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Daily Moon Forecast

Display the current transiting moon zodiac sign and interpretation forecast, with option to add custom interpretations.

Why is it stuck on Aries?

There are 3 possible reasons for the widget to be stuck on Aries.

1. If your website is running on a Windows operating system (i.e. using Windows hosting), then you’ll need to use the ZodiacPress Windows Server plugin to make the Ephemeris work on your server. This is because the Ephemeris included in Daily Moon Forecast will not run on Windows, by default. Just install and activate the “ZodiacPress Windows Server” plugin, and it will automatically solve this problem. Note that ZP Windows Server only works with Daily Moon Forecast version 2.0+, not with early versions of Daily Moon Forecast.

2. This plugin uses the PHP exec() function. Some hosting providers disable the exec() function. If this function is disabled, the plugin will not work. If your host has disabled this function, contact them as they may have a way for you to enable it. (Check their support pages.)

3. It may be that your server did not allow the plugin to set the proper file permissions for the Swiss Ephemeris. See this for help.

How can I enable exec() on Namecheap host?

See this to enable the exec() function on Namecheap host.

I don't like it centered. How can I left-align the widget?

CSS Style Suggestions

To left-align the widget title, add this to style.css:

.widget_dmf_widget h3.widget-title {

To left-align the rest of the widget, add this to style.css:

.widget_dmf_widget #moonforecast {

How can I change the CSS style of the widget?

To style the entire widget, use this selector:


To style only the widget title, use this selector:

.widget_dmf_widget h3.widget-title

To style the everything except the title, use this selector, which wraps everything after the title:


To style just the date, use this selector:

#moonforecast #localtime

To style just the icons, use this selector:

#moonforecast img

How can I give back?

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Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


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