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Maintains a list of LEGO Ideas (formerly CUUSOO) projects to display in a widget.


  • Responding to the vulnerability in WordPress mentioned last week: although CUUSOO List is nowhere in the top 1000 plugins and/or shouldn't have been affected, there was one use of the method mentioned.
  • Corrected fetching the number of days left on each project.
  • Added refresh buttons to update all projects' details.
  • Added banner images for those browsing plugins. (I had no idea what graphics to use.)


  • Corrected fetching the project owners' usernames from projects.


  • All three widgets now use the widget_cuusoolist class name.
  • Corrected use of widget-cuusoolist-* theme templates.


  • LEGO CUUSOO has become LEGO Ideas and has completely changed.
  • CUUSOO List has an updated (and nicer) interface, along with a menu icon.
  • Projects can now only be added or deleted; there's no need to edit them.
  • Fetching method is no longer a setting.
  • More information about each project is available: see widget-cuusoolist.php.
  • Three widgets instead of one have been provided: list, random and single.
  • Replaced references to LEGO CUUSOO with LEGO Ideas.


  • I no longer have my own CUUSOO projects.
  • CUUSOO List is now a top-level menu page.
  • Form data is now POSTed instead of using GET.
  • Code was generally cleaned up, including using WordPress' validation functions.


  • Corrected some general schoolboy errors with the code, namely with GET parameters and function calls.
  • Fetching data via API no loger "forgets" the manually defined label.


  • Better plugin deactivation handling: only the events for fetching project data should be removed. Project data now isn't removed unless the plugin is deleted (via the Plugins menu).


  • Fixed a major issue with the fetching event, where more than one could be in effect at once. An absolute nightmare if you happen to be page scraping.
  • Labels were not being saved.
  • Corrected messages!


  • First publicly available version.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 2015-5-3
Active Installs: Less than 10


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