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Datafeedr API

Connect to the Datafeedr API.

1.0.30 - 2015/10/20

  • Added "Sort by Date Created Ascending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Date Created Descending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Final Price Ascending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Final Price Descending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Has Direct URL" filter to API search form. (#11836)

1.0.29 - 2015/09/21

  • Added support for negative currency queries. (#11499)
  • Added support for product ID queries (not exposed in search form). (#11499)
  • Fixed "quirk" where individual products added to a Product Set would throw off pagination when those products were no longer available via the API. Now you can delete those products from the set and pagination works again.
  • Updated the datafeedr.php library which fixed a small array issue. (#11346)
  • Added new "noimage" image.

1.0.28 - 2015/08/12

  • Added support for new affiliate network Optimise. (#11221)

1.0.27 - 2015/07/02

  • Added new DatafeedrServerError class to the datafeedr.php library file. (#11199)

1.0.26 - 2015/06/30

  • Removed DGM and replaced with APD affiliate network. Added APD network logos.

1.0.25 - 2015/04/29

  • Added cache bypassing functions when getting transients. (#10866)

1.0.24 - 2015/04/06

  • Added new icon to admin menu.
  • Added new 128x128 and 256x256 plugin icons.
  • Fixed broken URL to admin menu icons that have existed since the beginning of time.


  • Fixed wrong error message when the merchant filter is added to the search form but no merchants are selected.


  • Added support for Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee & Polish Złoty currency symbols.


  • Updated Datafeedr API file.


  • Just updating readme.


  • Added FlipKart support.
  • Added Amazon Local US support.


  • Added MyCommerce to css file.
  • Added link to docs for MyCommerce.


  • Removed M4N from tags in readme.txt file.
  • Changed RegNow to MyCommerce in readme file.
  • Added MyCommerce icons.
  • Added plugin icon for WordPress 4.0+.


  • Fixed undefined 'tid' index.
  • Changed the 'delete cached api data' tool from checkbox to ajax button.
  • Display notice if a user has selected a Zanox merchant which has not approved their account. This prevents many extra API requests from being generated. (#9474)
  • Removed p tags for nags.
  • Added ajax.php file to handle... um... AJAX stuff.
  • Add "MISSING" to Zanox URLs if affiliate ID is missing.


  • Removed Commission Monster from list of supported affiliate networks.


  • Fixed bug introduced by removing dfrapi_filter_affiliate_id filter in v1.0.12 related to Zanox.


  • Removed BOL from list of supported affiliate networks.
  • Changed WP header image.


  • Removed dfrapi_filter_affiliate_id filter.
  • Added ability to add tracking ID to outgoing affiliate links.


  • Changed add_option to update_option in upgrade.php file.
  • Updated the datafeedr.php API library to deal with 32-bit systems and product IDs.


  • Added upgrade.php file to track version changes.
  • Added dfrapi_get_total_products_in_db() function.


  • Fixed issue where searches with duplicates excluded returned a higher 'found' count than really was there. (#8672)


  • Added css and mapper link for docs for Double.net.


  • Added logos for Double.net.


  • Forgot to update version numbers in plugin file.


  • Tweaked search form css.
  • Added message for database rotation time between 8:00am and 8:20am GMT.
  • Added search form help text.
  • Changed some labels in the search form.
  • Added support for Affiliator affiliate network.
  • Updated Datafeedr API library.


  • Tweaked search form css.
  • Changes to a lot of help text on all pages.


  • Changed of Tools page.


  • Edited nag boxes when API requests are 90% of max.
  • Removed the 80% API usage email notice.
  • Changed the text in the API usage emails.
  • Converted emails sent from plain text to HTML.
  • Fixed undefined indexes.
  • Added "Free" plan to list of available plans.


  • Added utm_campaign parameters to help tab links.


  • Updated "Contributors" and "Author" fields to match WP.org username.
  • Added support for AUD, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF, NZD & TRY currency codes.


  • Added support for Zanox.
  • Fixed undefined indexes.


  • Fixed issed related to using Sort by Relevance. #8439
  • Fixed "support" links in help tab.
  • Updated plugin information.


  • Added if(!class_exists('...')) checks to the Datafeedr Api Client Library.


  • Fixed undefined indexes.
  • Added "static" to static methods to meet Strict Standards.


  • Removed letters and characters from 'tagged' version.
  • Updated "Tested up to" to 3.8.1


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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