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A fork of Statpress Visitors for very limited space like there is in Free hosting.


  • Compatibility with PHP 5.5 and higher
  • New definitions and images


*Correct a XSS into URL Monitoring page, thanks to aramosf *new definitions and images


*Correct a bug on the detection of IP behind PROXY. Thanks to natli. Works only with PHP >= 5.2.0 *News definitions and images. *Correct bug on the display on tab *hyphenation long URL

*deletion of / giving a path with // *replace DAILYSTAT_PLUGIN_PATH.'/ by DAILYSTAT_PLUGIN_PATH.' and DAILYSTAT_PLUGIN_URL.'/ by DAILYSTAT_PLUGIN_URL.' in all files. thanks to petesky


*News definitions and images


*Add option to collect visits from all logged-in users, plus anonymous users, but NOT admin users as in StatPress Visitors.

*Correct bugs on widgets

*Re do

*bug on useless function SpamBot

= * Renamed the function "message" to avoid incompatibilities between plugins. * Add some search engine


From the Great job Gawain Lynch in StatPress visitors: * GeoIP integration - Needs database files to be installed via options page! * Add Google Maps link to lat/long when GeoIP. You can now stalk your visitors with greater ease! * Hooked GeoIP City optionally into Visitor Spy page when enabled. MUCH FASTER! * redesign of Options page. * AJAX enable tables in admin interface to allow for dynamic row count changes * Add initial JQuery support to admin interface. Tested up to 3.4.x * Serialize options to minimise the I/O to the database. * Show the real name of the pages and post and not the URL in all page.

My job is : * Add new columns in the database for more efficiency : realpost and post_title * Creation of the URL Monitoring page * Add usuals actions on activate, deactivate, uninstall of the plugin * Combine "yesterday" and "today" queries for efficiency in the main page * Updated browser definitions and images * Updated language definitions * Updated OS definitions and images * Updated search engine definitions and images * Updated spider definitions and images

Gawain Lynch and me: * Better detection of IP behind PROXY * Optimize the data type of the database and add an INDEX on the date * PHP and SQL optimisation of the yesterday page, work 7 times faster.


Jump to version 1.5 to be consistent with StatPress Visitors


  • Replacement of all the WordPress functions deprecated by the new WordPress functions.
  • Add a new table in the main page : "Undefined agent", the agent without definition in StatPress Visitors, then you can update it by yourself.
  • Display the entire name of page in the main page, do no made abbrevia


  • PHP optimization : Daily stat 1.3 make more with less memory RAM use than the previous versions.
  • FULL PHP 5.3 and higher compatibility
  • On "Bot spy", "more info" show the agent and ip of the bot.
  • Spam Bots are detected with new definitions.
  • Added in the options pages "Do no collect logged user", "Do no collect spider"


  • SQL queries optimization in the pages "Visitors Spy" and "Spy Bot" by the use of the natural index of the datatable. Now these pages are made in only one SQL query. The previous versions need as many SQL queries that there is IP or Bot displayed on the page. The speed is 3 times faster.
  • Added smalls Icons of browsers and OS in the Main "Overview" page.
  • Display last 40, pages, referrer, searchs terms and spider in the "Overview" page.
  • detection of the page visited when the referrer is Facebook.
  • SQL queries optimisation in "Spy bot" and "spy visitors" page.
  • Add icon of browsers and OS in the Main "Overview" page.
  • Display last 40 "hits", "searchs terms", "referrer" and "spider" in the "Overview" page.
  • Add definitions in os.dat and browsers.dat files.


  • Added a new way to count the RSS feed by IP. Thus, there are two separate counts of RSS: as far as total subscription on every page (pageviews feeds), as far as visitors subscribers(visitors feeds).
  • Better design of the Yesterday page. New row in the table: total for all URL of "visitors", "visitors feeds", "pageviews", "pageviews feeds" and "spider". Now, the yesterday page display all the pages and posts of your website, with or without visits.
  • Added new variable %today%.
  • Better prevention of SQL injections by the use of the $wpdb->insert WordPress function.


  • Every day, automatic optimization of the data table 'dailystat' after the removal of olds data. Then, now, the data table 'dailystat' is always optimized.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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