter in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated code to set default empty variables to remove notices in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated Shipping case for translated text in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated text strings for localization in admin/dfwc-woocommerce-delivery-fees.php
  • Updated .pot file with text strings for localization in languages/dfwc.pot
  • General code and inline docs updates throughout multiple files in the plugin


  • Initial release