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CWX Project is an easy to use Project Management and ToDo-List application for WordPress Blogs, encouraging collaborative work.

Why doesn't it work in my browser?

If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, CWX Project will refuse to work.

IE 8 and older are not supported. Support for IE 8 has been dropped on Jun., 1st 2014.

Other browsers that do not work with CWX Project are too old and/or have insufficient support for HTML5 and/or CSS3. CWX Project uses HTML5 for markup, but it has fallbacks for browsers that don't understand it, so it's very unlikely a show-stopper. However, some browsers do not handle the HTML5 progress-tag right, which looks ugly. CWX Project uses CSS3, but implements fallbacks for cases a browser doesn't know a certain property or value. The most problematic one is 'width: calc();', which is used to compute the dynamic width of project and task titles (the fallback here is just 'width: 45%;', which can lead to ugly looking rows).

Something does not work right, what should I do?

Post a little report under the support tab of the plugin page. It's very likely that the issue will be fixed within reasonable time.

For a first release it's only normal to have bugs. If you report the bugs, they will be eliminated much faster.

What about feature xyz? Will it be implemented sometimes soon?

Well, if I promised to implement a feature, I definately will. But understand, my time is somewhat limited. Besides that, it depends on how many people are interested in the plugin. Time will tell.

I want to change the CSS/JavaScript. Where is the source code?

At the moment CWX Project only ships with minified versions of the CSS and JavaScript files. I'm not yet sure about a release with the source files included. I promise, their code is very clean and does not contain anything I want to hide. I have my reasons, sorry!

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 100+


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