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Delicious Wishlist for WordPress

Adds a Wishlist page to your WordPress blog using your Delicious Bookmarks.


  • Removed sponsored link in the feed.


  • Switched to PHP5 __contruct() in creating the widget.


  • Resolved an issue with a WordPress theme (props by mezinster).


  • Localized date format
  • Removed check and conversion for old settings
  • Small code fixings


  • Added compatibility to last WordPress version.
  • Moved screenshots to /assets/ directory
  • Updated call to new contextual help WordPress API
  • Added uninstall for widget options too
  • Various bugs fixed


  • Now the minimum required WordPress version is 3.0
  • Moved the User Guide to a contextual help on top of the options page
  • Added a link to the settings page in the plugins page
  • Improved the class name for ul elements


  • The code has been totally reviewed
  • NEW: Now the user can select the HTML element for titles
  • NEW: Now the user can sort tags in alphabetical order
  • NEW: Now the user can set a symbol before each tag and a separator between two tags
  • Some minor change in the options page


  • NEW: Added the count for total items in every title of the widget
  • Other minor changes


  • FIX: Changed ids into classes, to avoid duplicated ids when viewing the main wishlist page while the wishlist widget is active
  • Changed "Check out my complete wishlist" into "Check out my complete list": the plugin may be used not only for 'wishlist' purposes


  • NEW: Now the user can display or not the date, the tags or the "section" (i.e. the two main Delicious tags)
  • NEW: Now in the widget the user can put a link to the Wishlist page
  • NEW: Added the Section for main Delicious tags which links to the original Delicious tags
  • Better formatting for some messages


  • NEW: Added the widget
  • NEW: Added control if the core options have been setup by the user, otherwise print the admin notice in the backend
  • NEW: Added possibility to define the maximum lenght of tags descriptions
  • NEW: Added link to the original bookmark on Delicious
  • Other minor improvements


  • NEW: Now you can avoid the plugin's CSS and use your own styles from your theme CSS
  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.0


  • NEW: the plugin can display the tags of a bookmark
  • Other minor changes


  • FIX: Setting a cache expiry time now works correctly
  • NEW: Now you can specify an alternative feed source to retrieve bookmarks (such as FeedBurner or Yahoo! Pipes or any other source)
  • NEW: Uninstall function. If the plugin is uninstalled, it deletes any option it created in the database, with no necessary action by user
  • Cache time increased to 1 hour
  • Now the plugin displays the error in case the feed is unreachable
  • Removed duplicated ids in the options panel


  • Now the admin page style reflects the WordPress style
  • NEW: Added cache expiry time option
  • Plugin options are now into a single options item in the database and the conversion is automatic if the plugin detects the old set of options
  • FIX: accented letters in dates


  • Removed unused variable
  • Removed redundant conditions
  • Better formatting of warning
  • Added CSS style for warning
  • i18n: added name of day of week
  • l10n: updated Italian translation
  • Cleaning up of code
  • Added GPL License text


  • Fix: call to a wrong variable


  • Added Safe Mode in case the feed is unreachable


  • Transition to GPLv3


  • Compatibility with WordPress 2.9
  • Added style for abbr


  • Equalized the plugin name


  • Changed the plugin directory name to match the SVN name.


  • First release of the plugin.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 10+


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